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6/2/13 10:01 A

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Remember that every child is different. Boys develop slower than girls.

With those in mind, also find out what motivates him. If he likes games, then make it a game or read 5 minutes and make the reward a game with each other. Or you read one sentence and he read one. Encourage him and sound out things ALL the time. The grocery store, food labels, cereal boxes, the funnies, everything is a learning experience.

Make it a ritual. Everyday together at a certain time so he knows it must happen and then afterwards is something fun or cool.

The more we worked with our kids, the better they did in school. We couldn't just rely on the school. Sad.

Good luck and don't give up. It will happen.


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5/31/13 8:41 A

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Oh mom, I feel for you! I am a mom of three and a former Kindergarten teacher. Please know that in all my experience teaching, kids catch up when they are developmentally ready, and force feeding them tends to backfire. I have had many friends whose kids were struggling in Kindergarten and are excelling in fifth grade (the grade of my oldest child).

I am all for bribes and rewards if you think it will work, and dont try and do too much in one night. You can make a chart with twenty boxes...and each time your child reads a book to you, fill it in with a smile face and when they get to twenty go someplace cheap...the dollar store, mcdonalds ice cream, etc. I would suggest getting a metal binder type ring, and punching index cards, and writing a couple of sight words on them. Start with just a few, and make sure your child knows most of them. Say you will read a book and practice your cards every night for a smile face. I always only want the kids to learn one or two new words at a time so they are not overwhelming and easy for them. Then, you keep practice flipping through the cards each night and you will be amazed at when given confidence by less words how fast they can be learned.

If you want more advice, message me, I can give you some ideas on which words to start with.

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4/17/13 9:40 A

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Please don't stress because your child will start to feed off of that. Take your time and go back to the basic things that he can do and build his confidence. I know you say you don't have time during the week (I completely understand, mother of two) but maybe on the weekend start from the beginning and let him work his way up. If you could make the homework fun for him that might help him. I had to make homework sometimes into a game. Hope this helps.

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3/30/13 11:55 P

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First of all...RELAX.

I know there are some expectations, but really?

Every child has a different way of learning to read. My son, I had to sit with him and have him read to me. My daughter (who is a year younger) sat beside the two of us and learned the same time. Not by reading to me, but by observing and listening. (Her choice).

My youngest has a hard time grasping things. Like the words should and could.

So we tried something different. I wrote the words in large letters, on a sheet of paper, and sticky tacked it on the wall in her bedroom. Right in her line of sight while lying there in bed. That way, she would see the words and know how to say them, when she was looking around her room. It worked. She does this all the time now. It works for her. Even with math equations.

The real trick is, is to just take things calmly. Don't panic. Your child will feel and feed off your 'vibes'.

I hope this helps.

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2/25/13 2:57 P

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does your school have a resource center? They might have a list of resources that may be low cost or free of charge to help out a student. Does the school have a peer group of students that might help tutor younger kids? My daughter hates to read, she went througha similar phase regarding math. i found I had to make the time to sit with her and teach her what she needed to know. sometimes it was easier for me to teach her the way I had learned things rather than the "new" way they are teaching kids these days. have you had him tested for ADHD? that might be an issue also. maybe get him tested for a learning disability. I hope you get what you need. I will keep you in my thoughts.

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2/25/13 1:59 P

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My kindergatener is having problems with wanting to study. I feel bad bc we weren't able to get him into preschool due to financial difficulties, and we both work full time with very little time to sit with him and do preschool ourselves. Now he's really struggling and doesn't want to do his work. He is borderline failing due to not meeting certain requirements at the end of each grading period, and while he is improving I have to deal with meltdowns when it comes to doing any kind of work at home! How do I help him without losing my head?!He is mostly having problems with reading but gets so frustrated with the assignments. And he is supposed to read through each assignment (one a week) twice. He needs extra help but we can't afford a tutor!


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