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1/25/09 1:05 P

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I live in residence as well, but fortunately I have a kitchen. Here are some more tips I have, though:

-If you are comfortable, feel free to speak with your school's nutritionist, residence chef, or unit manager if you have one to ask for healthier options. They are usually quite accommodating to fulfill special dietary requests.
-If you have access to a microwave, make your own steamed vegetables instead of any greasy ones available on the hot plates. Take some raw vegetables from the salad bar, put them in a pierced bag with seasoning, and steam away!
-Ask for pasta without the sauce (they should have some) and then use that pasta to make a pasta salad from the salad bar, using veggies, beans, and other foods/sauces to make something tasty! Don't restrict salads to just include greens. You could even use fries if you really wanted to.
-Having nuts in your dorm room is a great way to add protein without having to resort to cafeteria meat.
-If you have interactive bars (make your own meal like stirfrys and parfaits), take advantage of those opportunities because you get to determine what goes into your dish. This is a great suggestion to offer to your chef/unit manager/nutritionist if you do speak with them. They are always popular at my school.

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1/14/09 11:52 A

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Trying to eat healthy when you can't cook your own foods is rather difficult until you figure out what works for you. Since you didn't give much information about your living situation I'll assume you are in the same situation I was my first few years of college... If you have a dorm fridge, stock up on FF milk, yogurts, FF cheese, and veggies like carrots and baby tomatoes and spinach. For your "pantry" goods, stock up on fresh fruits and veggies, WW pitas/tortialls/bread, low-fat peanut butter, almonds/peanuts, and energy bars (~100 calories ones loaded with nutrients). You can make yourself a healthy sandwhich at night for dinner and add a salad from the cafe. If you get pasta from the cafe, add a fresh fruit or veggie on the side. Look for ways to eat the same foods only in smaller portions and adding fresh and healthy foods to it. Canned, low-sodium soup works great too--I've seen plenty of people who buy the kind you can heat in the can and then carry with you (Campbell's maybe..?) eating them at breakfast time, lunch time, dinner time, any time! If your only choice for dinner is fried food, try finding fried chicken, for example, and removing all the skin (where the excess fat and grease are) and pairing it with a salad or some other veggie and a glass of milk. If your only option is pizza (that was one of the only four options I had eating at the cafe) order it with LOTS of veggies, light or no cheese, light or no sauce, and pair it with fruit and a glass of milk or water. You can find plenty of healthy options if you take a few minutes to sit back and look at what you're putting in your body. Good luck and if you need anything don't hesitate to ask! (:


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1/14/09 8:34 A

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Since I joined SparkPeople on Dec. 28, I've been doing pretty well when it comes to eating healthy, low calorie foods. My only problem is...Whats going to happen when I go back to school on the 25th (my school has a 6 week break, I've been home since Dec.12)when I go back to school?
My cafe has hardly any healthy food options, and last semester I ate grilled cheese and french fries almost every day for lunch. Dinners were not any better considering they have sooo much fried food for dinner, and I don't want to be limited to eating pasta everyday when I don't feel like eating fried foods. One of the only healthy things to eat is a salad, and I'm not really that much of a fan of salads!

What should I do? What healthy options should I consider buying when I'm packing for school? What foods should I avoid in the cafeteria?

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