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Let’s do our first pass at creating our Aspiration for weight loss, Swarm of Behaviors, and Focus Mapping.
Future Chapters will help us create tiny habits from the results of these two exercises.

1. Determine your true aspiration. You want the aspiration you are most motivated to work on. Your behaviors are chosen because they directly achieve your aspiration.
For example, lowering your blood sugar will include changing what you eat and how you exercise and that will have a side effect of lowering your weight. However, you will focus on your real aspiration - lowering your blood sugar, not something you think you should do to lower your blood sugar (e.g. focusing on losing weight).
So what do you really want:
a) The lbs on the scale go down
b) Fat % to go down (a difficult goal as this measurement varies even more than the scale)
c) To shrink size (clothing size goes down, measurements go down)
d) To be more fit (stronger, agile, be able to do things you can’t now…)
e) To improve your health (lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, etc.)

2. Crispify your aspiration. We need to know enough of the What to show progress and know when you get to your goal. Don’t worry about when, how, why, etc. for now, that is covered later. Some of these might overlap, pick what you want the most to happen. Some examples below:
a) Scale: Lower weight on scale from 190 lbs to 145 lbs. The lbs on the scale go down
b) Fat %: Fat to lower from 35% to 25% (note, this can be hard to measure as it fluctuates even more than the scale does).
c) Size: To go from wearing a size 20 to a size 12.
d) More Fit: To be able to run a 5k in X minutes. To be able to play actively for 30 minutes in the backyard with my grandkids. To be able to play .. (a whole game of some sport you like to do without running out of breath).
e) Improve Health: To lower my blood sugar from 130 to under 100. To lower my blood pressure from 160/90 down to 120/80.

3. Now we fill out our Swarm of Behaviors (or Swarm of Bs)
You can use one of the templates below or use your own.
For Swarm of Behaviors, remember to ask yourself “If you could wave a magic wand and get yourself to do any behavior that would [help you reach your aspiration], what would it be?” When you come up with one, think What Next.
• These can be one-time behaviors or ones that repeat each day/week.
• These can be ones that change your environment such as …get food out of the house that is not on your plan.
• These can be ones that improve your skills (e.g. learn something new, learn how to do an exercise, etc).
• These can be ones that give you new tools (e.g. containers to create lunches ahead of time, information to create/do a new exercise program, hiring a trainer, etc.).
Try to list 15-25 behaviors, get ideas from friends, the internet, etc.
Note: One of your behaviors may be big enough that it needs it’s own Swarm of Behaviors. Such as get enough sleep, change your eating completely, start exercising when that has not been regular for you at all, etc. If you have 5+ behaviors that are all related to one bigger behavior (e.g. eating, sleeping, exercising), you could play with making it an aspiration by itself (and know the two are related).
Remember we are figuring out how to do this – let yourself play with your tools to find what works for you.

4. Now we can do Focus Mapping for our behaviors we came up with in the last step.
Remember on the left to right axis you are looking if you can get yourself to do the behavior which combines both could you physically do it and are you willing to do it (or resist doing it).

5. After you do your Focus Mapping, the golden behaviors will be in the top right quadrant. Choose some (at least 3) to use for Tiny Habits. Note: Some might be one time behaviors vs regular behaviors, Tiny Habits is used for behaviors done regularly.


Or make your own.

I encourage you to share your swarm of behaviors and focus mapping in your notebook section to help us all learn from each other. Note: This sparkteam is not private, so be aware of how much you want to share with the world.

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