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1/11/08 9:45 A

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Eating clean is what got me past my goal! This comes from an interview with Tosca Reno, author of "The Eat Clean Diet". Hope you find this helpful! You can find the full article in the February Issue of Oxygen Magazine!

Q Is clean eating balanced?
A Clean eating is the only way to eat; the only way to be healthy, energy-filled and flab-free. It ismost definitely a balanced diet. I lost 70 pounds by eating cleans, and I never feel hungry. Clean eating is super healthy.

Q What are the principles of clean eating?
A With clean eating you are probably eating more than you are currently eating. But you eat the right foods, and you eat six times a day.

Q What else?
A The foods you eat are chosen for their goodness, not their taste. Where man has manufactured food to have a different texture or taste with chemicals, colorings, preservatives, sweeteners, etc., you have created problems for the body. It's not the calories that create 400-pound bodies, it's the chemicals, the garbage that goes into manufactured foods.

Q You think that the current available foods are bad for us health wise and for our appearance?
A No question. The worst kinds of foods are available to the public. How many millions of heart attacks and strokes do you think trans fats cause? We have been niether served nor protected by the governing bodies.

Q So how do we shop? Isn't clean eating expensive?
A There are whole sections of the grocery store that I never go to. You know where the whole aisle smells like sugar and candy. Start with your fruits and veggies, berries of all kinds, spinach, asparagus, green beans, radishes, tomatoes, sweet potatoes, peppers, etc. Then I go for skim milk, muesli, almonds, chicken breasts, fish, salmon, bison, eggs, whole grains breads, cereals and so on.

Q You say clean eating involves six meals a day. How can a normal working person pull this off?
A You pack a cooler for the day. And you eat every two-and-a-half to three hours. It's no big deal once you get into the habit.

Q What goes into the cooler?
A Lots of water(flat not seltzer), apples, carrots, mixed salads, tomatoes, balsamic vinegar, lemon wedges, raw almonds, boiled eggs, water-packed tuna, several chicken breasts, whole grain wraps...

Q How does clean eating work in a family environment with children and spouses who show no interest?
A It's never too late to at least try to convert the unconverted, especially children. The will thank you later in life.

Q How does the six meals formula work?
A Actually, breakfast is your biggest meal. Typically I will start with hot otameal and berries, followed by a five egg while omelette with chopped veggies, a slice of whole grain toast (no butter) and a black offee or tea without sugar, milk or sweetener (chemicals -ugh!). The next four meals should come from your cooler. And the evening meal with the family may include a hot entree with poultry, bison or fish and steamed veggies. If dessert is required, keep ti to fresh fruit and no ice cream!

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