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8/10/12 11:18 A

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I have been running for years using lots of walk breaks. I have done a c25k program twice and I still can't run the whole time without walking. I don't care. I am outside, I am moving, and not getting hurt! My time is slow, but so what?? I am not in this to win races, I'm in it because I can challenge myself, I can relieve stress, and burn up a bunch of calories in the process! Don't kill yourself to meet someone else's definition of a runner. If you run at all, even if you run 1 min and walk one min forever, you are a runner!!

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8/2/12 2:02 P

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When I started last October, I thought I was NEVER going to get to the point where I didn't feel my chest was going to explode. But it happened. Still, you should enjoy it. (I know that sounds perverse now :D) Seriously, though, you should. You could try several things. One would be to back off the pace a bit. Or, like Jeff Galloway suggests, build in walk breaks. Walk a minute after each mile. It sounds like it adds a lot of time, but honestly, I find that I run my miles at a better pace when I walk a minute than when I don't, so it averages out, and afterward, I feel better.

Tomorrow is my first 10-mile run. On my long runs, I still always walk a minute after every mile, from the beginning. I don't do it on my Monday short runs of 4-5 miles, but it really makes a difference on the long ones.

Thing is, I am not in this for races. I just want to keep running as many years as I can because A. I like it (who knew??!!) and B. it burns a lot of calories and helps me lose and, when I get there, maintain. So if walk breaks help me do that, then heck yeah, I'm in. : )

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8/2/12 10:25 A

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I also just finished W7D2 and I don't mind it. I like the feeling of having accomplished something before taking a shower.

If it's really not for you, then you'll know. (Maybe you already know?!)

But finish that 5K first--we're rooting for you!

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8/1/12 1:28 P

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As you train more your body will get used to it but you will always want to improve so it will always be a challenge. Running is not for everyone. You will know. Enjoy your day!

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8/1/12 1:27 P

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Awesome Job, Julie!! 28 minutes is great!

No, running is not for everyone. I am a definite NON-runner. I quit running after I left SoCal in the late 90's and picked it back up when I moved back this year. Still hate it - lol. My friends and husband are tons of support. My Hubby doesn't want to enter a race unless I am entered, also. Since he is a Marine and runner, enter the guilt factor. I'm still trying to find the happy middle ground of not minding it, not hurting myself and enjoying it enough to keep going. Let me know if you find it. emoticon

Good luck !!

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8/1/12 1:15 P

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My very first 5K is in 10 days. I am up to 28 minutes. I am able to complete my runs but I am not enjoying them. I feel like I constantly want to stop and walk. I'm out of breath and for the first mile my feet ache (then they feel better as I keep running). I can talk, but sound very out of breath.

I know I went from doing nothing 2 months ago to running 2 miles, so I am proud of myself for that. I'm just wondering if I will eventually enjoy this if I keep running, or is running not for everyone?

Any advice or input from you seasoned runners?

Thanks, Julie

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