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3/9/10 12:41 P

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This post is an excellent idea. Sometimes when you plan a trip, whether it be spur-of-the-moment or well thought out, you can go online and check out the best prices, or just look for places within your budget (something predetermined to fit your needs). As I travel with my Scottie much of the time, I find that arranging for a motel ahead of time saves a lot of time because it lists the hotels that will accept a small pet. And sometimes online hotel rates are cheaper than when you actually get there.

I seldom use coupons because in the Phoenix area all the big grocery stores have cards that automatically give you the lowest prices. They do not need coupons to give you the advertised price, and most of the time you are not required to spend $20 or so in order to qualify for the lower price. This is a boon to people living alone, because how much can we eat??? I do look over the ads carefully when they come (free) in the mail -- I do not get the paper, but our local Library has a place that has all the coupons categorized and they are free to anyone who desires them. I find that the coupon items are seldom the things that I buy. The healthier I get, the less often I can use a coupon. Probably as the coupons are for things like cereal (which I seldom use) or high-sugar or high-fat content items. You seldom see milk, flour, sugar, bread, eggs, etc. as a coupon item. But you DO see cake mixes, frozen food and like items on coupons -- see what I mean?

Also, when you are travelling, do fill up your car with gas, even if it is only half empty, if you see what you consider a "good" price. Don't wait until you are on empty, and you HAVE to buy gas.

Cook more things from scratch and it will save you money, eat out less often, it's cheaper to eat at home and healthier too.

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3/9/10 11:59 A

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I thought this would be a good topic. Many are on fixed incomes find ways to get the best value for our dollar. When I travel, I look online for bargains as well as AAA, Senior discounts, (rarely AARP - I do not like many of the things they are doing)Now I am wondering what people do to save money when they travel at hotels, motels, when they can not go during the off-season times to places here in the US.
I use coupons and watch for sales on what I use on a regular basis including birthday gifts. I sometimes make something like an afghan rather than purchasing something for a gift.
Also, you must have ideas on ways to save on calories that work for you. I know SP helps with ideas to the point I have to look for foods to add the right balance in my plan with consideration to salt and sugar limitations.

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