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Why is stretching so important to fitness?

Whether a person goes to a gym, does a group workout, stays at home working out with their own routine, or goes with what's on the TV, stretching is a part of a workout. Stretching is important because it increases flexibility which lessens the chance of injury.
It is necessary to stretch before and after exercise to prevent injury. When a person stretches then they can allow their muscles to loosen and get prepared for the movements and exercise that will be demanded by the routine. Stretching allows the muscles to move with gentle ease through a wide range of movements.
Stretching before and after exercise allows the body to gently pull on all the muscles that will be used, or have been used, decreasing the chance of tearing and injury. When a muscle tears that is when injury happens. If a person jumps right into an exercise routine without stretching first a tear is one of the worst things that can happen the most common pain to happen is stiffness.
Stretching before and after reduces the stiffness that occurs with exercise. Stiffness is not a pleasant thing to experience when it's very bad. If a person gets too stiff they are likely to not continue with the exercise and it will affect their overall fitness. Stretching after an exercise routine allows the muscles to expand and relax any over tense parts of the body. This is when stiffness is reduces, when the bodies muscles can go back to a relaxed state after being used and worked.
Why is stretching so important to fitness? It is because not only does stretching decrease the chance of injury, it can help to recover from injury. When a muscle has been torn, stressed or injured in any other way, stretching these muscles can allow the muscle to slowly and safely restore the muscle's strength.
Physical therapist and doctors use stretching to help many people recover from all kinds of injury. The stretching is so important to fitness because without stretching there would be a lot of people around who could get their muscle ailments to recover.
Stretching increases flexibility, which in turn decreases the chance of injury. Flexibility and stretching go hand in hand are so important to fitness. When a person has flexibility from stretching then they can enjoy the benefit of good physical fitness. Stretching allows the body's muscles to gently be loosened and flexible
Why stretching is so important to fitness? Because stretching can increase flexibility. Increased flexibility of the neck, shoulders, and upper back may improve respiratory function. Which is so important to the overall fitness of the body.
Stretching, or the lack of, has sort of a snowball effect if it is not done properly. When stretching is not done with relaxed ease before and after an exercise routine, the exercise causes the muscles to become tight and stiff. Stretching is then needed to overcome the stiff and tight muscle in the body. And once a gin if stretching is not done properly then more stretching is needed to loosen the tight muscle and get the body back to good physical fitness.
When stretching, remember to stay relaxed and take your time- do not be rushed. The muscles need time to stretch properly to avoid injury. Stretching should not be painful. If there is pain try something a little different or consult your doctor. If you are stretching to help with injury you should be consulting a doctor to insure good proper fitness.
Stretching before and after a typical exercise routine will help your body and be so important to fitness. Stretching unblocks twisted nerves, it allows the nerve and the muscle to better connect, it helps to correctly position muscle fibers and it is a great strength builder.

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