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2/1/11 9:20 A

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Thanks for the replies. I like the idea that the thoughts are normal. That I should just let them go through me. I hadn't thought of it that way before.

Coincidentally, I tried one of the Yoga Journal video podcasts today for the first time. The instructor was Jason Crandell. He was really good about cuing breath with every movement. I found it much easier to focus. I will look for more of his videos.

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1/31/11 5:56 P

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Well said, Carol and Hooch -- It's the nature of mind to produce thoughts, just like the eyes tear and the skin sweats -- just stepping back and noticing thoughts coming in and going out is a huge step away from identifying with the thoughts and chasing after them.

Like teaching a child not to run into the street, it takes a thousand repetitions... Focus on the breath, be distracted, refocus and gradually it will become easier.

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1/31/11 5:00 P

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Two suggestions about mindfulness.
1. Concentrate on your breath. Coordinate your breath with each movement and concentrate on the feeling of filling and emptying your lungs.
2. Thoughts will come. You can't help it. See them as geese just flying through the landscape. As soon as you are aware of a thought, just let it go.
I think 3-4 minutes of savasana is great. Set a timer if you want to spend a specific amount of time in savasana and relax into your breath. You can even count your breaths up to 4 and back down from 4 if you like.

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1/31/11 4:57 P

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I'm having the same problem, but even when I go at night once the day is over- I still seem to have a problem staying mindful.

The last few times I've just tried to put a lot more effort into being mindful of my mindfulness, if that makes sense. It's pretty common to let your mind wander, but before you go into class try to set your intention to be mindful.

In between poses I reset my intention, and if my mind does wonder I simply bring it back to what I am doing and try not to let it frustrate me.

As far as Svasana goes, I just try to concentrate on my breathing for at least 10 deep breaths. I usually don't stay longer than that- but I would love some mindfulness tips as well!

1/31/11 4:41 P

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I usually practice in the morning after I get my kids off to school. I find my mind wanders to all the things I need to get done during the rest of the day instead of focusing on myself in that moment. Forget about a long savasana at the end of a sequence. I can maybe focus for 3-4 minutes if it's silent. Longer if there is a guided meditation. Any tips to staying mindful in my practice?

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