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My own practice plus reading what some people are doing here sparked me wanting to share this.

There is our Habit we want to make vs a Tiny Habit that BJ is suggesting.
Note: It took me quite some time to “get” this, like the entire year or two since I was introduced to BJs work until I read the book and I am really settling into playing with recipes.

The idea is to use a tiny tiny tiny habit that is so small, that even on a bad day it WILL get done. Something to get you started such as:
Do one pushup or even just get on the floor in the pushup position
Floss one tooth or even pull out some floss and wind it around your fingers,
pick up the cloth to wash the wall and dunk it in the soapy water.

Note: I am finding I like those starter steps much better than doing a tiny version.
A starter step is what is the small tiny thing that is the first step to getting the behavior done.
Such as get on the floor into the pushup position (a tiny version is to do 1 pushup).
Pull out some floss and wind it around your fingers (a tiny version is to do one tooth).
Pick up the cloth and dunk it in soapy water (a tiny version might be to wash one square foot of wall).

On a good day, we tell ourselves geeze,
I already am on the floor in the pushup position, while I am down here I may as well do a pushup. Which can then lead to doing another one and another one.

I have the floss in my hands ready to go, I may as well do a tooth (and maybe another one after that).

I have the soapy rag in my hand, I may as well wash a part of the wall.

These starter steps get us going towards what we want to do.

To me, if the action is one we struggle with (e.g. we are not doing it regularly yet), then on a bad day we don't have the motivation (or we have other things pulling at us) and we are more likely to skip it and say later.

So... what is your tiny habit that you will do even when someone hollers Hey, you were going to take me to .. and I have to go now. Or when a someone or a pet just dumped something over and made a big mess, or some noise in the next room makes you think uh oh, what now…
You can always take one moment to put that floss on your fingers, to drop into the starter position on the floor then jump back up, etc.

In other words, on a bad day when everything is pulling you away from doing your pushups, what is the tiny habit/starter step that ALWAYS gets done (to nurture that habit so it will be there forever).

On a side note, I am finding I am making associations that are helping me even when I forgot my tiny habit. For example today I was dragging so my tiny habits for the morning were not just being breezed through. I made my breakfast and nice tea but I forgot to put the pills on my tea cup (a tiny habit which results in me being encouraged to take my pills so I can drink my tea). However, when I went to put the tea away, I got that happy feeling that I got to have that nice tea and that sparked my memory hey, I didn't take my pills. So I grabbed my pills and took them with water (I didn’t want more tea).
With these Tiny Habits we are making associations that help us remember to do the behavior we want to do even if we don't get the Tiny Habit exactly right. That is a nice side effect!

Jane in Phoenix, AZ
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