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4/24/12 12:36 P

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I was a procrastinator and both my kids are as well. I think time management has to be taught. It is not something that comes naturally for most kids. I remember in high school, I had an English teacher that would give a project with mini deadlines that had to be completed by a certain date in order for us to learn to manage the time. Now I try that with my kids. I tell them research has to be done on this date, then first draft on this, and so forth. It is a lot of micro managing, but I don't know any other way.

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4/21/12 2:46 P

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Hi. I have an 11 year old in fifth grade with a teacher who is aware of how different and hard sixth grade in the magnet program will be next year for him. She assigns projects almost every week. My son has a problem with distractions and since he can come up with stuff last-minute (like I used to in school) and he does okay, he feels no need to get things done.

I think part of his problem is that without mini-deadlines and breaking the project down into smaller chunks, he might be getting overwhelmed. Plus, as another parent said here about her daughter, he's probably a bit bored. His organization skills are not the best. So I might have to sit down with him when he gets a project, with a calender so he can visualize time going by, and set him up with mini-goals until it's done.

Who knows, do you think that approach might work with your procrastinator?

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3/12/12 10:10 A

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_Umami_ I too have a procrastinator in the gifted program. Part of the reason I think they do it, is because they are bored. Even if the project excites them initially the "rush" of having to get it done at the last minute really gives them the challenge that they crave.
My child is now in 8th grade and we still struggle. What I have done is told her that because I know things come easy to her, she is required to keep her grades at a 95% or above. If she doesn't then she will lose the privileges she has gained by being such a responsible person. We can check their current grades on-line at anytime. One time her GPS dropped below an 80% in a class. "because stuff was being turned in late" I told her she had 2 weeks to fix the situation and get it about a 90%. If not I would take away all access to electronic devices, (laptop, tv, ipod) until the end of the semester where her grades better be at 95% or above or she wouldn't be getting them back until the end of the next quarter.
Amazingly she managed to get all her stuff up to date in the 2 weeks. I check her grades about every other week and I haven't had a problem since.

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3/11/12 2:01 P

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I agree that it depends on your child. I have one that works well under pressure and one that just plain does not want to do it ever. the trick is the find the middle ground so that there are no problems when unforeseen things happen (which as we know they always do). It is hard when you look down the line and think that you have 6 years left of late nights helping with homework. I have an 11th grader and a 7th grader and I realize now that the time with my oldest slipped away and I would gladly take another 6 years.


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3/9/12 5:39 P

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Welcome... and I have a procrastinator, but she receives straight A's. I think she works best when under pressure! I have always disagreed with it, but for some reason, it works best for her. She is now an 11th grader and ranks 16th in her class. She has been a Straight A student since Kindergarden. I guess it depends on the child. Not all of them are slackers.

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3/2/12 3:23 P

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Even 11th graders and freshmen in college procrastinate. Then I see tears but stay firm about planning ahead. Its easier when they enjoy a subject and much more difficult to motivate them when its a "less favorite" subject. Good luck!

2/29/12 12:06 P

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That's when I get on my kid's case. He really almost wrote off his 1st semester and then I noticed what was going on and got on his case. He has anxiety issues and it gets worse the closer the project is due. So now, when I know a project is assigned, by asking and then asking the teacher, I make him work on it every night until it's done.

It is a pain, but I just don't want him to blow high school.

Good luck with yours.

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2/24/12 9:37 A

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I think we can all relate to last minute projects and studying. Been there...done that.

Good luck.

It maybe too late to go back and make a new start, but it's not too late to make a new ending.

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2/23/12 11:28 P

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Welcome to the team. If they are a procrastinator in junior high, things probably won't get better in high school. My child is 16 and rushing to finish a video for her academic team. She has had weeks, and of course is stressing to finish the rough draft tonight.

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2/23/12 11:01 P

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Welcome.... as I sit here at 11pm helping my youngest study for a test he has tomorrow, after spending 2 hours on homework, and still one more test to study for. Apparently tonight, I'm again becoming an expert on the 7th grade curriculum!

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2/23/12 10:54 P

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I'm sorry to introduce myself this way.
The night before a project is due.
The project that you encouraged your child to start on, oh, say, weeks ago.
The project they knew was looming and had a big percentage of their grade depending on it.
The project they were initially excited about.
The project they now LOATHE and BLAME you for messing up. (or blame X, Y and Z)

I could go on.
And it's only 6th grade. This will go on and on.

Oh! And, by the way, I'm kind of new here, sorry for the lame intro. :-)
My son is "gifted" but not with the gift of time-management, apparently. I think we're all afflicted with that aspect.

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