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1/6/10 11:07 A

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Good Morning :) Snowy day here in Nebraska. I really really want to go home, but I'm doubting we'll get off early. Although, perhaps tomorrow we will have a shortened day because it's supposed to be blizzard conditions with blowing and drifting snow and -25 to -35 windchills! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

I didn't get to do my Dance Dance last night, my brother came over for a surprise visit, and we hung out until bedtime. Oh well, it was nice seeing him!

And today's food has started out pretty bad...DH was out this morning salting for the snowstorm, and showed up with McD's for me when he got home. It was very nice of him to pick me up breakfast, but it was NOT what I needed! But I do have a healthy lunch packed, so at least there's that to look forward to :)

Way to go on the treadmill MJA! I really want to buy a treadmill. Maybe I'd be better at excercising if I had one...

And that's great that you will be getting your credit cards paid off Gabby! We're putting our tax return towards our CC debt this year, so hopefully we can knock most of ours out this year too. I'm guilty of the store card thing too, I have two of them going right now, paying minimums.

Moxy-What sort of exercises do you do with the EA trainer? Is that a Wii game? Sorry it didn't save, but at least you know you did the workout!

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1/6/10 8:21 A

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Good Morning Everyone!!!

Way to go MJA!!! You already know how much I love Biggest loser, I forgot to dvr and pretty much caught the end. I can't wait to see how this season turns out and what they make them do, maybe something like an iron man. Who knows, but my motivation for running that 1/2 came from that show, thinking if they can do it and are so out of shape, why can't I!!!

Its been 4 days and I haven't done my walking tape, however, I am still getting used to working again and the schedule change and so on. But even if I don't have time for all the miles, I want to do at least 1 mile!!

We made a buget to get more than 1/2 my credit cards payed off next year, lets hope and pray we stick to it. I'm pretty guitly of having several small department store cards with like 100 bucks on them and paying the 10 dollar min for the past 2 years! lol, but its reality. I'm pretty sure every card will get closed, but the debt will be gone!

So glad to chat with you ladies!!

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1/6/10 8:21 A

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Somehow my EA fitness didn't save yesterday so I did Day 2...AGAIN. I wasn't happy about that- I did this huge workout and my EA fitness calendar says it was a rest day. grrr...

My housemate cooked an awesome quick dinner last night- yum! Trying to get back in the swing of things...

Hope you all have a great day!

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1/6/10 12:52 A

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Hello ladies!

It's Tuesday evening and I'm staying up late to watch The Biggest Loser so I figured I might as well get the Roll Call sent out for tomorrow! I love this show! If you're watching it too, I hope you'll join us over on The Biggest Loser - Season 9 chat thread!

I am proud to announce that I did 47 minutes on the treadmill tonight! Woo hoo!! Yay me! I also logged all my food and was 200 calories over my calorie range but at least I caught it before I ate some more!! I was just about to have a 2nd helping of dinner when I realized I was over. Whoops! I love the SP food tracking tool!

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