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1/21/10 9:33 P

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If you really are feeling like you smoked a pack of cigarettes after exercise, your asthma is probably not under control (but I only have asthma and have never smoked since my asthma is exacerbated by cigarette smoke). When your asthma is controlled, you should be able to run and do all the activities you want without problems unless you are sick or have another immediate external trigger (i.e. bad ozone days, food allergies, animal or plant allergies, etc.). For example, I played running games (like tag/hide and go seek/capture the flag) with air guns over New Years without asthma breathing difficulty even though it was cold. I am on a regular daily preventative (personally Singulair and Symbicort because I can go up and down on it as needed--I have been on Advair, Asthmanex, Asthmacort in the past). If you or your doctor does not believe you need a preventative, try doing Pulmonary Function Testing before and after a nebulizer treatment. The improvement after you do it could show you both where the biggest issue is to know where to start. Breathing is a good thing!

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6/1/09 10:19 P

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sometimes when i have an attack and have to use my inhaler, i find if i take a drink of water right after using it, that helps to keep my sore throat and coughing at a low point.

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6/1/09 5:13 P

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I have the added problem that my inhalers irritate my throat to the point of losing my voice for anything up to 6 months. Although my chest is tight and I am breathless I try to use them as little as possible but if any of you have one of the steam face cleaners they are fantastic if you have a bad attack.

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6/1/09 3:42 P

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I know that feeling too. Sometimes when I go walking and it is a little overcast, I get that way..I get that heaviness in my chest (feels like an elephant is sitting on my chest). Sometimes it goes away quickly, then other times, I have to use my inhaler and it doesn't go away. When exercising, if I feel the least bit winded (not regular exercising 'winded', but asthma 'winded') I just stop. I figure breathing is more important than trying to finish a set and I just go back to it later, or another day.

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6/1/09 3:36 P

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I feel like that sometimes and usually is because of my allergies but I also have allergy induced asthma and right now it's awful for me. I feel like a weight is on my chest due to all the allergies I have right now. You might want to ask the doctor about a maintenance inhaler like Advair, Asmanex. or Pulmicort to help you get through this instead of using the rescue inhaler. I have a hard time using my rescue as it makes my heart race real bad. Check with doctor and see what he thinks.

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6/1/09 12:54 P

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Hi everyone. I have exercise-induced asthma and only use an Albuterol inhaler as needed. I started working out (after probably 14 years of being a couch potato) in Feb. 2009. In Mar 2009, I started walking outside and then in April 2009, I started the C25K running program. I also started training for my very first triathlon so I have been biking and swimming (in an indoor pool).

I primarily only need my inhaler during my running sessions. On occassion, I have also needed it during swims and biking. Otherwise, I am usually able to slow it down in time to prevent any significant attack. Anyways, every morning I wake up feeling like I smoked a pack of cigarettes the day before. For anyone that is an ex-smoker or has gone out to a smoke-filled establishment hopefully knows what I mean. Unfortunately, the feeling doesn't usually go away during the day either.

Anyone else ever feel like this? I was at the doctor a few weeks ago for a physical - it was with the nurse practioner and she didn't seem worried about it. I am just wondering if it is the asthma or maybe from the inhaler or maybe it's allergies?

I would like to hear if anyone else ever experienced this and if you knew what was causing it? I might just go back in and see my DR to talk about it with him??

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