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7/19/11 11:40 A

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I've been on Yasmin ever since I was diagnosed 6 months ago with PCOS. It has worked wonders for me. No more terrible pain in my ovaries, my periods are regular and my acne is gone. I'm taking it in combination with metformin for my PCOS. It really works for me, but every person is different.

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7/4/11 2:50 P

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Using BC really depends on the person, and if you notice weight gain or other side effects you don't like, you can ask your Dr. to try changing to another BC pill, there are so many out there and as we're all unique they affect each of us differently!

As for me, I've been on Yaz for 5 years now, my period had stopped being "regular" by all means - nothing for 2.5 months, and then a period every other week for the next 2 months or so, it was pure hell for me!! It's helped me get "regular" (and sane!) and I've had no weight gain directly related to it.

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6/30/11 9:26 P

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I've been on BC for my PCOS since January- they put me on a different BC (I think it was YAZ) but it caused unbelievably painful periods. They switched me to loestrin which worked great and I didn't gain any weight on it- it was just really expensive. I just came off of a 90 day treatment with microgestin and I've been off it for 7 day and already have a cyst messing with me. I'd like to just be on continuous BC if possible- depot was suggested to me, but with my crohn's disease, my GI didn't feel comfortable letting me be on it.

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6/29/11 9:49 P

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I've had PCOS for about 4 years my doctor put me right away on BC. That didn't last long, sure it regulated my periods but after a year I formed a blood clot and gained about 20 pounds. I've heard from several people that BC did the same thing (minus the blood clot) but it did help reduce facial hair.

Smile-it makes you feel better :)

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6/29/11 4:57 P

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I was on Depo Provera for a time to help control the bleeding that was going on but never for the BC side of things, never did BC never really had the need for it ... now that am married have no need for it because there is 100% no chance of a complication coming our way so BC isn't an issue.

My gyn told me that for the most part BC masks the signs of PCOS and that for many who are on BC don't know they have PCOS till they try to TTC then they turn around and blame the BC for their issues getting preg or that the BC caused them to develop PCOS.

I think for some BC might well be a helpful option and not for the BC reasons but other health side of things, but each is to their own. I lost over 100 pounds while on Depo Provera and I'd go on it again in a heart beat it if was necessary.

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6/29/11 4:24 P

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Hi, So Questions for you lovelies regarding the Birth Control Pill --

So I'm new to this forum, and technically I haven't been diagnosed with PCOS... but my sister has been fighting it for a couple years now and my OB says I'm borderline LH hormone levels, this was a new OB whom I've only met once, and doesn't really know me or my family history, and has no bedside manor... anyways.... they are recommending putting me on Beyaz birth control pill..... anyhow, long story short, last time I was on the pill I was 56 lbs heavier (I was on just regular Yaz) and so I'm super nervous about putting weight back on, not to mention mood swings and overemotional issues... especially cause I'm just barely starting to get my exercise and stress in check....

So I was curious to see what you guys are doing? Does the pill help you guys? Also, when I looked at the FDA website I saw that there are at least a dozen lawsuits right now against Beyaz and the one that scared me the most was focused primarily on young teens taking it that were having strokes, blood clots, and heart attacks! I don't wanna be putting myself at risk for those things, so I'm SUPER nervous about taking any, what do you guys think? My old family doctor said I was doing great at loosing weight and wanted me to focus on that before drawing blood and everything again (that was this last winter before her practice went out of business.)

Another thing is that I've been looking into hollistic remedies for helping natural hormone imbalances and one of the things that really helped me was a Parsley Tea with my cycle...I'm usually an every 4-6 week kinda girl, depending on exercise/stress/etc... as weird as it sounds, I drank it every night for three days when I hit that 6 week mark (I'm married and my husband and I take precautions, but I still get nervous because I'm not ready for kids) and it prompted my cycle without any problems... I haven't really had any problems with my cycle as long as my stress is under wraps anyways... .

Okay, so now that I sound like a hypochondriac freak, I'll just leave it at that.... what do you guys think? Should I get a second opinion? THANK YOU! emoticon emoticon

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