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12/25/12 10:31 A

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My oldest was diagnosed with an eating disorder last fall. She would purge/binge and restrict calories all while exercising excessively. She had previously "cut" so I do understand. We got her into counseling with a psychologist and a dietitian. She is doing much better, but will probably struggle with her body image for the rest of her life.

Get your child help now! Once kids turn 18, parents can no longer "make" them go for treatment. (My oldest will be 18 in March.) Go with them and show your support. Tell your child that you love them and want to see them happy. Explain that you are doing what you feel is right in order to help them.

Good luck! I know it's not easy, but hang in there!!


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12/24/12 10:17 A

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I have also a 17-yr old girl. She had experienced heartaches because of having a broken family. She became insecure and timid for many years. I felt the sadness and anger in her heart. At first, I tried to learn her attitude, her likes and dislikes. Patience here is very important. I continuously showed my love by listening to her, understand her, having a conversation with her and always hug her. I respect her feelings and her opinion but I correct her directly by telling her what is right when she is wrong.I always let her feel that I love her so much and tell her that I do my best to raise her and give her a beautiful life. But there is one most important of all: Prayer because There is no impossible with God. There are things that we can't do but God can. Only we need is to ask, believe and receive. I wish the best for your daughter.

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12/23/12 1:50 P

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I too am living with a 16y/o dealing with depression. At first I thought it regular adolescent moodiness but he began cutting himself. He is in counseling now but thinks he is better and doesn't need further counsel. I guess ar should love our kids but keep firm boundaries for them as well.

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12/22/12 4:52 P

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Hello there....I'm so very sorry you're going thru what you're going thru...I have an eighteen year old also who suffers from major depression and is actually institutionalized because she just couldn't live at home among her there's a huge difference here because she was born with many many problems like hearing things, seeing things, paranoial and a host of other I know we can't quite compare the two but I said all that to say this I know how hard it is when you love your child and feel helpless to help....I'm glad your daughter is now with a counselor I truly hope this help her...I know my daughter sometimes lives in her own fantasy world...and it's sad to see...she is so delusional that it's hard on the rest of us because to even try and bring her home is we don't but we do go and visit her in a restrictive's hard to leave her there but we must....she also gets therapy but to no avail...

Keep letting your daughter know how much you love her and is there for her.....

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12/22/12 4:19 P

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I'm struggling here... I have a 17 year old daughter who has crashed and burned this year. Went from being a solid A student to flunking most classes this fall. She hasn't been herself for months... irritable, avoids me and her sister, stays mostly with the "fun" parent of a friend. I know she's supposed to be separating, and supposed to be finding her own way, but I can't seem to find the right balance - I pulled in the reins until she made up the ton of missing work; now that it's made up I want to keep a closer eye on her and would like her home more, but I can't figure out the boundaries here. She'll be 18 in a few months, and I'm frankly scared...she totaled the car a few weeks ago, (I'm eternally grateful that she and her friends were not hurt) She's clinically depressed, just started counseling and some medication. I know I'm doing the best I can, and I'm trying to set the bar low (like, hey, we are all home alive, it's a good day!). But I have never been so afraid. I have so little control; I can't protect her from the world, or her own feelings. It's hard to see her in pain, and hard to be shut out from her life - as I am right now. The only thing I seem to be able to do is get her the counseling and the health care that she needs. It breaks my heart. I love her so much. I don't need any advice, particularly, but is there anyone out there that's lived through this? I just want her to be healthy, happy and whole...

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