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2/29/08 11:20 P

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I like my oatmeal, but do have to make myself eat when i get up. I got in the habit of not eating at all until late in the day. Then i would eat too much or what i was craving. Have found out this told my body to store fat instead of burn it whenever I did not eat breakfast. Just getting up and moving isn't enough for the body to start burning if you eat breakfast then it sends the message for your body to wake up and start to work itself. I'm doing better but still have days I don't want to eat but realize if I don't my metabolism will get slower. Also doesn't need to be alot of food. Sometimes I eat a few bites and then will eat a snack about three hours later.
Thanks for posting the information.

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2/29/08 8:43 A

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Tammy - I used to skip breakfast EVERY day. The only time I ate it was on the very occasional Sunday (and then it was NOT healthy!). When I joined SP, I began to force myself to eat a healthy breakfast. Some days it was just a cup of yogurt and a piece of what toast with some peanut butter. Other days, scrambled egg beaters.

Not only did I lose weight, BUT I wasn't famished by lunch-time, so it was easier to make good choices. Before I knew it, eating breakfast became a habit and I've not missed one day. My body feels it, and lets me know it if I eat any later than usual.

Good luck!


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2/28/08 11:21 P

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Thank you so much for sharing. I am currently working on becoming a breakfast eater, I have a difficult time eating breakfast, but especially after reading that I am going to try even harder to eat even a little something in the mornings. -Tammy

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2/28/08 8:34 P

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Great info, thanks for sharing! That will help me make better choices!

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2/8/08 2:12 P

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Thanks - it's good to hear that! Sometimes I feel like I could be dieting more because I've felt to full and satisfied since starting sp, but that really helps to put everything in perspective!

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2/6/08 5:29 P

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Thanks Elle... that's awesome information to have!!! Tunia

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2/6/08 3:59 P

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Great information. Thank you.

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2/6/08 12:50 P

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Good Morning,

The following are reasons to eat regularly; consider these facts if should decide to skip a meal:

It is important to understand what happens when you skip a meal or go on a crash diet. When you skip a meal your metabolism slows to conserve your energy. And when you lose weight too quickly for a few days, your body thinks it is threatened with starvation and goes into survival mode. It fights to conserve your fat stores, and any weight loss comes mostly from water and muscle.

Never skip a meal, especially breakfast, and eat healthy snacks between meals. Eating frequently prevents hunger pangs and the binges that follow, provides consistent energy, and may be the single most effective way to maintain metabolism efficiency.

Eating slowly gives our bodies time to tell us they are full before we've eaten more than we need.

When you will be away from home or work, plan your snacks and take them along so that you will be able to eat regularly and won't be tempted by junk food. This may be good advice for people who stay at home, too.

But remember that it was probably snacking between meals that caused you to become overweight in the first place. It will be very important that any snacks are healthy, that they are pre-portioned so you won't be tempted to overeat, and that meal sizes are reduced to compensate for the additional calories the snacks provide.

Dieting or restricting your caloric intake can cause your metabolism to slow. Exercise can help to counter this effect.

And exercise is the one sure way to burn more calories safely. The improved health you will gain through regular exercise will increase your life expectancy so significantly that the benefits will far outweigh the aging effect of an increased metabolism.

At home, at the gym, playing sports, participate in both aerobic and strength building activities on a regular basis. Not only does the exercise itself increase your metabolism, but exercise -- especially cardio -- causes your metabolism to remain elevated for a period of time after you finish exercising. And strength building exercise builds muscle which helps to keep your metabolism elevated 24 hours a day.

Generally speaking, aerobic activities like running burn more calories than strength building activities like weight lifting. But it is important to note that muscle burns calories, while fat does not. This means that the more muscular you are, the higher your metabolism will remain at all times.

Hope this helps on your jouney to health.

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