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3/25/13 4:18 P

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I also use the Sally Hansen cream and it works great. I don't know much about which smells attract bears so you might try a tube of it before hand, but the other woman who posted is correct, it only takes about 5 minutes and you don't need to have water. I use a washcloth to take the cream off when I am at home, but in your case an unscented baby wipe would probably work better since it is disposable.

Good luck! I'll bet you will be in amazing shape when you are finished!

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3/20/13 12:39 P

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i think i would just shave dry and apply an unscented lotion after.

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3/17/13 2:54 P

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I use a cream by Sally Hansen. That would be handy for camping. You would just need 5 min private time for it to work and wipe off with a damp cloth. Good luck and have fun camping!

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3/17/13 2:30 P

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What about doing a sugaring before going? That way you have a week or so before you would have the stash? The only problem is that you would have to let it grow to at least 1/4 inch before you can sugar. Be careful, there are some crazies on the trail. We came upon a bear on one of my hikes, so of course, careful that way also.

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3/17/13 1:48 P

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I had facial hair issues for ten years. I too have tried creams and RX Vaniqa,plucking and shaving. I used two Groupons $250 each for total of six sessions of laser hair treatment. I'm on my 7th session it looks great! I had it all over my face and neck area. Search for deals in your area.

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3/17/13 4:33 A

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Hey Kaseysw~

I leave April 15...well actually our travel time will be between 12-14th and official start date of trail on the 15th. I'm panicking a little, because I'm trying to be prepared in conditions that are less than ideal. I want to enjoy the trail and not let this issue bog me down. There is enough already that will make this trip a challenge!

I've heard of people w/ PCOS using Saw Palmetto but few reported their results. If it helped minimize my hair I would be happy. I've used actual hair minimizing lotions in the past which helped reduce hair, but once I stopped, the hair came back in full force.

I'm considering taking along a lightweight razor (or two) for each stage of the journey. I will be mailing myself supplies including food and hygiene stuff at least once a week, so I could easily send myself fresh razors. The thing is I may not always have access to water, and the precious water I filter may only be available for drinking and cooking purposes.

I've been reading up how people have success using shaving oils, including on backpacking trips. I tried an experiment just using lotion - no pre-heating face, no water. It was okay - skin still felt sensitive with a bit of razor burn but I can't seem to escape that.

My only concern is I don't want to attract bears or other animals w/ scented products. So perhaps I could shave with unscented lotion in a pinch when water was scarce? And then wipe off with unscented baby wipes or camp towel? I plan to shave my legs, though it may not be possible every day, perhaps using the lotion method.

I'm definitely open to suggestions. And I am going to pick up saw palmetto this week! Thanks.

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3/17/13 1:59 A

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That is a difficult problem. How soon are you leaving? I know you have probably tried every product known to humans for the facial hair issue (I share the problem and get the note of panic in your post).

I have been using Saw Palmetto (a supplements that helps lower testosterone) to try to control my PCOS facial hair for the last couple of months and have had some moderate success. The hair on my face has become softer, less visible, and easier to pluck, but I still have to shave my moustache almost daily (down from almost twice a day). I don't know if that will help you, but it may be worth a shot to help minimize it a little.

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3/16/13 11:54 P

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I've been shaving my face since my senior yr of high school. As I get older, it gets worse and I have to shave more frequently, usually once a day. I looked into laser hair removal recently, but even with their so-called 50% off special, it would cost 5000-8000 dollars! I had a hard time recovering from sticker shock.

I use depilatory creams sometimes and also pluck stray hairs in addition to shaving. But I'm preparing to go on a 5-6 month backpacking trip which will have slightly primitive camping conditions. I'm trying to figure out the best way to handle facial hair on the trail...the biggest obstacles being:

-limited water sources
-sometimes a lack of privacy (if shelters/campsites are crowded w/ other hikers)
-unable to carry bulky products and shaving stuff (pack weight must be kept to a minimum)
-must avoid heavily perfumed/scented products as they can attract bears and other critters...I'm thinking even "nair" could be an attractant.
-hot water only if I boil it...we will boil water each night for our hot meal but I can't use a ton of fuel unnecessarily for cleaning/shaving/etc.)
-real showers only every 7-10 days in town, the rest of time sponge baths or baby wipes...yes a little gross, I know!

Does anyone have any suggestions? I don't want to be a hairy mountain man on the trail.

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