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3/12/14 4:56 P

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i am fighting to keep from getting frustrated but have been feeling so good that right now i am concentrating on that. I am moving for the first time in years...going to the gym daily and doing from a mile to 1.25 miles on the elliptical. Does not sound like much but for me it is a huge improvement. i went from 300 or so steps a day ...never leaving the house to speak of and since it is small not much moving to do there..and spending lot of time in front of the tv. 2000 or more steps a day. I have been burning calories there, eating less and yet still i have not lost. I seem to be going up and down the same 2 or 3 pounds over and over again. But am not letting that get to me...or trying not to. Staying the same is not so bad but when get on the scale and see a gain...then it can be frustrating. But i feel so much better...know i am much nicer to be around lol. Have more energy, my sugar has been i do see progress in other places and am holding on to that. But am wondering if i am not eating enough. My dietician a few years ago had told me 1500 -1800 calories and that i could even go up to 2000 and still be good. I have been doing 1300 to 1650 by what sparks set me up on for what i said wanted to loose in the set time frame. But now i am wondering if maybe i am just not eating enough. I am often under on that number that they give....sometimes at only a thousand calories times even less, yet i am not going hungry. I am thinking of upping the calories for a bit and see what happens. Going out of town this weekend for my mother in laws birthday so will have to be when i return...This weekend itself will be a true test for me to try and remain in control. She is a great cook but all her cooking is high fat, high calorie....:( I will just have to make choices that work best for me and hope i am not to out of control when i get back. Am going to take my scale and my meter so if nothing else can keep control of my sugar. That is my main focus right now but weight is very close second. A month ago the lack of weight loss would have been my i am looking at other things and keeping in my head that it will all come together in time. emoticon

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3/12/14 3:16 P

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Wonderful on the scale movement, but you are wise to not just be focused on the scale. I really "get with it" and track my nutrition so I could see in "black-and-white" what I was eating so I knew where to make changes (or where I DIDN'T need to change!) All helped.

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3/12/14 10:29 A

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I am working to get back on track too. emoticon here's to drinking our water, eating our veggies and doing this together.

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3/12/14 7:52 A

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I hate to say it, but being diagnosed with diabetes finally kicked my butt into gear to lose the weight I have gained in well...I don't know how long. 2 years ago I was diagnosed with high blood pressure, which has always been really low to normal, and high cholesterol. Neither one of those didn't seem to do the trick. I know with those 2 conditions there are consequences, but it could even be worse with diabetes. I was diagnosed in January and so far I have lost 11 lbs. I am happy with that. I see the doctor next month for a follow, so I hope to lose more before then. Even though I am losing weight, I really need to watch the carbs. I have basically cut back on the amount of food I eat and trying to get more veggies and fruit in. It has worked!

Good luck!!


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3/12/14 12:46 A

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Hi, Everyone, this is Ali,
I have some really good news, this morning I weighed myself and finally the scale moved in a downward direction finally! Since I joined SP, I have either been maintaining or gaining weight.
Now, just past one month in the program, I am finally losing weight. My weight this morning went from 235.8 down to 233.4, that's not a lot of weight but it's a start in the right direction and I'll take any loss right now!

I hope that everyone is doing better,and if I am losing weight finally, you can too. Just keep plugging away at, follow and use the Nutrition Tracker. Oh, I forgot to tell you, my Pre-Breakfast BS # was 135 and I'll also accept that number.

Now I have to remember to turn my will and weight loss over to my GOD (GOOD ORDERLY DIRECTION). I don't want to get obsessed with the scale again, weighing several times emoticon a day emoticon
as I have in the past. I think that I am eating too many calories for me, but I have to have blind trust that the SP dietician's know better than me how many calories I need
per day. I personally would like to have fewer calories emoticon and in my magnificent, magnifying mind I am sure I'd lose more weight and lose it quicker.

However, I have done that before and always managed to gain the weight back, plus some, which is not good for my body and especially my ailing heart. I guess I sound greedy wanting more faster but I always have been a type A personality, wanting it all or nothing. But I really am happy to be losing, albeit slow, rather than continuing to gain or maintain at a higher weight.
Take care everyone on the team and just hang in there, together we can all make it sooner or later. I guess if it were the decision of maintaining a lower weight, quicker, and then gaining it back, quickly, I'd take losing it slower, slow and steady wins the race! My hope is that with the guidance and direction of SP, I can reach and maintain my weight for years to come, the remainder of my life. I'm too old and tired to do this all again!


From one SPARK WOMAN to SparkPeople everywhere. Find the gratitude in your day and lastly, Be the "SPARK" in someone's life today!

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