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11/8/12 9:47 A

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I don't think it matters so much how many times you start over, as long as you keep starting over. Right now, I'm only looking as far out as tomorrow. If I can make all the best possible decisions for myself TODAY, and kick some serious a$$, I'll go to bed tonight feeling good. Then tomorrow, I'll get up and try to do it again. If I have more days that I kick a$$ than not, eventually, I'll be where I want to be.

I'm finding that this approach- living only with focus on today- works wonders in more areas than just health. My dad is the yoda of being 'present'- I think he's on to something.

Good luck!

I'm sick of following my dreams. I'm just gonna ask where they're going, and catch up with 'em later.

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10/18/12 10:35 P

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This sounded like my thinking earlier! I want to get healthy...I REALLY want to lose the weight but I always find an excuse not to exercise and alway end up with a "the heck with it" attitude by the evening time. I really think it's taking one thing at a time for some people. I keep trying to add to my habit changes but then get overwhelmed. That being said, I think for me and maybe it is something you can think about, but work on one habit at a time until it becomes second nature. For example...cutting down on your eating (calories, portion control..). During that time don't promise yourself that you'll get in, let's say, 3 days of working out a week (that is what I have done). Right now I've been doing 1 day a week. Now, for you it may be the opposite. Again, this may not be what works for you but I'm finding that it's what is going to work for me.

I will say that one thing that is different for me this time is that I don't just throw my hands up all together. Use to I'd say the heck with all of it and not even think about it for months and sometimes a few years, but it stays in the back of my head all the time. I've been sick for nearly a week and it had been nearly a week before that since I exercised last and today is the first day I felt pretty decent. I've been putting it off and putting it off on walking. My daughter said something to me about it and how I have to try a little harder so I can be healthy and here for her (she's disabled). Well, I ate a snack (on the healthy side) and went to get more and I thought, "You know...I want more of this, but I sure want to lose weight and be healthy more," SOOOO I came in here, got on the treadmill and did my thing! I am feel good, don't have that "hungry feel" anymore and feel good about myself.

It is an internal motivation and I'll say that it's hard finding it but IT IS THERE!! Just keep looking for it!


God is my strength!

NOTE: My weight loss ticker is done up for shorter goals and once reached will change goal weight again.

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10/9/12 9:23 A

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I do the same thing. My main tip is never give up. I am now seeing slow progress. Look to the positives

~Everyone that succeeds has failed at least once

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10/8/12 6:52 P

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Thank you ladies for your words of encourgement. I truly appreciate it!!

COSMICWATCHER - I cant wait to post about all the progress I have made.

10/8/12 4:16 P

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Dear friend,
Reading your post made me feel like i was reading about myself.
I'd very much like to tell you that there is a solution to this problem. But judging from my experience, there is no such thing. the magic words are two terms that leave everyone uninspired and disappointed: patience and persistence.
I know you mean it every time you say "ok, i'm gonna do this". Your body is totally into it and your mind seems to agree. But the mind is a manipulative bitch. When you commit to let's say, a 6 month program, your mind only gets "ok, i'm gonna be a good girl for the next 3 days or so and then a miracle will happen and it's gonna get easier and i'll lose all the weight and it will be over." it doesn't realise the condition "commitment". this is your problem. and this is everyone's problem too.
I have one suggestion, always out of my experience, but it's hardly exciting: "repeat". your mind only gets habits. If you make it those 3 days, it will think "ok, it's over.i'm cool. let's have that hamburger.". after those 3 days, or week, it's gonna be harder than ever. but you have to persist. it's a living hell, foods that didn't tempt you that much before will look like the most delicious meal you could have. the voices that command you to eat will shout and cover your own voice. but you know what? once you say no for another week, and then another week and then another week, your voice will be the one to scream and cover the rest of the vocals. make dieting a habit. it's not something you're gonna take up for only 6 months, it's a new way of eating. you can never go back to eating what a normal person would eat, because sadly, we chubby people work differently. we store fat too easily. if all a person needs to eat each day is let's say a bowl of spaghetti and 100g yogurt, you're gonna have to eat the spaghetti and only half the yoghurt, so that you can maintain your weight.
I'm sorry. I don't know if this time you're gonna make it, but i know that sometime you will,as long as you keep searching. this also comes out from my experience (i've been dieting since i was 8 yo, though not all the time), it's not something random that sounds good so i'm telling you to make you feel good about yourself. it's true. you're gonna have a wake up call someday, and you'll be serious till you reach a good weight. i'm sure about that. what i don't know is when; it may happen next year or in 5 years from now. and i don't know what will cause you to change. i had to brainwash myself to persist to my program the first time i was serious about losing weight. and you know what the amazing part is? at that time i wasn't even thinking about getting serious. it just sorta happened. i said to myself "ok, i'm gonna diet for the next 4 hours or so, parents will happy and i can say "ok, i tried and failed", and cause it's gonna get too hard and then i'm gonna quit and then someday they'll admit me to the hospital and have my stomach stiched. and i'll be fine". but i made it one day. and then i made it for 3 months. and then i skipped several sizes. and then i decided i was serious. and i shed off an amazing number of weight.
i had to think all the time that i was sick. i would constantly think of how my intestines would look like (i had seen pics of other patients). of how beautiful people will look like. i had no social life almost all the way through. and it was incredibly lonely and awful. the only good thing in my life at that time was that i was losing weight fast. i'm not kidding, and i'm not being a pessimist. it was all crap at that period and i had absolutely nothing and noone to rely on. but losing weight was something i've always wanted and wished upon. so once it happened, it worked like a drug. i was depressed, but i was high. and in time, most problems were solved and i was an almost happy person who still lost weight. course, i'm still not skinny and i've gained back enough weight, but at least i made it once. so now i know i can do it again. and i know that some day i'm gonna look in the mirror and see a skinny woman with (why not?) a flawless skin, without any stretch marks or shagginess. science will make it someday and i'll be there to have it.
i don't wish you luck, cause it's only factor.
i wish you courage and confidence. and hope to see you back here soon sharing something amazing.

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I'm doing a 21 days no binge streak. FOR ME, it's been TREMENDOUSLY helpful to be accountable to other people and to compete against myself. Please join us if you think it'll work for you too:


'If a little dreaming is dangerous, the cure for it is not to dream less but to dream more, to dream all the time.'

Happiness is a form of courage.

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10/8/12 3:53 P

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I am trying not to sound harsh, but maybe you simply don't have enough internal motivation that's needed to make a permanent change such as this.

If that's the case, it's OK. This is my third go at weight loss, and I know this is the one that's going to stick, because I FINALLY got sick and tired of being sick and tired. No external motivation was needed for me to make the food and exercise changes I needed to make in order to achieve my goals.

So maybe you just need to think long and hard and figure out if you REALLY want to make the lifetime commitment needed for this or if you want to lose weight to please someone (spouse, significant other, physician, etc.). For a lot of people, they're truly lacking that inner fire, and until they get it, chances are better than not that they will fail.

So apologies if this comes across harsh, but sometimes, people just need the straight story. Maybe you just need to wait until you have that "a-ha" moment...but be ready for it, because when it comes, you need to seize it!


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10/8/12 3:09 P

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I need HELP!

I have been a member of Sparkpeople for 2 yrs or so. This site is amazing with all that it offers you, you cant go wrong. That being said, then what the heck is my issue why cant I seam to stay on track. I always start out with the best of intentions do well for a week or 2 loose a few pounds, then all of a sudden I fall of the wagon... UGH I think not again! Starting over again!

Does anyone have any suggestions? May be I need a diet buddy to help keep me in check.
At this point I am starting to get upset with myself. I have this all or nothing attitude that I've been working on.

Please any advise is appreciated!!

Best Regards,

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