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11/26/08 12:05 A

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I usually have dinner with friends or family, so I have Quorn naked cutletz with tofurkey gravy (don't like tofurkey). My friend/chef did a stuffed squash for me one year, but, alas, I am not a big fan of squash... The stuffing was magnificent, though!

The pictures of your friend's squash sound interesting, though. Would love to see them!

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11/25/08 11:37 P

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I'd love to see the pics.

I'm doing something similar with an acorn squash. I'm stuffing it with brown rice, orange glazed pecans, and cranberries. I've never ried a hubbard squash. I'm told they're good though.


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11/25/08 10:08 P

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I would love to see the pics.

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11/25/08 9:44 P

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That is a great idea. The closest I got with my family is no more broccoli, bacon and cheese casserole. Fresh veggies.

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11/25/08 5:06 P

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Please do keep us posted and will love to see pictures. and perhaps a full recipe to do it for Xmas or anytime or few times this winter, i bet the colors and smells are great for the cold and windy days ahead of us in Chicago thanks, kudos to Bethany

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11/25/08 4:26 P

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I also live in meat & potatoes land(Ohio) but grew up in LA, have lived in Portland, OR, and Denver, Co. All places where it is easy to be veg, so it is quite a challenge to be here. Have yet to find a completely vegan restaurant but have found a couple with options. I love the squash idea and can't wait to see pics. I am doing the fake meat thing only because I am going to inlaws and will be easier to pop in oven with other stuff(won't take up much room) But I would love to do that for Christmas.

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11/25/08 3:00 P

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What a great idea, thanksgiving is already over here (Canada) but the celebration of love is just around the corner. I too plan a Tofurky for myself and my vegetarian friends. Sad to say, most of my family still eat meat and won't give up the ham and roast.
Today, while shopping with my husband, I finally put my foot down and said I can no longer stand to prepare meat from it's raw state. NOT that it is any better, but I said from now on if they want meat, it will be the frozen processed version. Good thing is my Husband is very conscious of good health and will eventually want to get away from the processed junk and agree to more vegetarian friendly meals. Wish me luck!!!

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11/25/08 2:29 P

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I like it!!! what a fantastic Idea - I Think I might do this for christmas! Can't wait to see the pictures!

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11/25/08 2:19 P

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I live in the midwest - home of meat and potatoes and not much else (what are those green stringy things occupying the smallest eighth of my plate?). We are, however, blessed to have ONE vegan cafe in town. I wanted to share what Bethany (the owner) is doing to celebrate thanksgiving:

"For vegetarians, a tradition that is very difficult to overcome is the feeling that Thanksgiving dinner must revolve around a large, dead animal as the center of attention. It is a stumbling block many vegetarians go through which is why Tofurkey was invented. This year, I am roasting a Hubbard squash (as large as a 15# bird) which I will stuff. So far I have a beautiful squash, baked and cooling."

Bethany will, no doubt, serve it on a platter stuffed with vegetable-stock flavored bread crumbs, herbs, spices, nuts, seeds, and dried fruits. She has promised to send me pictures of the work in progress and I'll post links to them as soon as they arrive. I thought, what a WONDERFUL idea to embrace our vegetarianism and celebrate with a food centerpiece that isn't pretending to be meat, but is instead a wonderful and new tradition. Let us know if anyone decides to go this route for their Thanksgiving meal!

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