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Sounds good. I am adding more freggies to mine.
(Fruits and veggies that is.)
Hope that all of you are doing well.
Have a great weekend. Holly emoticon

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Copied this from another team-mate's blog:

Changing up the language I use with my goals.
Instead of "I won't eat this" or "I will limit my calorie intake"
We will say, "I will add a vegetable to each meal."

I took it a step further and said I WILL ADD low glycemic fruit or veggie to EACH meal.

Linda in WA state ***John 10:10b Jesus came to give me life, an abundant life!
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12/13/17 11:15 A

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MYLSSA...You need to insist on an A1C blood test

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9/5/17 4:45 P

Thank you for all this good information and tips. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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Wow that is a great article! Thank you. I have a few bad habits I see but also things I can do to make them better.
Are there any thoughts on eating peanut butter, is it yay or nay?

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My your days be bright, full of beauty and love! Prayers going out to all those who are Sparking!
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I found reading through the tips very helpful, and I gained some knowledge that i just do not get from my doctor, other than the "lose weight" speech. Currently the doctor has not suggested testing my blood sugar level, it was just a hair over the normal mark, but in the fall it might be higher, but hoping to get it lower, but without checking how am i going to know if i am successful?

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8/18/16 1:49 P

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very good, Thank YOU!

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1/12/16 6:22 A

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Looks great! Hope this will help all team members!

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Sunshine 6442 has given us a wealth of information and tips. Am posting here so we don't lose them!

emoticon 1. You may think that it sucks that you cant eat what you used to..... but it sucks even more to be stuck in a body that feels pain and a body that you hate. Your body and health are a result of your food choices. You all know that saying....You are what You eat!

emoticon 2. Dietitian Juliette Kellow did a study that laughing can aid weight loss by increasing the heart rate and calorie expenditure...they say that laughter really is the best medicine for a weight problem......have some giggles today and be merry!

3. Most everyone has nuts on the table today.... Nuts are high in good kind of fat which helps the body cells to be more sensitive to the production of insulin and this effectively lower the blood sugar of the people with diabetes. People who have diabetes also have high risk of heart disease and nuts help to lower the risk. Okay have the giggles and laughs and go nuts!

emoticon 4. Although scientist's have not found a direct cause they feel inflammation is associated with gum trouble, dementia, and heart make sure you floss your teeth daily to get rid of the plaque which is that sticky film on teeth that contains bacteria. Plaque that is not removed can harden into tartar...brush and floss to keep your mouth healthy. Remember glucose is present in your saliva and sugars or starches can create plaque

Plaque and cancer ...see the article

5. Did you know that Metamucil or a similar product can help steady blood sugar as well as help lower cholesterol. It also aids in digesting foods and can even help curb appetite.

emoticon 6. When you don’t drink enough water our bodies decide to retain sodium and then the dehydration decides to raise your blood pressure. When you wake up grab a glass of water, sip water all day long and before bedtime drink a full glass of water. Walk and move every 20 minutes. Just do it.

Refrain from processed foods that usually are high in Sodium.

Caffeine can raise blood pressure.... check your pressure within 30 minutes of drinking coffee.....drink decafe if you have to.

7. I talk a lot about magnesium.... A study in The Journal of Nutrition concluded that "adults fail to consume adequate magnesium in their diets." Magnesium promotes relaxation and calm...dark chocolate contains magnesium, Figs, apples, nuts and seeds as well as leafy green vegetables.

In addition Studies at the University of Texas and in Osaka, Japan, showed that daily doses of 45 to 60 mg of CoQ10 often lowered blood pressure levels as much as 12 to 25 points. Researchers concluded that CoQ10 was often the only thing needed to return blood pressure to normal in patients with mild or even moderate hypertension.

I supplement with both 400MG of Magnesium before bedtime can help regulate blood pressure and heart beat. CoQ10 also helps support hear function. It was recommended by my doctor to take 100MG ...he recommends 200MG a day to those who have heart trouble.

Speak to your doctor to see if supplementation is right for you.

8. Asparagus helps fight anxiety, so does dark chocolate! Try green tea to fight stress and a couple of tablespoons of frozen collard greens mixed in your morning egg whites. Make some black bean soup as it also helps relax you. Sunflower seeds reduce anxiety, quinoa, oatmeal, sardines and tuna..they all help mood and depression.

9. Fruit like mango is a high carb fruit and pineapple has around 12 carbs these two fruits are high in sugar.....grapes have sugar too...remember blood sugar in some diabetic's rises with pineapple, mango or grapes. If you want a small portion make sure you test after to insure you do not spike with these choices.

And do not forget that any kind of berries have the least impact on blood sugar. The pectin in berries also helps burn fat.

emoticon 10. Cherries can help bring blood pressure down because of the Antioxidants. Since cherries are low in fat and high in water content, they can help boost our energy levels and better yet they can help lower cholesterol and triglycerides. They are a good choice for diabetics.

Queritrin is rich in cherries and has been found by researchers to be one of the most potent anticancer agents

emoticon 11. Sugar free foods can raise blood sugar levels because they still may have plenty of carbs from starches. My doctor says to stay away from them ..Check your blood sugar about 2 hours after you eat to know how a food affects you.

This is cold and flu season so remember that antibiotics and decongestants can also affect blood sugar levels. Cold medicines sometimes have sugar in them so check the labels.

emoticon 12. Researchers say that you are at greater risk for a heart attack in the morning hours. So how can you decrease your risk of a heart attack or stroke? Have a GLASS of water before bedtime and upon rising every morning. Sip water during the day!

Did you know that not drinking enough water can make you fat! Yep, that'st right. Just another reason to drink water!

13 Make some homemade soup with bone broth...from oxtails, short ribs or beef shank.
The bones release healing compounds and can improve joint health. It is also said it can help reduce of cellulite. Sometimes you can get bones for free from your butcher. Just ask!

Bone broth has magnesium and calcium and minerals.

I am making oxtails with a can of beer, a can of diced tomatoes with liquid, baby carrots, onions, a red skinned potato or two and a cup of barley, ground pepper and rosemary and a bay leaf in the crockpot today. If you buy oxtails get the small ones as they are the most tender.

They do have saturated fat so have in moderation.

emoticon 14. Most diabetics have inflammation and researchers now are recommending low sodium tomato juice to reduce the risk of heart disease in diabetics. Also good to lower triglycerides which is a type of fat in your blood and reduce cholesterol levels.
Some studies show that tomatoes and garlic should be eaten together at the same time as a cancer preventive..the Lycopene helps to slow the growth of cancerous
cells. Eating whole tomatoes can help diabetics keep their blood sugar levels under better control and can even lower blood pressure.

See the article

emoticon 15. A 2 ounce serving of turkey breast has around 60 can wrap the turkey around a light string cheese stick for a quick snack or even a healthy appetizer.

You can also slice the cheese stick and place into a mushroom and place a Jimmy Dean Turkey Crumble or two inside...Bake for 15 minutes, until hot and bubbly at 350 degrees. Fast and easy treat!

16. Turnips...1 medium sized turnip has about 8 carbs....and they are lower in carbs than potatoes.. Turnips are a non-starchy vegetable and are about 35 calories for a cup. They also have soluble and insoluble fiber and you can use them like a potato....Baked, boiled, or steamed or you can cube them and add to your roast or stews. Or make a spanish soup called Caldo Gallego which is a White Bean Soup and add diced turnip.... Spanish chorizo is high in fat so use just enough for taste with onion and chicken broth.
Some people add bacon but the Chorizo should give the flavor.

emoticon 17. Have you noticed your skin is changing ..dry, flakey, more wrinkles? well that is just one more reason to stay hydrated and drink water! Dehydration makes your skin look old. Drink that glass of water in the morning and that glass at night and sip though out the day! Use the mono-saturated fats to help the inflammation as well..walnuts, avocado and the extra light virgin olive oil....even sugar will age you! It robs you face and skin collagen that keeps your skin supple.

Stop the sugar so you don't look like a prune! LOL

18. Hemp Seeds...They can help control high blood sugar and High blood pressure. They have phytosterols that help to reduce blood cholesterol levels. They can also promote weight loss...they are suppose to help curb cravings for pasta, potatoes and sugar because of the high protein values they have. They have magnesium too and can reduce inflammation and heart disease and some cancer cells.

You can add them to your morning oatmeal or sprinkle on a salad.

emoticon 19. Bay Leaf...Next time you make soup add a bay leaf or 2. These leaves can help protect your heart and help process insulin. They are another anti inflammatory agent and they contain polyphenols, which are powerful antioxidants so very suitable for diabetics. Add to soups and stews. No, you don't eat them they are for added flavor and for healthy properties that assists your body and you can even make bay leaf tea.

20. NUTS! Having a handful of nuts daily is probably the most important thing you can do to keep your sugar levels in check along with drinking water. Nuts and seeds can promote better health and they too have anti-inflammatory properties and can even lower cholesterol and the water can dilute blood sugar levels.

Ask yourself why you are not drinking water? It is probably the best medicine in this world of ours. Start today...water and a handful of nuts and see the difference.

21. If you want to stay healthier eat an onion daily...raw onions are good for diabetics and also to ward off colds and the flu. Onions contain allicin which can help prevent viruses and infections....the quercetin in the onion can also help break up mucus to relieve congestion and is an anti-inflammatory...even red onions have glucose lowering properties AND CAN EVEN HELP LOWER BLOOD PRESSURE.

Make some onion soup, top wild rice with onions and seeds,slice onions with tomato slices and fresh mozzarella, add onions to your salsa or guacamole, sautee with mushrooms as a side dish, add to scrambled egg whites, or a many uses.

emoticon 22. Cancer cells love sugar! See the article on how cancer and sugar are best friends....just another reason to avoid sugar....Diabetes and cancer occur together

Preclinical evidence suggests that metformin appears to inhibit the proliferation and growth of certain types of cancer...see the article

23. Balsamic vinegar may help suppress your appetite but did you know it can help lower cholesterol numbers as well...make sure you buy the one with no added sugar or weird chemicals. The vinegar has potassium, and calcium, vitamin C and is fat free unlike other dressings. A study at Arizona State University found that balsamic and other types of vinegar may help reduce and help control blood sugar levels.

Balsamic Vinegar also contains the anticancer agent.... polyphenols. It is also low in sodium and may reduce blood pressure.

Maybe try a Olive oil and vinegar salad. You can also use it to flavor chicken, steak, fish, veal, portabella mushrooms, certain veggies and even pork...a splash will do it...

emoticon 24. Flax Seeds..they improve digestion & help stabilize blood glucose levels and help reduce inflammation. They also help protect against heart disease and constipation. Too much flax seed can cause cramping and too much will cause a laxative effect.

They have protein, fiber and omega 3's. Your flax seeds should be stored in the fridge.

emoticon 25. Another one to rethink... Sparkling Ice drinks .....these Ice drinks are not pure has concentrated juice...and sucralose and Maltodextrin. Which is like corn syrup and Mannitol. A sugar alcohol ..all can raise blood sugar..

Sucralose Toxicity Information Center include skin rashes/flushing, panic-like agitation, dizziness and numbness, diarrhea, swelling, muscle aches, headaches, intestinal cramping, bladder issues, and stomach pain.” just skip this drink. By drinking or eating sucralose (Splenda) sweetened products you are agreeing to conduct life-time toxicology experiment on yourself and/or on your children.

See the link...

emoticon 26. Minimize the effects of diabetes by adding garlic to your meals! It also has the capability to block cancer causing agents and help fight certain allergies. It can help lower cholesterol and blood pressure too! A single clove every day might be just what we need to help us.

emoticon 27. Cabbage has been know to slow the absorption of sugar. It is low in calories and carbs, good fiber and can even help So many uses...pork chop and cabbage, cabbage soup, roasted with olive oil and parm, corned beef and cabbage, stuffed cabbage rolls, in a stir-fry or a Cabbage Casserole,stew... vinegar based coleslaw......and even cabbage steaks.

The best news cabbage can also fight cancer cells and it is a relatively cheap food source.

emoticon 28. Sardines are a good source of vitamin D and they are also anti-inflammatory. They also have B12 which is important for us and even CoQ10 that helps our heart health. Sardines are also effective in controlling blood sugar levels, as well as, they have selenium, an antioxidant considered important to fighting cancer and heart disease

Ever have the mustard sardines? Or you can splash the sardine with extra virgin olive oil and lemon juice or add a a bit of garlic. You can also buy them in hot sauce and with green chilis, in tomato sauce and in water or oil.

You can mash them and add chopped onion and a sprinkle of powered mustard..cant eat fish...then eat walnuts.

emoticon 29. Knee pain? Might be arthritis, it's more of a dull, aching pain...inflammation most likely.
Those little sardines can help and so can tuna and herring. Broccoli is another food that will help joint pain and add 1 tsp of olive oil daily to help cushion the joints. Try a handful of walnuts, pine nuts, pistachios or almonds daily. The oils help and so does drinking water....need to rehydrate your joints. Bone broth as we discussed earlier is also another good item to add to your daily meal.

My orthopedic surgeon recommends green tea as well because it takes inflammation down. Walking is also recommended.

emoticon 30. Water, Water, Water! Just stop all the BS about not liking water! Water plays a big role in our health especially as we age..... people with joint pain need water, people with diabetes or cancer need to drink water! Chemo can dehydrate you. Diabetics need water to dilute the sugar in their system.

Water can relieve joint pain, headaches, fatigue, inflammation, help your skin and lessen constipation problems.....almost 85% of your brain is water...may help you think more clearly as well.... since water produces more oxygen in the bloodstream when you stay hydrated....The more oxygen in your bloodstream...the more fat you can burn...just remember this...When you are dehydrated you tend to eat more....yes, really!

Certainly keep a water bottle with you at all times, and sip from it all day long. Eat soup, ice chips, watermelon, celery, romaine, veggies they all can hydrate you.

emoticon 31. Triglycerides are a type of fat and high levels can put you at risk for a stroke and heart problems, or even a heart attack.

Triglycerides and LDL cholesterol levels can rise if you eat foods with sugar...foods like cookies, bread, pasta, white rice, certain cereals,...even coffee creamer can raise these levels. Saturated and trans fats raise blood cholesterol ...coconut oil, palm oil and palm kernel oil contain saturated fats...check the labels. Omit starchy veggies too as our bodies will not turn the extra starch into triglycerides

emoticon 32. Those fat-free or lite diet products have hidden the labels...satisfy your appetite with non starchy foods or you can limit your portion size which is key to being a part of a healthy meal plan and having steady blood sugar.

33. It is said that diabetes is a progressive disease....I agree, but it does not have to be progressive if you take control, eat right, walk and move every 20 minutes. Just stop fooling around with your health and make your meal plans a priority!

I was not diagnosed for many years and pre-diabetes caused retina problems with my eyes, neuropathy, severe itching, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, and aches and pains.....Worse yet my mom had albumin in her urine...eating sugary foods, losing a kidney and died of lung dad....pancreatic cancer and we all know sugar feeds cancer cells.

The American Diabetes Association says..Diabetes causes more deaths a year than breast cancer and AIDS combine."

Learn, eat well and get on the right path to avoid the consequences. Feel that you are blessed that you "know" you are can change your lifestyle and eating habits

emoticon 34. Lamb....bah bah....less saturated fat than other meat, but still has saturated fat, cholesterol and sodium. For those of you who have bouts with gout remember that lamb has purines and should not be eaten regularly. If you want a good tasting lamb roast try Trader Joe's Burgundy Pepper Lamb's boneless and pre-seasoned and oh so very tasty...around 180 calories for 3 work...just pop it into the oven!

Maybe try shish kabobs by grilling small sizes of lamb with your favorite vegetables or lamb with vinegar, roasted walnuts and virgin olive oil for a delicious flavor. This roast is easy and you can also just slice and serve.....I have even made lamb tacos with the leftovers. A good source of protein!

emoticon 35. Bean Beans the musical treat...toot! toot! ….maybe not…..learn how to prepare beans...get the raw beans and soak them overnight and rinse well….
Chew your beans as if you were chewing a steak as this helps your digestion. Savor the taste of the high protein beans...enjoy in chili, stews, soups, on salads….and even in rice and quinoa dishes. Try garbanzo, kidney beans, soy beans, pinto beans, black beans, navy beans...and guess what they all help depression and help blood sugar numbers. They can also reduce cancer risks, cholesterol, and help you maintain weight control because of the fiber. 1/2 of a cup is the right portion.

36. If you are hungry all the time it is probably due to due to fluctuating blood sugar Diabetes makes your body think you are starving… freshly cooked foods and more veggies...remember fruits have potassium and can help lower blood pressure too...drink that water as it replaces the lost salts in your bodies as well as maintaining good numbers for your blood pressure. Remember excessive sugar gets stored into the body that causes weight gain.

37. is low fat and low carb...with good fiber, no cholesterol and good vitamins and minerals...and the complex carbs make it a good choice in lowering blood sugar levels,

38. Mango is a high carb, high calorie fruit, is one of the most fattening fruits. 1/2 cup of mango...cubed mango has roughly 70 calories, most of which come from sugar and they also contain a small amount of starch. Remember to control your portion size if you eat mangoes.

39. Goat Leg...In Spanish they are called Pierna De Chivo...Goat meat is actually leaner and lower in fat than any other type of meat and it is lower in saturated fat and cholesterol than even chicken. Good in B vitamins to help your body burn fat.

Chop the meat into large chunks, keeping the meat on the bones to maintain a sweeter flavor and add to a stew. Brown the meat in Olive oil. Sprinkle with a atd of salt, garlic powder, oregano, cumin and onion. Add tomatoes and water. Simmer uncovered for 40 minutes, stirring once in awhile during that time.

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