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4/24/10 5:38 P

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its hard to eat healthy where i go to college. Some nights the dinner option is unhealthy and there is not a large selection of veggies. i can't cook in my dorm but i keep apples and cheese sticks and protein bars in my fridge. does anyone have any suggestions for healthy food i can eat when I'm in the dining hall?

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4/4/10 8:57 P

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Anything in a slow cooker is great. I got one at a rummage sale for $5 and use it all the time. There are some great recipes on this site that are pretty healthy and cheap to make. The great thing is, they don't require much time to make and there are tons of leftovers!

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3/29/10 2:19 A

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I go to the store every week or every other week. I would try to buy a lot of fruits and vegetables. If you can't go to the store often I would stock up on frozen or canned vegetables. Things like fresh apples and carrots are also good to buy a lot of because they generally last a long time before going bad. Beans are a good source of protein and are very inexpensive especially if you buy dried beans instead of canned. Whole wheat pasta is a good source of protein and fiber. The whole wheat pasta I get has 8g of protein per serving. Oatmeal is also very cheap and is great for breakfast. I really like whole wheat bread and english muffins. Both freeze well, are cheap, and are filling.

If your cafeteria is anything like mine, I would try to avoid anything that the school cooks and stick to fruit, salad, and vegetables without any sauce.

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3/28/10 9:51 P

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Oatmeal is probably my favorite thing to eat in the morning. I mix it with cinnamon and a little bit of Splenda Brown Sugar Mix. It's one of those foods that stick with you and fill you up. I also swear on Chicken Breasts and frozen broccoli. A meal of this fills me up and is healthy too!

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SCHIELA Posts: 12
3/28/10 9:32 A

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Soup - to deal with the issue of sou not filling me up and a lot of bread being bad I have started doing this:

a can or microwavable bowl of progresso light soup (I use the ones with weight watchers points on the can) and if you eat the whole thing that is about 120 calories (2 servings). I also use five reduced fat ritz crackers instead of oyster crackers. the ritz are about 70 calories. so you are still getting a meal that is under 200 calories and will fill you up.

Oatmeal - its a great option for breakfast. Check the nutrition label on the box because many of the Quaker oatmeal's have different nutrient combinations. I eat the quaker weight control Cinnamon. that has 160 cal, 3g of fat, 6g fiber, and 7g protein. For an oatmeal i think that is pretty good.

The One Thing To Keep In Your Kitchen at School - GROUND CINNAMON. I put it in my oatmeal, mix it in with my cheerios, and sometimes i even put it on apples. This is a great spice because i've read that it increases your metabolism.

Good Luck Everyone!

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3/25/10 11:58 A

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1. Steamfresh veggies: Usually they're about $1.25 per bag, OR 88 cents if you choose the generic brand. I'll sometimes eat a bag of mixed vegetables or potatoes with green beans for lunch.

2. Frozen boneless, skinless chicken breasts: Wait until a 5 lb. bag goes on sale, and that will definitely last you a few weeks.

3. Eggs: Imagine the possibilities here.

4. Whole wheat bread: Once again, watch for loaves of whole wheat bread to go on sale. I rarely eat the same brand 2 weeks in a row, but I've always been able to find some on sale.

5. Fresh vegetables: These are usually cheap. It's easy to sauté peppers and mushrooms and put them over rice or in an omelette.

6. Snacks: Fruit! I also buy a tub of light vanilla yogurt. This usually lasts me about a week, and I can add fruit or granola for a filling snack in between classes.

Try to avoid pre-packaged meals, because those are expensive and you won't get any left-overs. I try to keep it to one or two a week for those days when I just don't feel like doing ANYTHING.

Being on a tight budget of $25/week for groceries has forced me to be creative. Happy eating!

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DUNNUN Posts: 22
3/7/10 9:34 P

I've heard the opposite about soup. I don't think you should just have soup alone, but if you start a meal with soup, you'll of course be less likely to eat more throughout the day just because you're body is filled with all that liquid.
I don't, I read that in a article a while back though, but oatmeal I heard is wonderful to eat.
If you're looking for protein though. I'd go for chicken breast and tofu. 1/2 cup tofu is like 23grams of protein or something insane like that. It's ridiculously filling too. If you look up healthy sources of protein on google I'm sure you'll find a whole list good foods.

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3/7/10 7:02 P

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Oatmeal is an awesome idea! I do have a bunch of packets; I just rarely think about breakfast when I get up in the morning. I also heard that if you pair orange juice with it, the combination turns into a super-food.

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3/7/10 12:22 P

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If that's true about soup I'll be very upset. I get filled up on soup very easily, and they make so many healthy kinds nowadays. Usually it doesn't take much and soup is so easy to make!

Avoid the Easy-Mac's...yes they're simple to make but don't even buy them! I had a room mate who'd eat three a day - and she could - but there was too much temptation in it for me! Stock up on protein bars so if you get a craving you can still snack healthy!

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3/5/10 9:37 P

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i've actually heard that soup isn't the way to go. liquids move through your body faster so you don't stay full as long or something. eating soup with lots of bread will fill you up, but that kind of defeats the purpose

oatmeal all the way. my friend lost 5 pounds in a month by eating oatmeal every morning for breakfast alone

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3/1/10 8:02 A

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I do a lot of soup, because it fills me up, and salad as well. And even cereal- as long as you only have a little- because the milk helps wake up my metabolism in the morning and get me off to a good start! Being poor is also sometimes motivation in itself- I literally cannot afford to eat a lot!

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3/1/10 12:58 A

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Tomato soup!!!! So filling!

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2/27/10 12:11 P

Peanut butter mixed in oatmeal is amazing! Low- or nonfat yogurt or milk is also something I eat a lot of.
Also, poached eggs and tuna are healthy ways to get more protein, as are beans. I practically live on chili, black bean soup, and lentils for dinner.
That's about all I can think of as far as protein goes- I'm not much of a meat eater. Hope this helps!

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10/7/08 9:03 P

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Fresh fruit and veggies are my suggestion! And salad...I put anything and everything on salad. Tuna and chicken are good protein toppers along with lots of other fresh veggies and fat free dressing. Hope you get lots of other ideas! (:


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TOPHER78714 Posts: 1
10/7/08 1:06 P

Okay so I'm new to SparkPeople and I am a senior in college. My main concern is being able to eat healthy while up at school (since my budget is limited and I can't get to the store too often). Any suggestion on tips to watch what foods I eat? Also what are some low fat good sources of protein? Thanks

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