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11/6/08 6:56 A

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I also do some of the same things. I buy bulk and repackage before freezing. When there is just hubby and I, I make our salads in a huge serving bowls, probably 4-6 cups each, which we have with a meat. I try not to bake desserts too often, I have a very hard time keeping my fingers away from anything like that .. We buy so many fruits and vegetables, the cashiers have often asked me, how many people live in my house. I very rarely buy any junk food. We both could lose some [lots of] weight, so just trying to eat and live healthier.

11/5/08 8:31 A

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I try some of the same tactics. I try to make some of the holiday goodies through out the year so I am not so tempted. I would also like new plates, but find myself a very sentimental person and not ready to give up the dishes from our wedding. Maybe I will go to the Correlle store and just get a couple for me. I use the small ramekins for ice cream, pudding, etc since it looks so full and it works for me.

When shopping, there is only 2 of us, I get bulk when I can for meat and as soon as I get home portion it out and put it in the freezer. I have also stopped doing ground meats in 1 pound increments and now do .75 per bag. I am usually the only one who will do leftovers so this usually only leaves us one meal to eat after. It works out well since 2 nights a week I eat much later due to running later than usual with my group. So I have dinner all ready for me without having to think.

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11/5/08 6:28 A

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Interesting what you said about downsizing your plates - After reading Mindless Eating the minute it came out; I asked my family for new dishes for Christmas two years ago. When I specified a 7" plate for the dinner plate - they ended up at a Corelle outlet since boxed dishes are usually 10"-12" for the dinner plate. When I opened the dishes, my kids and fiance (probably me too) had a panic at the size! They were soooo small - the guys were certain they were going to starve to death. My whole family was laughing at me, but I went home and boxed up all of my dishes for Goodwill and put in the new ones. We don't think twice about it now - the dishes at restaurants look huge now and when eating at home the plates are not filled to over-flowing and very seldom does anyone go back for seconds. Mom/Dad also got me new bowls that are about 1.5 cups in size and then I went back to the outlet and got 3/4 cup sizes. The 1.5 are good for cereal and soup where as I use the 3/4 size for puddings, desserts. Each size allows room for a "normal" portion, plus some space so it's not falling out of the bowl. We got tall skinny glasses and use those all the time also.

When I shop I try to purchase meat in packages with only 4 servings, whereas before Mindless Eating, I would try to purchase quantity on sale for leftovers. We ate larger portions and still had leftovers. Now when I purchase quantity on sale, I come home, measure out and repackage with my vacuum seal bags.

I hadn't thought about this, but in looking back it probably has been very instrumental in stopping weight gain in my whole family.

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11/4/08 11:39 P

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Most of the females in my family have just down sized our plates. Instead of Large Dinner Plates we use Medium Plates emoticon emoticon

No nibbling, just sit down for a meal! emoticon

Believe in the spark program and never let it leave your mind ie: filing a plate and dessert time. emoticon

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11/4/08 9:36 P

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I would like to as well. We are eating at DD's house and staying with DS. DD is a personal trainer so when I stay with her I know I will exercise, but when I stay with DS I don't exercise as much. So let's hope.

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11/4/08 9:01 P

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I hope to actually lose pounds during Nov/Dec. In the past I usually set a target to not gain and consider it a win, but this year health issues are much better than they've been so I hope to continue walking daily, watch my portions and lose some pounds.

I think in the past we were eating out a lot so the home-cooked food was a real treat, especially if I didn't have to cook it! and I over ate it. We've been eating more at home and some the the holiday dishes have been served sporadically during the year so I think the portion control will be easier.

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