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I've read this before, it never fails to move me. Tears of Joy, Indeed!!

Reston, Virginia (DC suburbs)

No one ever got up in the morning wishing she'd eaten more the night before.

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Stacy, each year gives me permission to share her Story in Recovery. She has even been asked by Law Enforcement to come and share her story in jails, treatment centers and other places as well. I feel honored that she gives me her permission to share it with you.

If anyone who reads Stacy's Story, is struggling to stay clean & sober, NEVER GIVE UP!

**long post alert**

I post something like this every year, but every year I have more blessings to add to the end. So here goes:

October 3, 2011 is my sobriety birthday. That means that today is the anniversary of my last drink. 8 years ago, I was laying in a bed at a local hotel. Too drunk and sick to even get to the bathroom to throw up. I had relapsed again, and truly lost everything. My first husband had divorced me and I drank away a lucrative career as a civil engineer. I had no job, no money, no car, no license, no friends, no family that would speak to me, and nothing to live for (so I thought). My loved ones had given up on me. My boyfriend (at the time) Stephen Eagle, had even given up. My parents had my dog but could no longer allow me at their house. They paid for 1 week in that hotel because they knew I'd drink myself to death in less than a week. I had burned all my bridges and nobody would take me in. Rehabs, psych wards, jails, friends, family, hospitals, shelters, and hotels all knew me and wouldn't take me in. My mom had my power of attorney and had pre-written my obituary. By that time, I had attempted suicide twice and couldn't even do that right. I was completely and utterly hopeless.

The next day, my sister talked a rehab center in Saginaw into accepting me (this would be my sixth stint in a rehab, including a year at the Mission in Iron River). Stephen figured out where I was and came to get me. He picked me up out of a pile of vomit and brought me home to clean up. When he left, he told me he never wanted to see me again. I flew down to Saginaw that night, sick as a dog from detoxing. I remember I was hallucinating bugs on my arms, but I knew they weren't real. But I didn't drink because they wouldn't take me in if I was drunk.

1 month there and another month or so in a half-way house before anyone was willing to let me come home. Nobody trusted me. But, I knew something felt different. I had finally had enough. Something clicked. I didn't want to die.

Fast forward. I haven't had a drink or drug since that day, 8 years ago. It wasn't easy. It wasn't quick. But it was the most rewarding decision I've ever made. God has restored my life in unimaginable ways, but I had to work for it. I kept busy with AA & NA meetings, church, home improvement projects, and volunteering at the animal shelter. I worked 100's of hours of community service to pay my fines & court costs. Then, God started giving me things back. Someone took a chance on me and I got a job (that I had to walk to for a year). I got a restricted license with a breathalyzer and a beat up old truck. I got my family back. They started inviting me to holidays again. I got my relationship with my parents back, and enjoy being trustworthy and helpful for them. I got married to the man that's been with me through it all, and I love with all my heart. I got a regular license and a nice shiny new truck. After almost 4 years at AT&T, I was offered a management position at Menard's and I absolutely love it. I consider my co-workers (from both places) good friends. I have made many life-long friends in the programs of AA and NA. We have a dog and 2 cats living with us that are loved and well-cared for. I have a somewhat productive garden lol. I married into a great family and was blessed with 3 step children and 3 Grand kids. And I have a second mommy & in-laws who I just love!! I was sober and strong to hold up my husband when his brother and oldest son died. I have gone from a lost-cause to someone who people ask for help for their own sobriety. I've been asked to speak at meetings and rehab centers. I am healthy. I can donate blood (which I do as my way of making amends towards all the Hospital bills that OSF forgave for me). I sponsor other women in the program. Four years ago, I graduated from our Chamber of Commerce Delta Force leadership group (which included a ride along day with a sheriff deputy - my first time in the FRONT of a cop car. I am a productive member of society and an active part of this community that I love. This community took care of me when I couldn't, and I never thought I'd be a valued part of it again, but I am. The police, jailers, doctors, nurses, therapists, and paramedics in this town know me and are friendly & encouraging when I see them in public now.

The AA promises really came true. God has fully restored my life and given me so much more than I ever dreamed. I look forward to the future. I am forever grateful to God, my husband, my family, friends, co-workers, and the kind people of this community who helped me back up and now accept me as an equal. I love you all. Thank you to all the people who showed me kindness and were willing to help me, no matter how many times I failed in the past. Thank you to everyone who ever offered an encouraging word. You are all heroes. You saved a life.

My mom hosts a dinner every year to celebrate and says it's her favorite holiday. So we'll be eating chicken and mashed potatoes tonight as a family to celebrate. Then I will put this coin in the wooden coin holder box my dad made for me several years ago.
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Nothing Is Impossible with God.
Each Day Is A New Beginning.
When You Draw Close To God, God Will Draw Close To You.

Spark People Team Leader, GLITTERGIRL, from Team, "I Can't Do This On My Own", helped me reach my goal in 2012. I was able to maintain my weight for several months, but now I have to get serious again as much of my hard work I let go of, putting my focus on another issue. I will keep on, until I get back to my goal.

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