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Thanks for sharing Anita!!!

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I got the info below from an email from The Hauser Diet (type=Bear). It's good general information as well so I thought I'd share. A link for the website is

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Foods To Help Clean Your Colon
Kidney Beans: One of the most important nutrients in complex carbs is fiber. Not only does fiber help keep our bowels regular, but it can also aid in leveling our blood sugars. When our blood sugars our out of whack, we are at an increased risk for health problems. Make a bowl of chili this week!

Asparagus: As a great source of Folate, this green vegetable may help to stimulate immunity and promote the growth of beneficial bacteria in the colon.

Cayenne: This variety of pepper is actually used in a very popular cleansing recipe. Cayenne contains a substance known as capsaicin which works by acting on the sensory nerves. Its cleansing properties can help to detoxify the body.

Whole grain, High Fiber Bread: Helps keep you regular and prevent colon problems later in life too!

Drinking plenty of water is also important. Water helps to soften your stools. Fiber acts a lot like a sponge. It needs water to help cleanse our systems. With out water our bowels would turn hard and make us constipated. A high-fiber diet with plenty of water causes a large, soft, bulky stool that passes through the bowel easily and quickly. Because of this action, digestive tract disorders may be avoided or halted by following a high-fiber diet.

Don't Forget The Salads
Simple ingredients, simple prep, healthy summer meals
1. Start with a nutrient-rich lettuce such as Mesclun greens, chopped romaine, spring mix, or arugula/spinach. No iceberg lettuce!

2. Add colorful vegetables
Add colorful nutrient-dense vegetables such as chopped tomatoes, broccoli, zucchini, carrots, green beans, peas, red/green/orange sliced bell peppers, mushrooms, squash, beets, asparagus, and red cabbage.

3. Need sweetness?
Add a few halved red or green grapes, chopped apple slices, or grapefruit/orange slices.

4. Crunch
Try adding a few (and that really means a few) chopped nuts or seeds.

5. Protein
Add a little tuna and/or chopped hard boiled eggs.

6. Onions, Garlic and Herbs
One way to really pack some flavor into a salad is to sprinkle in something from the onion family red, white, yellow onions chopped or in rings; chives or green onions make great toppers; and of course, fresh garlic is not only delicious, but nutrient-packed as well, and may just help lower your blood pressure too! From the herb garden add cilantro, dill, or basil.

7. Make homemade salad dressing!
Don't take your beautiful salad and top it with chemical-laden, food dye colored bottled salad dressing.

Make your basic delicious vinaigrette with cup olive oil, 3 Tbsp Balsamic vinegar, and a dash of salt and pepper. You may also add a teaspoon of plain yogurt or sour cream for a creamier dressing or a teaspoon of raw honey for a little added taste. Zip up your basic dressing with some fresh chopped herbs or salad dressing herbs.

More Tips:
Buy fresh and organic if possible!
Keep things on hand to add to salads such as chopped nuts, fruits, tuna, eggs, and oil/vinegar/herbs.
Start with a few of the above recommendations and work on making more out of your salads!
Consciously add salads into your meal plans. Bring a salad to work for lunch today! You can make a meal out of it!

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