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1/12/09 11:42 A

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Hi, Kim! Welcome to our team!

I've done some reading on the whole protein issue. I've been an ovo-lacto vegetarian for years because of the environment and watch my dairy intake for health reasons. Most of what I have seen indicates that 47-50 grams of protein per day for my height and weight (5'7/137) is sufficient.

This is just my humble opinion, but I would aim for quality over quantity. Eat a diet rich in whole grains and legumes to get protein with more fiber and less saturated fat.

Just a note on the fiber. I've read that the average American woman gets around 14 grams of fiber per day, but the minimum should be 25 grams. Fiber is important for many reasons including lowering your risk of cancer and maintaining healthy cholesterol levels. Whole grains, beans, fruits, veggies, etc. will help you meet the minimum.

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1/11/09 4:20 P

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The recommendations here are close to CK's -- up to 55% carbs, 15% protein, 30% fat

My ranges here are
cals 1,220 - 1,570
carbs 165 - 239
fat 33 - 57
protein 60 - 129

So it looks like the CK numbers are probably max values.

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1/11/09 4:16 P

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Hi Kim, welcome to the team!

You are right -- that amount of protein is quite a bit in excess of your nutritional requirements. 75 to 100 grams daily should be adequate for you. Under the master menu "Users," you can choose "Configure Targets" to adjust your nutrition goals.

One thing to consider is how healthy you think your overall diet is. For many people, it is not necessary to be concerned about each individual nutrient, as long as you follow your calorie target. You may have a nutrient of particular interest to you; for instance, I like to keep my sodium intake under 2500 mg daily. Otherwise, I don't get uptight about the other nutrients.

The numbers are a suggested way to break down the number of calories you eat in a day. For some things, like fats, you can use them as a daily maximum. For others, like fiber, you may need to strive to reach that number. Over all, try to keep your fats under 30%, or even 20%, but at least 10-15%, of your daily calories. For the rest of your food, simply try to eat a diet that makes sense to you.

Protein sources are: meats, eggs, dairy products, soy products, legumes (beans and lentils), nuts, seeds, and whole grains. Virtually all plant-based foods also have protein, but most of what we think of as fruits and vegetables do not contain sufficient protein to be considered a source of this nutrient.

One thing you will learn over time is that some foods are better than others with regard to getting the nutrients you eat them for. An example is bacon, which is so high in fat and sodium that using it as a protein source may run up the amounts of other numbers. That doesn't mean you can't eat bacon -- just that it is a food for moderation. Baked fish, on the other hand, has a lot of protein and other beneficial nutrients with much, much less fat and sodium.

Again, welcome to our group! We are glad to have you with us. We hope you will participate in the forums regularly, and wish you success on your journey.

And hey, I'm a Madisonian, too!


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1/11/09 4:05 P

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112.9g of protein for 1535 cals is about 29% of the calories, and sounds like an error. I THINK they recommend 15-30% or maybe 20-35% of calories come from protein.

I use CK on line to log my food and exercise. My cals are set at 1550, and they recommend a range of 48 - 120g of protein.

I've never been a big meat eater either, and have had to work hard to get my protein in.

Good luck with your goals


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1/11/09 3:49 P

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Hi I'm a returning SP member and new to CK. I'm not actually subscribed to CK, but my husband is, and he got me interested in the way they calculate how much you should be eating. So I downloaded their software to track my food and exercise. I was wondering if somebody with some more experience with CK could help me with a question I have about it?

The profile I created on the software suggests the following nutritional targets:

Energy: 1535 cals
Carbs: 174g
Fat: 43g
Protein: 112.9g
Fiber: 25g

I'm not the least bit surprised that I keep overshooting my fat goal and undershooting my fiber goal -- but the protein they're suggesting just seems over the top. I ate two eggs w/ some shredded cheese, a yogurt, and three piece of bacon for breakfast, followed by a 2.25 ounce lean steak and a protein diet shake for lunch -- and I STILL have to find a way to get in 26 grams of protein at dinner. I'm having a really hard time getting all this protein in! I'm thinking about going to GNC tomorrow and telling them I need a protein power that I can add to my food that will ONLY add protein.

I'm not vegan, but I don't usually eat this much meat -- I usually have some bacon with breakfast, a couple thin deli slices of meat at lunch, and maybe some meat at dinner, but I probably only eat meat for dinner half of the time.

Anyway, I guess I'm just complaining now LOL What I really wanted to ask is do any of you know if these "targets" are actually meant as MAXIMUMS -- as in "do not exceed this many grams of fat, carbs, and proteins" or are they actually meant as targets as in "try to eat this many grams of fat, carbs, and proteins." I can deal with them if they're maximums, but if they're actually targets, then this is going to be a struggle.

But that may be just what I need -- to radically change what I am eating. Because what I HAVE been eating hasn't been working. I've been gaining and losing the same five pounds for the last couple years or so.

Thanks for any of your thoughts and suggestions!

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