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7/23/08 2:39 A

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Personally, I've been on very FEW really great dates in my life. It seems like a lot of guys just don't put the effort out there to really sweep a girl off her feet anymore, you know?

It isn't that I think I have to be wined and dined...not at all. But I really notice it when a guy puts a little thought and attention into the thing.

First of all, I want the guy to ask ME out. I don't want to have to hint or wheedle or manipulate my way into getting the date. We've all done it. We've all batted our eyelashes and laid the flirt on thick until the poor cornered thing stuttered out the words we wanted to hear. It's just not as satisfying, though, is it?

I love it when the phone rings or a guy approaches you that you had NO IDEA was interested...he was only interested in your WILDEST fantasies...and there he is, sweating like a pig, hoping you won't reject HIM. It's the best feeling!

So...established...the guy askes ME out...I'm completely giddy because I didn't see it coming...

So...after hours and hours of primping--the kind of primping where we get the brand new SHARP razor out to clean up those legs--when I know I'm looking 110% my best self, he picks me up, AT THE honking his horn from the curb or calling the phone to say, "Oh yeah...I'm outside..." No...Mr. Dream Date picks me up at my doorstep. He tells me I look like a million bucks...not lavishly..but with a quiet appreciation that radiates from his eyes...

Mr. Dream opens the doors for me, makes sure I buckle my seat belt and then he he DOES NOT ask me what I want to do. NO...Mr. Dream already has something planned. I don't care what it is. I don't care if it's a fantastic dinner at the best new restaurant in town or if it's racing bumper cars...the point is, Mr. Dream took the time to plan out this date. He cared enough about impressing me that he put some THOUGHT into it. Extra bonus points if Mr. Dream actually knows me well enough to know what I like, but on a first date, ANY premeditated effort goes a LONG way...

The activity is fun. The conversation is great. Mr. Dream is polite and respectful, and HE PAYS. Even when I offer to split the check he refuses (maybe if this advances to a relationship he'll let me treat occasionally, but this is not the rule...I'm old fashioned!) He doesn't forget his wallet. He doesn't inform me that he didn't bring enough money to cover the cost of both of us. Again, Mr. Dream planned ahead and was prepared...

Mr. Dream does not keep me out too late. He respectfully takes me home at a decent hour, even if the date is going REALLY well and neither of us want it to end yet. Mr. Dream does NOT try to finangle an invitation inside. Mr. Dream walks me to my door, and doesn't try anything, even if I'm giving him THE LOOK...

No...Mr. Dream saves that one for Date two...

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