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Thank's for sharing!

You're doing a great job! Keep it up!


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2/1/13 5:35 P

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Thank you! Keep up the good work! :)

Jeets :)
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2/1/13 1:30 P

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Congratulations on your success so far!

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2/1/13 12:42 P

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Hi all my name is John. I'm 26 years old. This is the second time i am losing 90+ lbs.The first time i was 18 and full of fire, and managed to lose 90 lbs in about 4 months. I looked and felt great. This time it has been 8 years, and once again i have had enough of what i was seeing in the mirror. My starting weight in october was 292lbs. I am 5'11 so you get the image lol, today is Feb 2nd, and i have weighed in at 267.2 lbs. In my experience, the absolute hardest part of weight loss is the first 2 weeks, but mostly the first week. The first week is packed full of doubts, pain and cravings. But BELIEVE ME, If you can get through the first week and a half, you can accomplish anything! Here is what i do daily to keep myself on the right track.

EXERCISE: Now i must tell you the truth. All that crap you see on tv? forget it. Anything that says Guarenteed to work? Forget it. There are pretty much no guarentees in life. But you can make choices that will guarentee that you lose weight. My first week was horrifying, i had bad balence, i got tired fast, and i kept sweating constantly. Lifting weights fatigued me quickly, and cardio left me dizzy and worried, but i kept at it. 45 mins a day of cardio to start. 15 mins of strength training to start. for 5 days a week. Sounds like a lot huh? Well I'm SERIOUS about getting this weight off! Lets face it, unless you are eating a perfectly balenced diet, doing 30 mins a day of exercise wont take the weight off fast. None of us want to eat celery for a snack, (well i do cause i like it.) If you try to workout for an hour a day for 5 days a week, you can eat everything you love, just smaller portion sizes. which brings me to my next topic.

DIET: I really hate the word diet, but for information purposes i will use it. What did i have for breakfast, lunch, and dinner yesterday? Well i had a bowl of oatmeal for breakfast (the worst part, but filling) For lunch i had a cup of tuna salad, divided out into two 8 inch tortillas, with romaine lettuce, and tomatoes, with some shredded kraft 4 cheese. For dinner i had a 7oz sirloin steak, some cooked fresh spinach mixed with an ounce of velveeta cheese, and a cup of mixed vegtables. Sounds like a lot huh? i had just met my minimm calorie intake for the day with all of these things. (about 1700 calories) where did most of those calories come from? The tuna and the Steak.(about 1100 cal) What i do is try to load up on things i can eat more of. Like vegtables,(300 cal) and lean meats(1100). and have all the fatty stuff in controlled moderation.( 300 cal) That way i dont go crazy. and i can still have some of the things i love. And for those of you who have never had cheezy spinach, you need to try it :)

REWARDS: Besides the obvious weight loss reward, i wanted to discuss something that you dont hear about a lot. I call it the "First Reward" It is the first thing you notice towards the end of the very first week. The First Reward is actually a natural energy boost. You wake up on the 6th or 7th day (could be a few days more) and you feel pretty energized. You find yourself having more energy than you ever had previous to that first workout week. Use that! Ride that roller coaster, because its your metabolism getting faster, and its your body telling you "hey i can do this!" "lets kick it up a notch" Take that day to exercise for a lil more than an hour, if only 15 mins more, because if you do, You will set the bar for your metabolism to stay there as long as you continue to workout x days a week. Now the key is to keep moving when you workout, if only walking, it will serve.

TIPS: Get yourself an Ipod, or a sony walkman mp3, or any music device with your favorite type of music. This not only pumps you up, but it makes time go by faster when working out. Without my music, i couldnt do this. That is how much it helps me.

Anytime you need a break in your cardio, Drink water! more water = more fat being carried off your body.

Build some muscle while working out. Your muscle burns waay more calories just sitting around, than fat does. Building muscle also increases the amount of calories you burn during a workout. Yes ladies too! Ladies, you can do muscle building exercises because you lack the hormones to "bulk up" like us guys do, so your muscles wont get huge and freakish. But they will get denser, and toner. Hope this helps :) Good luck to everyone! this is just what works for me :) My own creation.
Sencerely - JONNY K

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