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5/30/14 12:53 A

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All of the messages are very good advice in a world of every one is affected differently by the foods we eat. I am starting out with Chris Powell's alternating days, high carb, low carb eating plan so I don't get deprived or have cravings.
In my research I learned that what ever foods cause inflammation or stomach aches or bloated feeling are foods your system has a sensitivity to and avoid those foods for say 30 days. Also, write them in your journal to track. sensitivities can rear their ugly head in 15 minutes to 3 days after eating certain foods.
I have Fibro and IBS. Cut way back on dairy, flour and sugar for a week and feel the difference in your body. then add back 1 item at a time and see how you tolerate it.
Coming home from work was hard, the stress and rush hour killed my patience to think about proper eating. I started leaving the bowl of fruit on the table and make air popped pop corn. Having a good snack allowed me time to deflate and get calm before I had to think about making supper.
Keep up the good work.

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5/15/14 5:39 P

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LOL - I often think about going grain-free, but I feel the same way about rice! Grilled chicken with rice is my go-to when my gut gets all out of control.

Also, my chiro doc insists much of the pain and depression cycle involves serotonin, and one reason we crave carbs is because they naturally boost serotonin! So I figure, maybe for us, there's more than one reason to allow some good ol' brown rice. emoticon


5/15/14 11:04 A

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My rheumatologist (who has Celiac) also suggested that I go gluten-free because I was having a lot of very unpleasant digestive issues, and I wasn't thrilled with the amount of medication I was taking (I loathe taking pills). Going gluten-free certainly has helped with the digestive stuff (day and night really) and I've been able to scale back my medication (neurontin) a little bit without too much trouble.
She also suggested throwing some paleo meals in there, but it's been a struggle to give up grains in general. I hold on (with a death grip) to the fact that I can still eat rice without the worry that I'll be regretting it later.
I've also not lost any weight after going gluten-free - nor was I really expecting to - but I have an appointment with her today and plan on discussing other things I need to do to lose weight.

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4/24/14 5:59 P

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I have been gluten free for 3 years. The effects were noticble within a coiuple of weeks, especially with brain fog, it was greatly reduced! I still get flare ups and have to budget my energy, but I am a big believer in doing as much naturally as I can to help myself.
Recently my chiropractor suggested that I try going dairy free as well. He said that lactic acid build up can contribute to muscle pain. So I am giving that a try too.

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4/23/14 6:54 P

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I am currently grain free, legume free, and dairy free with limited sugar (see Whole30). It has managed some of my symptoms, but I still have the achy flu like symptoms every day. So not sure diet is going to be my cure.

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1/27/14 8:33 A

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I have been gluten free for a little over a year. It was hard at first but you learn as you go along. There are tons of GF recipes and ideas on Pinterest if you look. I did not drop a bunch of weight like I expected but I am eating healthier and feeling stronger. I was sliding into that depression, pain, don't move- state and I think the GF diet got me up and moving again.
I don't really know anything about Paleo, just getting used to GF. My doctor suggested the GF diet to treat fibromyalgia and irritable bowel.

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1/27/14 8:09 A

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I'm gluten- and dairy-free (casein/cow's milk) not specifically for fibro but for otherwise unexplained IBS, and it took a long time but my gut is much happier and my once almost-daily headaches have majorly improved!

I am currently considering Paleo because of grain's purported inflammatory effects to see if I get further relief for the fibro. (In fact, I was just reading this article yesterday:

My MIL's been Paleo for at least a year. She's about to turn 70 and looking and feeling fabulous! Of course she has über-healthy Greek genes to begin with :) but her results are certainly encouraging me to consider it.

On both diets, there are far more "allowed" foods than you think! And especially with Paleo, they are automatically more nutrient sense. You can even bake Paleo!

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1/19/14 8:32 A

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Paleo is gluten free and there's plenty to eat with the veggies fruit, nuts and meat. Gluten free only means not eating grains and their derivatives that contain gluten.

I'm gluten intolerant fortunately not celiac. My fibro pain is less when I stick to a gluten free diet and even better when I eat Paleo.

If you try Paleo be aware that it's not a high protein few veggies. Some people focus on the meat and forget or limit the other foods.

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1/18/14 3:01 P

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I am not on a special diet. I find the weather bothers me more then what I eat. We all are different, so try some different things to see what works for you. I find food restrictions only makes want them more. Good Luck emoticon

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1/18/14 8:47 A

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I pretty much just eat what I would normally eat, just less of it. That said, you have to find out what works for your body. That's the big thing with fibro. Everybody is so different with what works for them and how the Fibro treats them. I'd suggest trying one type for a few weeks then try the other and see how your body acts. I'd also suggest keeping a journal so that you can really see what is going on with your body day to day.
Hugs(they seem to help everyone), Linda


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1/17/14 10:37 P

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I am not on any special diet for FM and my Dr. hasn't chatted about any either.


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1/17/14 3:06 P

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I am not on any special diet but I remember my chiropractor suggested gluten free.

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1/17/14 2:01 P

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Okay people. Are you on any special diet to help manage your fibro? I'm kinda confused. My fibro doc said that many people find a gluten free diet helps ease some of the daily symptoms. However, I am reading that for my PCOS I need to go on the Paleo diet (which I am only just starting to read up on) but if I decide to incorporate both into my life, I will eat NOTHING. Pointers? What special diet (if any) are you on? What kind of success have you had?

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