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9/12/08 5:03 P

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The main point to a body cleanse is that your body has stored all of the chemicals you have ever been exposed to and many other nasty things. Majority of people have built up a liner in their intestines so that you are not able to really absorb the nutrients. I use to have issues with being constipated and then having diareaha - always one or the other. I did a liver cleanse almost three years ago and then a full body cleanse two years ago and have not had any of those issues since. I did use some pills, but I got them at Whole Foods and Vitamin Cottage - they were just herbal supplements and fiber pills and I did not go to just the full raw foods like you are suppose to but rather still had chicken and a few grains along with fruits and vegetables - had a veggie burger for dinner almost every night. I did it for about 8 - 12 weeks. I also started working out at the same time, so I noticed a difference from that but stopped working out and gained the weight back. I would not suggest that you do a cleanse for weightloss but if you are having intestinal issues, then it may help.


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9/11/08 10:35 P

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Not sure what you do for a coloscopy. Mainly just clearing out your body of all the toxic junk in your body. Probably the same thing

9/3/08 2:17 A

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The prep you would do for a colonoscopy is that a cleanse?

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5/16/08 5:29 P

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So true, the more I think about the total body cleanse the more unhealthy it sounds. By recommendation, I put the Master Body Cleanse on hold at my library. My friend said it totally explained in the book why it is healthy. But, if I am exhausted how can I continue to workout or take care of my three kids?
I think I will do the body cleanse one day, then do the raw fruit and veggie one day, then just eat healthy. My body will naturally flush itself out if I am not stuffing a bunch of junk in it.

5/10/08 1:57 P

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How are you going to be able to complete your work outs when you are so exhausted from lack of fuel?

I tried the master cleanse once and it made me tired cranky and gave my mouth sores from of all the lemons.

I don't think it's a good idea. Cleanse your body by eating healthy foods and exercising - it all you need. There is no quick fix and you are doing so well already....stay on track and you will get the results you are looking for.

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4/29/08 11:14 P

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That is one of my concerns with the Master Cleanse, Luvlillulu, going back to eating after not eating for so long. I've also been told that when you first wake in the morning during the cleanse that you have to be in the bathroom for about two hours in the morning.
My husband is going to do a cleanse for two weeks, he will only eat raw fruits and veggies and of course lots of water. Then he slowly adds other foods back into his diet.
I would like to just flush my body out and start fresh.
I also wonder if after a cleanse, or detox, does it really restart your metabolism?

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4/29/08 6:02 P

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I have gone on a detox cleanse for a week.
No dairy (still keep with that)
no eggs
no white flour
no sugar ( still do that)
no high fructose corn syrup
no corn
no white rice
I lost 5lbs kept it off.
It was hard the first 3 days I was craving big hunks of cheese.
Occasionally I go for the cheese.
I take calcium pills now according to my doctor's recommendation

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4/29/08 1:05 P

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A lot of my best friends' coworkers do that master cleanse on a regular basis, but most of them gain all the weight back after.

However, none of them are actually overweight to begin with (if anything they're underweight), and all of them say it makes their bodies feel better.

So I wouldn't do it as a weight loss tool, I mean, you're not eating and taking multiple laxatives everyday, you're going to lose weight, but your body is going to hang onto every morsel of carbs, protein and fat it can when you start eating again. Plus most of them have some pretty nasty intestinal upset the first few times they have meat, dairy, or oil after...

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4/28/08 5:42 P

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i've done what I call detoxes for 5 days which have always worked a treat. My rules are:
-no meat or dairy
-at least 3 portions of fruit & 3 portions veg per day
-no caffenie, nicotine or alcohol
-only wholegrain carbs
-no white flour
-no added sugar or salt
-no sugary or salty snacks
- no fried foods
-at least 10 cups water
-at least 20 mins cardio a day

also try starting your day with hot water with a lemon wedge in it and drink dandelion tea to help with water retention.

no pills or expensive 'plans' required!

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4/28/08 11:11 A

I haven't but glad you posted the questions. I would like to find out to. I have been feeling like that, I need a good cleanse.


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4/28/08 10:41 A

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Has anyone tried a body cleanse? Which one and how did it go?
Have a friend that tried the 10 day master cleanse a few months ago and she said it is like her body doesn't crave junk anymore and she felt like her metabolism was back on track, plus she lost almost 10 pounds after the cleanse. She hasn't gained any weight back and seems to be maintaining and may have lost even more. (she is on spark too)
I'm not really looking to take any pills to cleanse my body, doesn't seem like body cleansing if you are adding pills.

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