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10/17/11 9:37 P

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wow what a story you poor girl. I am so happy you found relief. I have no insurance so I cant go to the chiropractor.

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9/22/11 11:24 P

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I definitely think it depends on who your chiro is...mine is fantastic and goes the extra mile to sort out whatever problems you have. He asks the right questions re: medical history and takes pride in helping those issues that most people don't think are chiro related or helped i.e. IBS.

I originally went to mine for my headaches, but my sister sees him for her IBS and said it has been SO beneficial for her. As a queried IBS sufferer, I'm going to mention to him that I may have a 'mild' case and see what alternate adjustments he will do. I'm excited to think that my bloating, constipation et al may go away :)

All I can say is that it can't hurt to try someone new if you aren't getting results. Most chiros unfortunately churn people in an out every 7-10 mins...that isn't patient care, that is $$$!

"Be fearless in initiating change & don't be afraid to close chapters in your life. A life is made up of many chapters and these need to be closed before new ones appear and manifest into your life, your path, your journey."

- John Kehoe

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9/18/11 6:48 P

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I have been seeing a chiropractor for years and I can't say I found a correlation between that and my IBS. Sorry.

If you focus on results, you will never change. If you focus on change, you will get results.

- It's Janine!

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9/13/11 11:30 P

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I am glad to read about this.

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9/13/11 4:35 P

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Thanks so much for sharing your story! I think if anyone can relate to this, it is a big help!
If we share our own stories and help just one person it's worth it:)
We are all here to help eachother.
Keep it up gang:)


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9/13/11 4:01 P

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when i was 13 (almost 20 yrs ago) i was in a car accident... i was in the back passenger seat and when the car hit, i was like a cat with my fast reflexes... and i put my hands up to avoid hitting my face on the back of the headrest.

i thought all these years with my bad neck/shoulder pain, that it was me that created the problem... maybe had i not done that, i wouldn't have my pain. but i found out that at age 13, your body isn't fully developed and so it caused issues.

when i was about 20 my stomach started to hurt bad with everything i ate and drank.

fast forward to last year... shoulder/neck pain off and on... not fun! :(

and this year... i was doing good with working out, but my sides jobs (tutoring & baking) got in the way, and when i decided it was time to get back to working out. there goes my neck and shoulder again :( it was probably one of the worse pains i've had...

if i hadn't gone to the dentist... i wouldn't have found out this info... being a new patient they asked me info on my health. one was about my cervical problems. well i looked down and said well... HAHAHA and the assistant said, no upper cervical is your neck area. EMBARRASSING! hahaha i laughed so hard. needless to say she recommended me to an upper cervical chiropractor...

i immediately canceled my regular chiro appt and scheduled with the new guy.

i got in that same week. he took xrays and saw that i had neck damage... and told me that once he corrected this, i'd see an improvement with my ibs and my menstrual cramps.

he is a different kind of chiropractor... he only adjusts the bone in my neck. if u can believe it, and i've told him. my stomach problems have gone away at least 95%!!!!!

i used to have bad stomach issues... all the things u can think of... and now it's amazingly better...

my cramps haven't really gone away, i'm on the pill also... but he said in time it would all get better.

but not only is my neck better, but my stomach!!!

if anyone has been injured and can see a chiropractor... specifically an upper cervical chiro...I RECOMMEND IT 100%!!

good luck to you all, i know what it's like and although the ibs issues aren't completely gone... i couldn't be happier... i can eat at a friends, eat out... and not worry about having to rush to the restroom.

so go out and find yourself an upper cervical chiropractor today!!!

(sorry this was long but i tried to keep it interesting and entertaining :) )

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