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1/21/13 3:52 P

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Because who I am inside and who I am outside are entirely different, and I would like people to see the me I feel like I really am, instead of the fat girl she is hiding inside.

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1/20/13 9:16 P

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I have lots of reasons "why". Some of them are superficial or silly and some more serious. My mom and grandmother both had really long, drawn-out, painful deaths due to diabetes, and I'm absolutely terrified of that happening to me -- that's one of my more serious ones. But I also wanted to lose weight so my knees wouldn't hurt so much and I could try ice skating again. That's a bit silly. And I want to wear certain clothes without worrying about how I look, and I'm now at the size where I don't worry so much about how I look in photographs that end up on Facebook. At my heaviest it was just starting to get difficult to sit in booths at certain restaurants and that was something I wanted to stop.

There have been other benefits along the way. I never had a healthy cholesterol level until a year ago. I mean, not even when I was a kid did I have a healthy cholesterol level! It was something I had come to accept and I never thought it would change. I'm only 34 but I was actually seriously considering buying a cane two years ago. My knees were so bad that they were giving out on me quite frequently and I was falling and injuring myself. I'm happy to say that's no longer an issue.

It's okay to have a silly reason, or just do it for new clothing or because you want to look good. Another of my reasons is that people just treat you differently when you're fat. It's wrong, it's unfortunate, but it's true. Hopefully one day that won't be the case, but...I just got sick of it.

So, those are some of my reasons.

Thanks, now I have them on my mind and hopefully this will give me a kick in the pants!


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"Our bodies are our gardens to which our wills are gardeners."
-- William Shakespeare
"I never change, I simply become more myself."
-- Joyce Carol Oates
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1/18/13 8:17 A

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Thanks for this post. I've lost a stone but am finding my motivation has really started to wane. I'll definitely be checking out the links & ideas that others have posted and having a think about my 'Why' this weekend.

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1/17/13 12:33 P

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Everyone has their own reasons for losing weight/getting healthy. What has helps me in my journey is to write everything down. I do it for myself, no public blog here. I 1st had a short term goal & motivation. A vacation that was 3 months away, I set a goal to lose 20 lbs and hit it. As I started to lose weight, I thought I shouldn't stop at 20 lbs (I needed to lose much more to be healthy & happy!)

I started with a superficial goal: look & feel better about myself on vaca. But I started to think more about my long term goals. I want to look good for my husband, feel good for me & be around for my daughter. I wrote it all down - the good, the bad & the ugly. Things I didn't want to admit to myself or any one else about how I felt & how over weight I actually was.

Dig deep, your motivation is in there. Bring it all out, write down your short term & long term goals, create your action plan & get there! You can do it!!!

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1/17/13 10:10 A

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In my experience sometimes longterm is overwhelming...maybe right now you just need short term goals and good rewards for reaching them. Also, for me, I want it to happen now, so when long term doesn't happen within a week, I get bummed out. Maybe this could be helpful to you to make small short term goals. Things like certain workouts and then buy yourself something small but something you want. Just a thought. I know this is tough. It can be done and you have the stuff to get it done!

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1/17/13 2:29 A

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This blog helped me today. Maybe it will inspire you as well. Remember the Ant Farm:

Seattle, WA

My choices reflect the life I want and deserve.
I practice impeccable self care.
I am relentlessly positive with unyielding determination.
I seek and create joy in all situations.

I'm writing a book! You can too!  Here's how:

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1/16/13 9:19 P

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Hi Done Girls,

I've been away, and I'm sorry.

Now that I'm back, I'm going through the motions but am really struggling to find that motivational spark that's going to help me stick with this long term. I can't seem to figure out why exactly I'm doing this, why I want to lose weight. That I desperately want to lose weight isn't in question, but I feel like I need to know some of the underlying "why"s and I'm coming up blank.

Anyone have any advice?



* At the moment of commitment, the universe conspires to assist you.

* I believe that when the body is strong, the mind thinks strong thoughts.... Once the mind and body have been awakened to their true potential, it's impossible to turn back. ~ Henry Rollins

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