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4/4/08 10:23 P

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Sue, welcome to a womderful team and to a group of fantastic ladies. It's so hard for people to share their stories so I thank you all for doing it.

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Water is very important for us. We may, and I do, require more than the 8 glasses a day. The link goes to a water calculator I use to see what I need for my current weight. Mt requirement has dropped 9 ounces due to weight loss. Yipee!

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4/4/08 8:13 P

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I am a 9 yr survivor. I will be praying for you, your cousins family, and your cousin. You are a truely wonderful person to care so deeply and want to help. She is so lucky to have the support of her husband. I'm sure he is devastated. But that is so great that he has put his life and career on hold so he can cherish every moment with her and the family. God bless you all!

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4/4/08 8:12 P

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Hi Sue! Your cousins are so blessed to have you in their life!! Be victorious!!

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4/3/08 5:07 P

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I will pray for you, your cousin and her family.
How wonderful you are there for her. It's not easy to be alone and having support helps through such dificult times as cancer treatment. My church family helped me and my friends, I don't have any brothers or sisters, so I relied mostly on friends, but thank God they helped with meals and sent cards and gift cards to my kids. I know your cousin is very happy to have you. I have one cousin who was no help to me, after my double mastectomy she came to a christmas party in a skimpy top with her boobs hanging out. It made my husband so mad, but we said nothing, she obviously showed us what she cared most about. I tried to tell her of her risk of BC because of me, her aunt and grandma all had it, but she is still coming around our family parties letting it all hang out and denying the BC in our family. I pray you be checked as well, since your cousins had it and I pray that health and good times
fill your cousin's life up, so she can feel well enough to be the wife and mom she wants to be.Welcome to our group, keep us updated on her condition. emoticon emoticon Inga

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4/3/08 2:13 P

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Sue, I pray for all cancer people. I had cancer and hope I can always say had. Life is so hard for the little ones who have to deal with cancer and those who see their mothers have it is so heart breaking for me. I love children and hope the best for your family. Your cousins are very lucky to have you and the husband. So many people have not one. I will pray for her and her family. God is wonderful. He has given me strength to go on. I also have a friend who has cancer and probably will not make it. The doctors have given up a year ago on her but she still battles each day. A real trooper she is. Thanks for sharing with us. It took me a long time to open up. God Bless.

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4/3/08 11:58 A

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Hi Sue, I am a bc survivor but I lost a very dear cousin to the disease. It is a very hard experience to go through. She was only 28 and beautiful. You are a very compassionate woman. Your caring for your cousin's family is to be deeply admired. I thank you for your prayers and I will remember your cousin and her family in my daily prayers. Hope to hear from you soon. Smiley.

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4/3/08 11:41 A

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My name is Sue and I am happy to know all of you.

I do not have breast cancer. My two sweet cousins, who are sisters, did. One had a clean bill of health. The other is not as lucky. Well, I should tell you that she thought she was clean until they discovered that the cancer spread to other parts of her body. We were all devastated, of course, when we heard this. She is such a wonderful young woman. She is the mother of two beautiful children. Her husband is a musician and he was at the peak of his career (touring throughout the world). She had a thriving private practice as a Social Worker. Things were going really well for them until they got the bad news that she will not survive this. She has found a wonderful oncologist who she found through her friends father, who is also a doctor. The oncologist has found a chemo that is helping her. Finally, after so many different chemos, she is able to spend time with her children without feeling pain in her bones. She has her good and bad days, obviously. I went to school to become a medical assistant and I worked with an oncologist. It was a long time ago, but I recall many of my cancer patients and I most definitely remember the chemo. Anyway, that is my story. My cousin is extremely strong and she has an abundance of devoted and supportive friends who are at her beckon call. Her husband has stopped touring and does local gigs. He also got a part-time job working with computers. He only works part-time because he wants to be able to get the kids ready for school, make their lunches and pick them up after school. He is an amazing man. He loves his wife so completely. He is having a really hard time, still, believing that this has happened to her, and them. I see how the worry has aged him.

I pray for each of you who have cancer, and those of you whom loved ones have it.


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