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8/28/13 9:05 P

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Some doctors are just _____ ______ and _____.
I remember my first specialist BEFORE running his own blood work and tests telling me I may never have children. Sorry but at 21 you may have no idea yet if you want kids or not. I remember feeling so so so so hollow. THEN the rest of his 'speech' kicked in of how I can die of cancer etc....I think that was my first experience with depression.

Now I don't give in if I get a garbage answer. I demand the tests and argue they're standard procedures so that additional insurance is not required. Doctors say they HATE the internet, I just see it as a tool (if used wisely) that empowers me.

Hang in there ladies!!!!

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6/3/13 12:49 P

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I actually left the doctor's office crying on Thursday. You are definitely not alone! This was actually the appointment where the dermatologist told me that I have PCOS and to get tested. Then, he proceeded to tell me that because I couldn't swallow pills, he couldn't treat my condition at all and got confused when I started crying.

Well I went home, went online, and found out that ALL of the medications for PCOS can be purchased as a liquid. What an a-hole.

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5/31/13 8:16 A

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Its really important to work with doctors who will listen to you and work with you. I've had a couple doctors that have made me feel terrible, put me down, and even had me leaving the office crying. By all means, find another doctor. That's what I've done, and now I have an endocrinologist that is fantastic and has made a huge difference in my life and has really done a tremendous job of helping me get my health back on track.

I hate to admit it, but I haven't been to an ob/gyn in a few years because of having a bad experience. I've got to bite the bullet and find a new doctor and go...

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5/30/13 5:06 P

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I can completely relate to you about your OB/GYN. It seems that once you are diagnosed with PCOS that is what causes all the problems going on in your body. I have dropped a lot of doctors in the past because of underminding me and treating me like I know nothing about what is going on in MY OWN BODY!! What the heck is up with that. I understand everything that you are going through. DO NOT PUT up with a doctor doing this to you. Because the minute that they get to that point they will never run another test for any other problem you might have. I spent over a year with a doctor who underminded my pain and never ran tests or anything, but I thought to myself "they are doctors, and know what they are doing." I was completely wrong.

Don't worry about switching doctors a lot. I have been through probably 15 doctors in like 3 years...

Thank you for sharing your frustration and story. It is good to know that I am not alone!!!

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5/30/13 4:23 P

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So I have been feeling off for 2 weeks now. Everything was going great, I was eating healthy, exercising daily, burning those calories and losing roughly 1-2 pounds weekly. It wasn't a fast loss but it was a loss. Then suddenly out of nowhere I started feeling horrible, I gained 6 pounds within a week and I was so exhausted I suddenly couldn't manage the gym most days. It was really bad and I couldn't understand it because I was doing everything right, I was still eating healthy, and taking my 500 mg of Metformin. So I made a doctors appointment with my OB/GYN. I felt it was more of his expertise than my regular doctor and I regret it now.

I went in and told him what was going on, after 29 years of living in this body I do know when something is wrong and you know what he did? He blamed PCOS!! Now I understand PCOS is the culprit of most things that go wrong with my body but um hello he could have ran a hormone test to see if my hormones were wacky or something, instead without checking ANYTHING he just said it was PCOS acting up again. OMGOSH I have never been so hopping mad, I started crying when I got in the car. He also basically told me that my weight wasn't going down fast enough and he didn't think I had the ability to take control of this condition with weight loss because of it. This was the same doctor who prescribed me progesterone which sent me into the worst pain of my life for 2 months, has never fully educated himself on PCOS and talks to me like I don't know ANYTHING about my own condition.

It was actually my general physician who prescribed Metformin, talked to me about a good diet and even helped me quit smoking.

So I made a decision, I dropped him. I went online, did a bunch of research, found a new OB/GYN I will be trying and dropped him. First of all, don't talk down to me because I don't have kids (all he talks about is my infertility and how I need to start going on meds to have a kid, but the husband and I really want me to lose weight first so we are waiting, which I have explained to him a thousand times), second of all, pay attention when I tell you something is wrong and third of all, don't treat me like a child who doesn't know anything about my own condition or body. I have struggled with this condition for far too long to go to another horrible uninterested doctor.

Anyone else have these problems with their doctors in the past?

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