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7/17/12 6:45 P

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Hi there! I've had PCOS for quite a while, but wasn't diagnosed until after I had my son (he's 12 now). When I saw the OB about trying to get pregnant, I told him we'd been trying for about 3 months on our own. They took a family history and saw that my sister had to be on Clomid and my mom had all of us very far apart with no help (sis has PCOS, mom probably had it). Dr. put me on Clomid and I stopped after the first month and a half due to terrible headaches. Went to Disney World and now we have our souvenier! :) But, after I had him, they found the PCOS and I've been taking Depo-Provera injections since. You get them once a quarter. It keeps the cysts under control. I still get the hair growth (which drives me bonkers) though.

Everyone's diff, so you'll have to speak up for yourself and really let your dr know exactly what you want. He/She should be able to work with you and if not, you may want to find a new one.

Good luck!!! emoticon

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7/17/12 6:31 P

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Did she check your hormone ratios? I can't remember- I think it's your endogenous progesterone vs testosterone, something about the ratio is indicative of PCOS. Clomid can be a nasty drug to be on, and usually it is used only when a definite PCOS patient has been actively trying to conceive for 6 months or more, and after other treatments such as metformin and weight loss have been exhausted.

I would see an RE, or at the very least get a second opinion from another obgyn or family doc.

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I only gained 32lbs in my pregnancy (and immediately lost half within a few weeks of his birth). April 1st is my full restart date.

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7/17/12 10:43 A

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Did she check to see if you had insulin resistance? At minimum I would request that testing as that will prevent any weightloss and may cause weight gain if not addressed.

So it sounds like she gave you a provera prescription. If your cycle doesn't kick start from this one round of provera you are to call and get the provera/clomid combo. Will she be doing any sort of monitoring on clomid or is she expecting you to do opk's? I will say this, without some kind of monitoring, cycling with clomid can be a waste of time. I have a family member whose dr just shoved provera and clomid at them without any monitoring. The dr just kept upping the clomid dose every 4 months if she wasn't pregnant without ever checking to see if it was working for her. When she finally invested in treatment with an RE, she found out in 3 months that even the top dose of clomid didn't make her ovulate so they wasted a whole year, instead of just 3 months because the dr didn't want to invest time in determining if the med was working or not. Ironically she ended up pregnant two years later after trying a last ditch attempt at the poor man's fertility treatment. She went back on BCP for 3 or 4 months and then ovulated after coming off of it. That never worked for me emoticon

Anyhow, it all depends on how you want to be treated and how fast you are hoping to get pregnant. If you have time, then try it your doctor's way, but personally I wouldn't give it more than 6 months without some kind of monitoring.

Hang in there!

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7/16/12 4:31 P

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Hello All, I just wanted to check in and see what everyone has experienced as far as getting treatment. My obgyn just gave me a prescription for provera since I am on CD170.
I have most of the symptoms of PCOS and gained 15lbs in 2 months after coming off bc for no reason and my cycle going screwy, but she said they want to treat me with provera/clomid for 3-6 moths first because “I could have PCOS but she doesn’t see the point of sending me for all the testing since most people get pregnant on clomid and if I wasn’t trying to have a baby she would put me on BC as treatment”.

I was ok with it at the time b/c she also sent me for other blood work, thyroid etc, which all came back normal.. I was talking to my bff who is an RN and she told me that If I want the testing I should demand it or go see a RE myself (My ins doesn’t make me get referrals) I am only 31 but I don’t want to wake up still childless at 38 or 45 wishing I had been more aggressive sooner. Any Advice? What would you do?

I have to go back to get a provera clomid prescription if my cycle doesn’t get back on track, should I be more aggressive. I am a little afraid that If I Demand the testing they will want to hold off on giving me the clomid which I would like to start so at least I am doing something!!!!

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