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12/30/10 12:04 A

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I hate the gym. For me, getting there is okay, it's staying there that is hard. I just feel like everyone who sees me wonders "what the hell is she doing here?" I'm not very overweight, but could lose a few pounds, but I definitely don't blend in: everyone else there has super skinny with a fake tan and some walking around with something like "cute" written on their rear.

I'm not comfortable in shorts at the gym either. I usually opt for leggings and a fitted (but not tight) t-shirt.

I also do best taking classes. I'm way to self conscious to walk out in front of a bunch of people and mess around with a bunch of equipment that I don't, but probably should know how to use. With classes I am able to get in the workout I need behind closed doors. It was still nerve-racking at first, but I eventually became very comfortable with the other women in the class and with my instructor and am looking forward to going again.

I guess what I am trying to say is: going to the gym can feel awful at first, but the more you do it, the better you will feel. Right now I am freaking out about a spin class I am going to start in a few weeks. Last spring I went to one class and was totally humiliated. I never went again, and was really disappointed in myself for that. This time I'm going to make sure I go!

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9/21/10 12:32 P

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I get nervous about going to the gym too. If it's just the shorts that are bothering you, then wear sweats over them til you get to the gym. Or maybe capri-length pants or yoga pants would be better for you? Would it be better if you went with a friend so you're not the only one walking around in shorts?

Also, try to remember that the people you're walking past are pretty absorbed in their own lives, so they're probably not paying attention to what you're wearing. For example, I'm sure that whenever you see someone out wearing shorts, you don't instantly think "Oh my gosh! Look at that person!" You're probably like "Whatever, that person is going to the gym." That's how most people think, so don't be too intimidated. emoticon

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9/6/10 7:08 P

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If the biggest obstacle to you is shorts, I suggest pulling a pair of windpants/sweatpants on over your shorts and taking them off at the gym. I'm sure that there is a bathroom located in the gym if you feel self-conscious pulling off your pants in public lol. Since where I live it gets very cold I often do this during the winter months so I don't freeze on the way to the gym.

I do feel the need to add that although to you wearing work out shorts in public seems like a huge deal, no one is really going to notice unless they are pink with purple hearts on them, so it really is not necessary to feel self-conscious (something I had to remind myself of a lot last year).

Hope I helped.

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9/6/10 6:26 P

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Hello Everyone! I hope your school year has started off well!

Okay, so I could definitely use some help. I go to a school where the majority of the people are stick-skinny. The gym at my school is down at the bottom of the hill, and to get there, I need to walk past a major area of campus. I am not overly over-weight, but I could lose about 20 lbs. I feel self conscious in shorts, even work out shorts, and I can't seem to walk in public in them, unless its dark out.

So how am I supposed to walk down that hill and into that gym without wanting to disappear along the way?

Thanks for your help :)

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