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9/15/13 2:12 A

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Your Name: Sherilee
Your Location: Arizona

How did you find Spark People: Through friends.
How long have you been on Spark People: Many years, off and on.
How does Spark People help you: It keeps me accountable and helps me stay consistent.

What is your total loss: HW: 197.4 CW 180 Loss: -17.4

What is your biggest obstacle: When I go off plan it's hard for me to get back on plan.

What is your biggest motivator: Journaling and encouragement by friends and family.

What do you want the team to know about you:
I want to be a role model to my family and friends and "walk the walk" rather than being on a endless yo-yo diet. I know with the help of friends here, I will achieve my goal. Also I know it's not about "me" but "us", I am here to help support anyone on this journey too. Thanks!

Sheri Lee Arizona

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2/7/13 9:05 A

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Name: Alicia
Age: 30 (31 in a few weeks)
Location: Massachusetts

I found Spark People & joined in August 2012. I was researching info about Jillian Michaels' 30 Day Shred. I was really intimidated by the idea of doing her workouts and what I found was great info & amazing support!

Spark People has helped me to create a healthy lifestyle. I track my food, weight & fitness here and check in with the community on this team and many others.

Total weight loss, as of this morning, is 49 pounds (so close to the 50 milestone!!!)

Biggest obstacle is dinning out/take out. It was hard to cut down on something so convenient and tasty!

Biggest motivator: My family. I have a toddler who I want to be around for and a husband who I want to be healthy for.

I want the team to know that I was really struggling and so unhealthy before finding Spark People. I didn't realize how unhappy or how low my confidence was because it had just be come normal for me. Once I took control of my health, everything else got better too. I'll never go back.

Bonus: My nutrition plan is to track on Weight Watchers online & on Spark. It allows me to see the correlation between points and actual nutrition values. I eat lots of fruits and veggies, lean protein, and complex carbs. I have not cut anything out completely and usually save 200-300 calories a day for a treat. That treat is usually veggies & dip or hummus with a few pita chips and a weight watchers ice cream treat :)

My current fitness plan is Jillian Michaels Slim Down...Some More. It's a rotation of JM workouts created by BlacKandi (the Spark 30 Day Shred team leader and fitness blogger). here is the link to the rotation if anyone is curious.

Today is day 22 and I can't wait to be done! This rotation is kicked my butt. I'm planning to take a full week (maybe more) off from Jillian when I'm done. I'm getting a little bored and need to mix it up with another trainer!

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2/4/13 4:18 P

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Your Name: Tessa
Your Age: 53
Your Location: Bedford, England-apologies if you don't always understand me!

How did you find Spark People: I pretty sure by chance-google. I needed something to help me make a difference. I was coming up to 50 and having spent the previous 10 years mildly depressed I wanted the next 10 to be better.
I lost consistently for the first year and a half then I've been gaining, losing repeatedly with a general trend upwards. Initially I was aiming for 140-I got to 144 now I think 150 or a bit below that is possibly more realistic.
How long have you been on Spark People: It will be 4 years in June
How does Spark People help you: Keeps me focussed and accountable. Encourages me when things are difficult.

What is your total loss: 67 pounds
What is your biggest obstacle: emotional eating, falling off my plan and taking time to get back to it.
What is your biggest motivator: this varies-at the moment a skiing holiday for which I want to be fit (and fit into my ski gear)
Our holidays usually involve hills/mountains, skiing in the winter, walking and cycling in the summer, this helps keep me focussed too. We have a motorhome (RV) so it's easy to get away for a few days which is great.

What do you want the team to know about you:
I've been married for almost 30 years. I'm a mother of 4, my youngest is now at university (studying sports & exercise science) so we are mostly on our own at home. My eldest is married and has a daughter who was 1 recently.
Originally I taught maths (math) to children aged 11-18 but since having my children I run courses for parents before and after they have their babies. My work pattern is different each week so my exercise times have to fit round my work.
I aim to run twice a week one longer run (aiming for 5-6 miles at the moment) and a shorter one with a colleague on Thursdays.
I go to the gym twice a week to use the weight machines (mostly). I'm working on leg strength and endurance ready for skiing, at the moment.
I aim to walk (briskly) or cycle (I like to get over 12mph average but find this hard about town with having to stop at junctions) when I can avoid using the car.

Food: I do calorie count aiming for 1200 calories. I like eating too much to try anything else. Since the new year I've been limiting bread to the weekend, I'm wondering if that has helped with the January loss.

Bedford, England

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2/3/13 9:06 A

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Your Name: Jessica
Your Age: 31
Your Location: Colorado

How did you find Spark People: I actually started on BabyFit (Sparkpeople's sister site) when I was pregnant with my 3rd child back in 2005 and eventually made my way over here after my 4th and last child was born in 2007. I joined in August of 2008.
How long have you been on Spark People: I have been on and off on spark since I joined in 2008.
How does Spark People help you: When I am consistent, track my food, and share in motivation on sparkteams like this one, I have the best success. I lost a lot about 45 pounds previously, before I slowly dropped off of all of the awesome changes I had made and gained all the weight plus some back over a few years. Now I am back and motivated to have even more success this time and KEEP IT OFF!!

What is your total loss: 5.8 lbs I guess, but more if I use todays weight or figure previous successes.
What is your biggest obstacle: Food! I really struggle with food and tracking. I do great if I track, but do not like doing it. Also, strength training is a struggle for me!
What is your biggest motivator: My kids! I know that they are learning more from my example than what I teach them so I need to be a better example! How I feel when I am fit is also a huge motivator. I remember how great it felt to be running and eating well in the past and want to get back there.

What do you want the team to know about you: I am a SAHM (stay at home mom) of 4 wonderful kids: Ethan (11), Allison (10), Treyton (7) and Sean (5). They are amazing and keep me busy (and often not able to get on the computer much). I am teaching my youngest at home (preschool) and the rest are in public school this year. I am hoping to start taking classes next year to get a college degree. (I still don't know what I want to be when I grow up. :) )


My workout plan is just simply to work out with cardio at least 3 days a week for 30 minutes. I would like to do more than that, and usually do, but 3 days is a must! I also slowly want to add in strength, but I really don't like doing strength...

My nutrition plan is to be more aware of what I am eating and eat more balanced. I am really good at make the kids eat balanced, but am not as good about making myself. :( I also have a goal to track my food at least twice a week, but have been really bad about it so far. I think I only did 1 full day in January. Also, I like to drink 10-15 cups of water a day too...

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*Colorado - MST*

SAHM to 4 munchkins (Ethan 14, Allison 12, Treyton 9, Sean 8)

"A man who wants something will find a way; a man who doesn't will find an excuse." -Stephan Dolley Jr.

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2/2/13 12:42 P

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Your Name: Wingless, or Canada (yes it's my real name)
Your Age: I'll be 30 on March 1st
Your Location: South Sound area in Washington

How did you find Spark People: Ages ago, I was searching for "weight loss website" or some such.
How long have you been on Spark People: On and off for years, but restarted August 2012, got off-track, and really focused in starting December of 2012
How does Spark People help you: I could write a book on this one. The tools of course, but I could do the tracking on my own - I tend to track that sort of stuff on my own anyway. it's the people, really. Having awesome groups that help me pick myself back up has been the major difference this time around.

What is your total loss: 14 pounds. I hit 19 at one point - still working back to it!
What is your biggest obstacle: Myself. I spent a long time in a very abusive place, and now I essentially "do the work" for him still. I understate my own successes, I second-guess my abilities, and I have a hard time finding faith in myself. Set-backs can derail me bigtime, because it's "proof of my inability to change" and such. I'm overcoming it a bit at a time, but it's not easy.
What is your biggest motivator: My lady. She stands by me, no matter what, and tells me how ridiculous it is for me to think I'm not able to accomplish anything. She can list all I've done these last few years at the drop of a hat, and even when I'm having some serious anxiety/PTSD issues, she'll cuddle me and tell me how awesome I am. She's pretty amazing.

What do you want the team to know about you: I'm weird. I mean that in a good way, mostly. I just like to give people a heads-up. I'm a huge nerd, love video games and comics. But I'm also hooked on being fit, and love the feeling of a butt-kicking workout. I've got a sometimes dry, sometimes lewd sense of humor. I'm constantly paranoid about how people see me, and if they're actually nice or just big jerky-jerks waiting to happen (I lost a LOT of friends when I split from the ex). However, I'm fairly decent at hiding my neurotic side, at least online. I know a little about a lot of things, but have had people get pissed at me by offering advice/knowledge, so I tend to stay quiet for the most part. However, I'm always willing to help with things, and I'm very open if people want to ask me questions.

BONUS: (Check out the Mini-Challenge Thread for Bonus!!)

My workout plan is:
emoticon C-2-5k on Monday/Wednesday/Fri
emoticon emoticon Cardio (30+ minutes) and strength training Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday
emoticon Cardio (15 minutes, very light) Sunday
emoticon emoticon Yoga daily - working up to twice a day, morning and evening. This is an ongoing project, to work more time in my day to accommodate this one.

My nutrition plan is:
emoticon 1250-1600 calories a day
emoticon 141-260 grams of carbohydrates
emoticon 28-62 grams of (healthy) fat
emoticon emoticon 60-140 grams of protein
I also watch sodium, and try to stay in the recommended range of 500-2300 mG of sodium. I focus on lots of veggies, and fruit. I'm challenging myself to drink at least 10 glasses of water a day. It's a lot of water.

To help stick with goals, I weigh daily, but record only on Fridays (for this team) and Mondays (for another team). I took measurements on Feb 1st, and will take them again March 1st.

Aaaaand that's a lot of info! So, I'm off for now. emoticon

- Canada/Wingless

Team Co-Leader for

Spring HLC Team Rainbow!

"Argue for your limitations, and sure enough, they're yours." - Illusions

"Don't believe in yourself. Believe in [me] who believes in you!" - Gurren Lagan

"I will not Break. I will not Quit. I will do what I need to do today to be healthier tomorrow." - my mantra when things get tough.

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2/2/13 10:02 A

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Your Name: Jennie
Your Age: 32
Your Location: Masschusetts

How did you find Spark People: I was first on here in 2007 ... I know that I used a different food tracker for a bit then found SP. Also, back then I saw a nutrionist (weekly) but I never stuck with ... I gave up quickly back then. The nutrionist had me tracking ALOT ... focusing on calories, fat, calcium, etc. I think it became overwhelming, so I gave up..

How long have you been on Spark People: I came back here on November 2nd (three months today!) Ive never lasted this long on a diet plan EVER! Or lost this much ...

How does Spark People help you: Up til the end of December I tracked everything and was super active on here. January was a nightmare and I found that getting on her was hard! Still loosing a lot helped me to realize that though SP is great - this is a permanant thing and I have to do it ... on my own, with SP, or a combination of both ... I know I can do! SP helps me share my sucesses, by motivating others, and even giving me some external motivation along the way :) I love SP

What is your total loss: 41 lbs.
What is your biggest obstacle: Finding time to exercise. Staying consistant. Getting out of my own way!
What is your biggest motivator: This team! I spent most of January apologizing for not being here enough ... my reason: you all motivate me soooo much! I want to motivate you too! Heres to a better February!

What do you want the team to know about you: I have three kids (Caden 6, Reese 4, and Aubree 2 ... hence C R A Mommy :) Also, I want you to know that Im so proud to lead this team! We all do amazing each month and Im so excited to see the same core team return month after month! We are a great team!!

Current Workout Routine-
C25K as many days a week as I can ... I am for 5 days but usually average 2 (ugh!)

Planks, pushups, crunches, knee-elbow crunches, squats, bicept curls, triceps, leg raises, outter thigh raises, inner thigh raises, meditation, and stretching (probably forgetting something) ... I aim for this plan 3 times a week, but Im super bad about it!!

Current Nutrition Plan-
10 glasses (8 oz) of water a day
7 fruits/veggies a day (I count it if I have some ... I dont count by serving)
150-180g carbs per day
Real Whole food as defined by ""
I pay minimal attention to calories, fat, calcium ... though I try to get enough calcium with cheese and occassional glass of milk... I find my fat and calories fall into place. I dont follow Atkins (20g cabs a day) ... Also, I try to keep a balanced diet ... full fat food (no light diet anything) with lots of veggies and fruit. (Im not a vegetarian but pretty close- we sometimes go days without meat, fish, poultry- Ive heard the term is flexatarian...)

(Im not affilitated with the website above, just love the idea!)

SW: 257.2
GW: 157.2

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2/2/13 8:21 A

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Please use this thread to complete February Week 1's Challenge!!

Tell us:

Your Name: (can be real or username)
Your Age: (can be general)
Your Location: (can be general)

How did you find Spark People:
How long have you been on Spark People:
How does Spark People help you:

What is your total loss: (highest weight minus current weight)
What is your biggest obstacle:
What is your biggest motivator:

What do you want the team to know about you:

BONUS: (Check out the Mini-Challenge Thread for Bonus!!)

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SW: 257.2
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