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Nancy, you had quite a time of it with so many complications and surgeries. I'm sure glad you're doing well now!! YOU'RE A SURVIVOR!!

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Hi Nancy!

I'm sorry that all this happened to you, but I am so glad you survived and are doing so much better! Thanks for sharing your story!


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My name is Nancy, age 57, from Zwolle, Louisiana. It was August 2002 when I had a kidney stone attack, again! After 2 hours of suffering, I saw that I wasn't going to pass the stone on my own this time! So, I called my husband to come home from work and take me to the emergency room. After getting a pain shot, I guess I passed the stone because the pain all went away! I was very releaved until the doctor asked me to please stick around and talk to him!

Yeah! I knew something else was wrong! I had been really weak for a long, long time. My stools were dark which I knew meant blood! However, I thought I had a bleeding ulcer and had been being very careful about what I ate. I had all the symthoms of the ulcer! However, my blood count came back so low that I had to be admitted into the hospital and given 4-5 units of blood. They tested me to see if it was an ulcer, but it wasn't. After being released from the local hospital I was sent to Willis Knighton Medical Center South in Shreveport for the colonoscopy. A tumor was found and I was told in front of my whole family that I had colon cancer! I was in shock and everything that happened for the next two weeks is blurry! I was scheduled for surgery in 2 days. I overhead a nurse say that I was nicked during the colonoscopy and they did surgery a day early! Everything went well and I was released from the hospital in about 5 days. The doctor said that I could shower so that night I did. But while in the shower, I saw brown fluid seeping from the incision down the middle of my belly! I didn't want to scare my husband, so I didn't say anything. But first thing the next morning, I called the doctor and was told to go straight to his office. Things progressively got bad FAST after that!!!! I cried when I checked into the hospital and saw one of my favorite nurses! She said to please stop or she was going to cry with me! My oldest daughter was with me on this day! Soon my whole family was back with me again. After this surgery, I was still looking normal. But soon, I was burning with fever and had to be taken to surgery a third time within 10 days. This time I was put on a resperator, had a colostomy bag and was left open to heal with just big "rubber bands" holding me together. I spent almost 2 months in the hospital. I came back home in October! Because of the surgeries going wrong, I wasn't able to start chemo until the next year in Feb or March! I was lucky with the chemo, I had a new drug from Europe that had very few side effects. As soon as I finished chemo in July 2003, I went back to have my colostomy surgery reversed. Quess what? While in ICU, I got sick, threw up and burst all the staples! Back to surgery every day for weeks! I was left open with see-though plastic or something over my belly! They took me to surgery everyday to clean my belly out. I was put to sleep everyday and then they gave me something that made me think I was in a cartoon or something! LOL At least I was out of it and didn't know what was going on half the time!

I eventually had skin graphs on my belly! When I left the hospital I was sent to rehab for 3 weeks. In October (again) I got to come back home. I stayed in the weakened state for over 2 years. Once my granddaughter, Jaci, was born in July 2005, I started babysitting her. Slowly my strength built up as she grew! Then this past Sept. 2007, they found that I have type 2 diabetes! Now I can walk, mow grass, dance, BREATH! My life has changed. I feel like I really have a life again!

Of course, I've left out a lot of details! I almost died several times in 2002 and 2003. I had viral, staff and even a yeast infection in my blood! I have a picture of my horrible belly on one of my blogs! My new surgeon says he wouldn't touch me with a 10-ft. pole to try to put my belly back together! My surgeon from the surgery changed from dealing with internal medicine and is now a breast cancer surgeon!!!!!! Hope I don't get breast cancer!!

My last colonoscopy showed no sign on cancer! Yeah! Said I didn't need another one for 3 years. So my next colonoscopy will be in 2009.

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