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8/11/12 8:44 P

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I'm no expert, either. I do, however, remember Week 3! That three-minute mile about ate my lunch, every day for about a month, like a bully after my lunch money. But you can survive! I'm not sure it matters how fast or slow you run at first, that three minutes seems an eternity.

But it gets better. (Really!) It seems to me that it might be a good idea to approach it as a process that might take longer than a week to get through. That is, maybe run it a bit slower the first time, then repeat the week at your normal pace. Or take three weeks. Heck, who cares?

I did C25K in about 3 weeks longer that the schedule said. Whenever I had a bad week, one that was particularly difficult for me, I just repeated it. Or I might repeat a day. Then I felt good about moving on. Because there's no rush. It's about adapting your body -- your lungs, your muscles, and even the cartilage and tendons and things holding you all together. That's why I cringe when people skip weeks early on because they are "too easy." Your body needs time to develop and adapt, and that's what those early weeks do. Then you find you can run longer and stronger and more injury free.

I started the 5K program back in October. I'm up to running an hour three times a week at a 10-11 minute pace. As a pretty slower runner, I'm happy with that. It burns calories, reshapes my body, and keeps me fit. I always warm up with a five-minute walk or jog and give myself days off in between, which is a big reason why I think I've been pretty free from injuries, even though I was still over 200 pounds when I started.

Good luck! You CAN do it!

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8/8/12 8:46 P

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Hi, Kennedy! Glad you're enjoying running so much! I know I when I started C25K, I thought I hated running, but now I have to admit that I really like it.

I'm far from an expert--only been running since May and am on Week 8--but I think however you want to mold the program to make it yours is okay. I do know that it's important to make sure you're taking those rest days in between the three running days. Your body needs the days off from running to rebuild. To me (and YMMV), C25K isn't about pace so much as endurance. (And I say that as a slooooooow runner who would really like to be faster. Right now, I am running about a 13-minute mile...but I can keep it up for 28 minutes now, which I certainly didn't think I could ever do!)

If you're concerned about being able to do the 3-minute run next week, I would definitely say to slow yourself down. Instead of trying to improve your speed each time, try to improve how far you can go. That way, you're still continuing to "beat" your last run, but you won't overdo it in the beginning of a run and be unable to finish.

Hope that helps...and don't worry--you'll get better and better and soon, you'll be able to look back and be amazed at how far you've come! :)

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8/8/12 4:17 P

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I am LOVING running. Even when I'm doing it, it's HARD but I love the way it makes me feel! I have seen so many changes in my body physically and mentally since beginning this. However...I am SO SCARED for next week and the 3 minute run. I run with 2 different friends separately and both have commented on how fast I run. One friend has already run a 5K and she was even I feel really good about that. The thing is, it takes EVERYTHING I've got for those 90 seconds. I know I need to pace myself a little more if I want to make it. I'm hitting a mental wall about next week I was thinking of trying a little experiment. I wonder how long I could jog at a decent pace without stopping if I wasn't being timed? I watch the clock constantly during the running intervals so it's like a mental game...I'm trying to push myself as hard and as fast as I can for the time I'm supposed to run, but if I knew there wasn't a certain time I had to run until, and I paced far could I go? Would I already be able to run a mile, two? Does that make sense? I was thinking about going out tonight and just jogging at a somewhat challenging pace to see what I can do...thoughts?

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