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11/11/13 6:39 A

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The reason I've struggled is because it takes so much work to even stay at the same weight, never mind losing it. But gaining weight is so ridiculously easy. Sometimes I just get tired of all the hard work.

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11/10/13 8:49 P

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I am so glad that someone put this message out here! I am at a crossroads. I have been at the same weight for a year now. I am NOT at the weight that I want to be yet. I have sometimes given up on myself because I've gotten impatient. At this time, I eat every SWEET thing not nailed down. That is my weakness. I have decided to RESHAPE my thinking. It's been a year and I HAVE NOT GAINED THE WEIGHT BACK THAT I LOST. HOW BOUT THAT?? emoticon

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11/10/13 5:06 P

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I don't think it's just a patience thing. At first, we all feel great and do our best, but then we get bored, or we fail to resist a temptation and from then on it's hard to feel motivated.
Food is here. Now. It smells sinfully appetizing and it tastes heavenly. That "high" feeling we get from pounds lost, we only get it once a week. maybe even once every 2 weeks. But food is here. Now. Not in a week. And we just had a bad day. 'Nough said. emoticon
I think the trick is not to think of getting skinny at all, because if you do, you'll get a feeling of "I'll be skinny tomorrow". And tomorrow comes and you're not skinny, obviously. And you get disappointed for no reason at all. Whereas, if you just stick to the things you need to do to get skinny, and you only think of the day ahead in a way like this: "what healthy delicious meal should i prepare for dinner/tomorrow?" or "how to get my 30 minutes of exercise today? should i go for a run, should i do yoga or should i watch a fitness video?", focusing on enjoying your journey, you're genuinely surprised each time the scale moves down a number. And you get that high feeling you have now every single week. And then it becomes easier to stick to your new habits.
I personally never made it so far because I loved food a little too much. Food was always here, but I could diet tomorrow. This attitude got me nothing but a mammoth amounth of pounds to lose (used to weight 345,5 pounds) and nothing I did ever seemed enough from that point on. At a time, after dieting for a year, I managed to get to 234 pounds, and still I couldn't wear my skinny jeans if you know what I mean. And moving through life, I somehow lost it. Resisting to sugar got impossible for me. I stopped focusing on habits, and I started focusing on feelings again. And I let myself go.
And I gained back (got back to 300 lbs). But this time I'm wiser, I know that mindset is waaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyy more important than pounds lost. And I'm only working on my mindset, pounds keep dropping on their own and I feel I'm not doing anything at all. emoticon
But of course, I'm not your average person trying to lose that 50 pounds she gained after pregnancy/a tough life experience/ sedentary life/ focusing too much on work. My issues are way deeper than that. Cause that's what it is for me. Issues.I have to re-create my mind when it comes to food, to think as a normal person.

I'm doing a 21 days no binge streak. FOR ME, it's been TREMENDOUSLY helpful to be accountable to other people and to compete against myself. Please join us if you think it'll work for you too:


'If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time.'

Happiness is a form of courage.

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11/10/13 4:21 P

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11/10/13 4:03 P

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Have any of you ever really looked back and tried to figure out why you have tried so hard for so many times to lose weight? After doing a happy dance about my 2.4 weight loss today-I quickly stopped to realize, it makes me so happy-why don't I stick with it?

Answer: Patience. I want all of the weight off now. I want the next 2 lbs to drop off as quickly as the first. I want to have the body that I desire now-without putting in effort.

So my new goal? Is to learn patience. If I learn patience, perhaps I will see more progress.

What are the real reasons you have never stuck with weight loss?

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