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7/29/08 5:27 P

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I lived with pelvic pain for 4 years and it had nothing to do with the PCOS what so ever .. we actaully have no idea what the cause was, but since the hyster 2 months ago i've had no further pain what so ever (save standard twings from the hyster).

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7/27/08 9:46 P

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I am hearing an increasing amount of links between PCOS and endometriosis. My friend was only diagnosed with PCOS, but when she tried to get pregnant they found out she had both. My mom had endometriosis and she would pass out from the pain sometimes, but it is not always that bad for some people.

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7/27/08 4:34 P

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Yep, I dealt with chronic pelvic pain (and endured 6 ovarian surgeries) before I got a more permanent solution to my problem. Now the severe debilitating pain is rare.

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7/27/08 1:15 P

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Thanks for answering! I didn't know that it could be that painful. I'm glad mine only hurts the first few days of my period and that it can be dulled with ibuprofen! I certainly have a kinder view of her now. I thought she was probably exaggerating because she's a bit of a liar, but from your answers I'd say it probably is how she says.

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7/27/08 1:08 P

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My PCOS causes me to have between 5 and 15 days a month where my pain is so bad it effects my actions. It feels like someone is squeezing my right ovary with a pair of pliers and won't let go. I tend to get naseous from pain, so there's that too. Aside from the ovary pain, I have terrible cramps for the first 4 days of my period. Up until this last period, the cramps were that dull ache. Last time it was more of a stabbing pain along with the achy pain. I could totally see it being a hinderance to work. I'm a stay at home mom, so I just rest as much as possible with the kids around on those bad days. emoticon

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7/27/08 8:44 A

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My guess would be that perhaps she is having more problems with the cyst on her ovaries than some other women. That is all I can really think of unless she has something else going on that she's not talking about. But I think that most things I've read say that the cyst can be very painful at times and if she is having a hysterectomy, I'd say she is having more difficulty with her PCOS than other women. Is she a heavier woman who is not attempting to live a healthier lifestyle? If so, it may mean that she is at a point where her body is just not handling the PCOS well. PCOS really needs to be controlled by a healthy lifestyle. Anyway, hope this helps. Later.


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7/26/08 11:29 P

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I don't know if PCOS and endometriosis are related, but I've been told I have both. The endometriosis can make periods quite painful, though they haven't done that to me since I was a teenager. If I have my facts straight, gross as it is, endometriosis is when there is uterine tissue outside the uterus that also goes through the usual shedding cycle.

Another possibility is that the cysts on her ovaries make the ovaries turn. When I had a cyst rupture (incredibly painful), the surgeon said that there was a risk that the ovary would rotate and lose its blood supply and thus die. I know some people don't get as many cysts as part of PCOS as others do. Maybe it's that.

Just guesses on my part, though.

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7/26/08 10:57 P

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I have PCOS and it can be painful during the first day or two of my period, but that's it. I remember having to go home from school once when I was in the 8th grade, but I probably could have sucked it up and stayed.. I just (like most teenagers) didn't want to be at school and used it as an excuse to go home.

Now my dad works with a woman who says she has PCOS and apparently she has so much pain that she can't come in to work most days and she says that they've told her she'll have to have a hysterectomy (which will cause her to have more time off work). I realize that everyone's level of pain tolerance is different, but what I'm wondering is can PCOS really be that painful, is something more wrong with her or is she just using her diagnosis of a seriously underrepresented disease to get time off work and sympathy?

Sorry! I'm just really disturbed by this and wondering if like the hair growth this is just another thing I was lucky in in regards to PCOS. Thanks for your time and answers!

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