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8/11/10 7:33 A

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I saw Tapped and I recently read that Americans buy billions of water bottles a year and approximately 80% of them end up as litter. I also read that one major brand of bottle water is nothing more than filtered tap water.

Last year we got a water filter and I learned to love my tap water.

Anyway, I also got a Kleen Kanteen and have been quite pleased with it.

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8/9/10 6:58 P

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Thanks, everyone for suggestions! And thanks Nicole!! It's something I admit I should have done a long time ago.

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8/9/10 1:33 P

I have new Sigg bottles and stainless steel ones, too. If you're concerned about the Sigg liner, I agree with the recommendations for stainless steel (kleen kanteen etc.) since there are no liners involved.

Good for you for switching to reusable bottles!


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8/9/10 3:09 A

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I've used plastic drinking bottles, and then I REuse them for starting plants with a bit of dirt in them; or use to clean the litter box, or scoop other items, or store little items like buttons or variety of stuff that you can SEE since container is clear, and not breakable and CHEAP.

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8/8/10 11:41 A

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I work at a landfill and am horrified by the number of plastic bottles that are thrown out - even though our company offers recycling.

When I started my Spark journey & realized I needed to drink more water I did a lot of research and found this:

I opted for the plain stainless steel colored 40 oz bottle. It's great. It's been the best purchase ever. I bought the additional neoprene sleeve to keep it cold & couldn't be happier. Best part - it's recyclable when and if I ever get tired of it. (I doubt it, I love this thing.)

There really is no difference between most tap water & bottled water. Really. Get yourself a good filter for your faucet and get a good non-colored stainless steel bottle. I find the water taste MUCH better in the stainless.

Also - I bought a couple double wall 20 oz glasses for drinking tea -- and while they did good. They both broke & I was being careful. If this is an item you are going to be transporting on a regular basis I would avoid using glass. Don't get me wrong - glass has it's advantages, but for travel you can't beat stainless.

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8/8/10 8:20 A

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On the Glass bottle thing, why not find a glass juice bottle that is being recycled, and then make a quilted cloth cover for it, or neoprene (use old mouse pads for this) and glue them on or something, this way you have the safety of glass, and a covering so just in case it does break, you don't get glass everywhere...

Thanks for the link. I don't use bottled water at all, I have a stainless one and I subscribe to a water service for my reverse osmosis water for all things that involve ingesting water, like making rice for example. We are looking at getting a water system here too, but would have to be easily disengaged as we only rent where we are. Thinking an under the cabinet RO system. Hmmm

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8/8/10 4:41 A

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There's a new documentary called Tapped,( ) and just the trailer made me feel awful. I mean, I know I don't do a LOT for the environment, but I do think I'm moderately considerate. I don't litter, et al. However, I am/was a HUGE bottled water consumer. Sometimes 10 large bottles a day. I'm very picky about my water and I've never drank tap water so to me, it just seems gross (even though I brush my teeth and wash with it). After see the trailer for Tapped, I vowed to get a filter and learn to love it. I opted for one that also has a UV light because I'm a bit of a germaphobe.

So, my question about bottles is: are stainless steel bottles like SIGG (
)really safe? I know in 2002-ish, they were in trouble for having a liner that contained BPA's, and the CEO said that they never claimed that it didn't - just that it didn't leech into the water. So now it's 2010 and they should be safe, right?

But on one of the reviews I read on, someone said she put a carbonated beverage in one and the liner chipped. How can something that delicate be safe? If I drop it, is it going to chip off inside of it? Is it dishwasher-safe?

I have a Kor bottle ( ), which is made of BPA-free plastic and I love it, but it's not the greenest choice given that petroleum is used to make plastic, right? It is the cutest option, though, and I get many compliments on it everywhere I take it. I've also seen how they make stainless steel water bottles and they have to pour oil over the cutting machine to keep the steel from getting too hot; they do that any time they cut metal. (I'm a huge fan of How It's Made on the Science Channel.)

Now, I'm thinking that the best choice is a glass bottle, but I don't know of any glass sports bottles I can take to the gym and walking with me. Do you?

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