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12/12/08 10:25 A

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I volunteered to be the co-leader of our team.
I am a lifetime member who volunteered for 15 years and then became staff. I will be starting a new job in January at a new office due to realignment. I am pretty excited!

My goals for 2009:
lose atleast 45 pounds - by exercising and nutrition tracking
get back to church regulary
stay on track with my bedtime
get healthier
get more involved in my community

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10/23/08 6:21 P

Hi everyone, I'm new to this site and new to volunteering as a girl scouts leader, and it's hard! very stressful. So my goals are to squeeze my stressball daily, listen to inspirational music daily & walk in the park at least 3x a week. emoticon
p.s. It's the mothers who really make things the hardest. Any advice emoticon

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2/17/08 1:18 P

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Well, goals...........
I have several goals. I have daily goals, eat 6-8 sevings of fruits and veggies, drink 8 glasses of water, and go for a walk of at least 30 3X per week.
I also have weight loss goals. At work we are doing a "biggest loser" type contest that ens the last wendesday of this month. My goal for the challenge was to get below 250 lbs. Which was 32 lbs since the end of October. The scale the dietician uses is about 5 lbs off of the one i use at home, so 2 weeks ago I was l lb away. I am also following weightwatcher and 10% goal for there is 247, hope to get there by the end of March. My next weight loss goal is 225 lbs before I see the surgeon on June 3, I have to have my galbladder and stones removed. And i will adjust my goal then depending on how long it takes to have the surgery. Ulitmately, I think I am going for about 170 lbs. I know thatis still considered overweight, but for now a loss of 110 lbs sounds good. Once I get there maybe I will want to lose the extra 20 lbs that weight watchers recommends. For now I'm really not consentrating on the utimate weight loss goals. I am more worried about short term goals, and making an actualy lifestyle change, because as we all know that is the only way to keep it off. BTW I love this sparks program, and follow it more than weight watchers, but having to check in with someone once a week helps keep me on track.

Good luck to everyone with their goals, and keep up the hardwork.

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2/7/08 12:56 A

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I think this a good good I did my first blog on my goals:) I have been focusing on the big goal weight. While I have been missing out on the small achievements that I have made...working out at least 3 days a week, drinking my 8 servings of water, and get all veggies/fruits! So to avoid getting disappointed and feeling like I am never going to get there...the impossible dream? I am changing gears...just focusing on one month at a time.
January Goals Con't
-Workout at least 5 days a week; min. 40 minutes
-Get 8 servings of H2O a day
-6 servings of Fruits/Veggies a day
-Log food diary daily
-Read Bible Daily (year goal to read the whole book in one year)

New Goals for February:
-Do yoga a least once a week
-Get below 200 lbs.
-Write in my online journal three times a week
-Learn something new this month

Best of luck with your goals:)
Tracey emoticon

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February Goal wt: 200
Reward: new shoes
March Goal wt: 195
April Goal wt: 190
May Goal wt: 185
June Goal wt: 180
July Goal wt: 175

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2/2/08 11:03 A

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Goals are a HUGE part of Girl Scouts-staff, volunteer, or girls- we are living our goals. Please feel free to share your goal and then update it as you go. Maybe it will be for a day or a week-maybe for a year, five years, or a lifetime.

As staff, I am measured for success based on goals-members, programs, happiness of volunteers, community involvement, grants-it all adds up. I live my job-sometimes dream about my job. Goals are important.

So what are a few of my goals-
In relation to weight loss I want to lose 100 pounds- I want to be able to play with my kids, go to the beach without feeling like a water floatation device, go to the "roller coaster" place and fit in the kiddie rides with my kids, go shopping and buy clothes that are my age, be described as the lady with the brown hair not the heavy set lady with the brown hair, have my kids be proud to be seen with me, have my husband be more attracted to me, and for the first time in my life get rid of my belly.

In relation to my life: be a better mom, wife, employee. To build my life full of values and character-knowing that the things that are not applauded will often be the most important. I want to impact my world and our world for the better-not just to die but to live.

It will be great to see everyone else's goals-big or small-

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