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3/28/13 8:35 P

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Lettuce can be grown in Florida but it has to be done after the heat has gone down and it will survive the cold. I had some grow when we were in Gainesville and they came up on their own and they grew out of my compost pile. They were the greenest ones that I have ever seen and that would include the organic ones too. They were green all the way down to the place that you break them off of the head.


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3/28/13 1:55 P

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Lettuce is a cool season crop. It will bolt (go to seed & get bitter) in summer heat. Because of this growing lettuce in mid summer is almost impossible.
The raised beds in full sun may be able to give you an earlier spring and later fall crop.
The front yard flower beds could extend your lettuce season by being cooler than the full sun area by allowing the lettuce to grow a little long into the summer from a spring planting and allow you to plant a fall cro0p slightly earlier.
The plastic container could be used inside to grow lettuce in the winter under lights as long as it has good drainage.

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3/28/13 12:15 P

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I've grown lettuce under a grow light before. Worked fine.


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3/28/13 12:08 P

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Lettuce is a cool season crop. It will not grow well in mid summer although I don't know where you are or your temp range...

In MN for example it would be grown in spring it will bolt in summer but grow a second crop for fall...In FL forget it...:)

On your options:... the plastic tub would be hard to control watering...if you can put in a false bottom with drainholes it might work or of you put drain holes in the tub (which I'd likely not do).

The thrid option sounds as if it would be a summer growing option and that would be too hot...If you used it for a fall crop - most likely ok.

The second option would be ok if it is a spring growing with sun area...then pull them during summer and replant for fall.

You might consider presprouting the seeds or planting seeds then transplanting the seedlings. Both can be done in spring and fall and might be a more successful choice rather than depend on "nature' to provide the right temps, light and watering until they get hardened off.

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3/28/13 11:37 A

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One more question lol. I am ready to get my lettuce seeds planted and to get to eating fresh salads mmmm. I have three potential options for this little garden. First I have a large kitty litter box (plastic) that has never been used. I thought about filling it with soil and compost, planting lettuce and chives and putting it under my grow light that is in a window thst gets a ton of afternoon sunlight.
Next option is a part of flower bed in the front yard that gets morning light but is covered by shade most of the day (thinking it may not "burn" the lettuce)?
Third option is hubby is building me a long raised bed. It will be placed on our back patio (Which is full, hot sun most of the day in the summer) and will be put under a tall shelf so it is shielded from the hottest noon sun.

What do you all think is best??? Lettuce is one of my most important plants but I havent put enough thought into it in the past years so it never lasted long.

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