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1/12/12 10:09 A

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Hi, I too have myofascial pain with my fibro and am on lyrica 75 mg twice daily but am looking for any other help to deal with this pain. Gentel hugs emoticon

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1/11/12 12:08 P

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Devin Starlanyl and Mary Ellen Copeland wrote a book a few years back called "Fibromyalgia & Chronic Myofascial Pain". It's been a great reference book for me.

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1/8/12 12:47 P

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I too have Myofascial Pain Syndrome,since I am newly diagnosed I am trying the Lyrica, so far the only thing it has managed to do was dampen the shocks that i would get in my face & body. I have always had mild symptoms of & on for years with no real explanation. I have to admit I was a bit frustrated at the answers I was receiving." Well you can be happy now Mrs C. you don't have a tumor & your blood work checks out fine , & it's not MS, then for no apparent reason all hell broke loose, facial pain, IBS, numbness & tingling, pain at night ,electrical shocks. I have not found anything as far as a home help idea that works for the face.I keep trying new & different ideas so far nothing for the face has worked. I do however take full advantage of the home helps for the body . As for a new med. I guess just keep checking with your dr. I will try to keep you posted if I find anything that bring relief for my face pain. Take care!!

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1/7/12 8:15 P

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I have what my neurologist calls an "atypical" form of diabetic neuropathy that affects that same area... only instead of pain, I get this intense itching and tingling, like thousands of little critters crawling over one side of my face and scalp. He said I could try ice, and that a medication called neurontin helps... I THINK the generic name is gabapentin, but with my memory... LOL Talk to your doctor about it if it's keeping you awake at nights. That's when mine was most bothersome.

As it turns out, my myofascial issues were mostly due to a vitamin B12 deficiency which induced a mild form of anemia that affected those nerves. Addressing the deficiency alleviated the symptoms--odd, we were just discussing that on another thread!... hm.

Good luck!

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1/7/12 6:59 P

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I was wondering if anyone has been diagnosed with myofascial pain syndrome along with thier fibro and what things have you tried to help ease the pain..

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