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9/24/10 10:29 A

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I use my balance board everyday with Wii Fit Plus. I do Advance Step and rhythm boxing everyday then I change up the rest doing a little balance a little strength (starting today) and one or two yoga poses. I love it and I do not have any accessories at all. I use my rechargable batteries, which I also use for everything else (camera, wii remotes, tv remotes, etc.)other than that I don't have the cover or anything. I did not know that there were dumbbells available, I will be checking those out because trying to hold the wii remote and nunchuck and my 2lb weights is awkward.


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8/12/10 9:58 P

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I use my balance board daily. I did get me what is called a riser for it and it raises it to 4 inches. I use it with ea active more workouts and made my own workout with the step workout and the combo station which is boxing and kick boxing and boy oh boy do I sweat. I have gotten 2 covers for my board and have gone back to just using it without it. I love the board for my yoga. I was never a yoga person before but I am really liking it.

I had wondered about the hand weights and if they were better or not. Also they have a push up accessory.

Lots of people on different teams have told me that the dance mat works better with walk it out. That is my next purchase.

Plus I have pre-oreder gold gymns dance workout that comes out the end of the month. I love the gold gymn cardio workout and my friend just got me the "my fitness coach". I did the initial setup test to see where I am at on a fitness level.

All I know the best purchase I made for myself was the Wii Fit Plus - I use it every single day.

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5/16/10 12:39 P

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I love my balance board, simply because I use it every morning as a scale. It keeps me from eating late at night, knowing I "weigh in" in the morning.

My main workout is usually the treadmill, but I do use the Wii Plus to get out of my seat every so often when working from home. And I use other games for longer, extended periods of time.

I don't know if it matters, but I'm a tactile person, so I love the short games. I also love that it keeps track of my weight for me and I can see the progress over time. I also can get stuck on "Walk it Out," sometimes, so I use it for that game as well. And for the Biggest Loser game.

I don't have the cover or mat, but I guess I need to get those.

the best accessory for the whole Wii for me has been the hand weights that you set your controllers in.

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5/10/10 7:38 A

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If you get one, I hear a cover is almost a necessity. Otherwise it can crack.

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5/8/10 11:43 A

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I use my balance board daily! I have the mat and cover for it, and I love it! I like the daily check-ins, and the balance feedback it gives me for yoga!

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5/5/10 10:31 A

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I think the balance board is more of a gimmick than a real weight loss tool; if you do decide to get one, the only thing I recommend is one of the rubber covers to protect the board and keep you from slipping off of it.

Right now my balance board is getting used as a step for the EA Sports Active's step aerobics. (That's on the second version, not the first.) For EASA, you will want a stronger resistance band; I bought a Stott Pilates band package on Amazon for maybe $10 which offers a lot more resistance. I absolutely love EASA; I did the 30 day challenge and lost 10 pounds (coupling that with eating better, of course). Now I use EASA for strength training and step aerobics.

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5/3/10 5:32 P

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I like my balance board (don't use it much because I don't use the Wii much--I've just not made the time to workout).

I say don't worry about any accessories. Maybe an exercise mat (from the fitness section, not labeled for Wii, as it's probably cheaper).

The only thing that you might want to do is get some "eneloop" batteries and a "la cross" battery charger for them (they're "regular" rechargeable batteries that are the BEST! I wouldn't recommend a special battery/recharger for the board because I've heard of some of them actually exploding and ruining the board.

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5/3/10 11:12 A

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I have to agree with TBLOYED. While Wii Fit and Plus are fun, I almost never use them anymore and therefore never use my balance board anymore. While other games are balance board compatible, using the balance board almost takes away from the's awkward and generally gets in the way.

As for really don't need anything beyond what EA Active (30 day challenge) comes with. Maybe a better resistance band...the one the game comes with is very flimsy and they are super cheap to pick up anywhere and maybe a yoga mat if you have a hard surface otherwise, no.

I did purchase a step from a flea market and I use it for My Fitness Coach and the EA Sports Active 6 week challenge. (I don't think the 30 day has a step class but I might be wrong)

Have fun with it and good luck!

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5/3/10 10:09 A

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I would almost recommend not getting a balance board. I think they're close to $100.00 and yes fit plus is fun but not too much of a workout. I would just start with EA Sports active and Gold's Gym Cardio.

There are a lot of games that are enhanced with the balance board but fit Plus is the only one that requires it.

As far as accessories.....Target has a package deal for charger, cover, yoga mat, and carrying case for 29.99 I think...maybe 39.99. That should get you started.

As far as the lift. It doesn't keep your steps accurately. I would recommend either using a real exercise lift that the balance board would fit on or if you know a carpenter, have them build you a 3" platform to put it on.

Good luck to you!!


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5/3/10 10:00 A

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I am waiting for my Wii game to be delivered. I have ordered AE Sports and I would also like to get a balance board.

I see that there are a lot of accessories. What do I really need? charger? cover? lift? Please advise, I don't want to buy a lot of stuff that is not necessary.
Thanks for your help.

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