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3/23/14 9:36 P

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emoticon push ups?

ROTHFLMBO Not me, maybe never again will I make a push up my goal!
Even when I was a limber young teenager, I couldn't do a proper push up.

No promises, that I will ever try it again.

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3/7/14 9:27 A

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How did you know that this has been one of my goals? To do ONE proper pushup? (Oh, yeah, I used to actually have that written down, somewhere, but gave up when no one could offer practical help for getting there and everyone suggested I just give it up and do it "girl-style." That wasn't the goal - I could do that. At the time. Not even sure I can do that, now. But your post was very motivating - thank you! I may give it another try, now.)

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3/5/14 10:53 A

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Ouch! I've had frozen shoulders so I know how painful a torn rotator cuff can be!!

With my shoulder problems, I can't do a "real" push-up, but I can do planks and I use the stairs to help with modified push-ups.

So, a good goal for March for me will be to do three sets of 12 stair push-ups and two 30 second planks a day.

POPEYE - how do we want to track?? If we do want to track...

Stacy, KS

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3/4/14 5:41 P

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First, test yourself to determine if you can do one real push-up.

If you can, test number two is to determine how many you can do. If you can do three or more, it is simply a matter of increasing the number you can do over the course of the month. There is a supplemental exercise (plank) that help you build the muscles in your chest and shoulders so you will be able to do the push-ups.

If anyone needs help, please ask me. While I am not a certified fitness instructor (modern day), I was a certified fitness instructor in the military. You can become incredibly strong without using anything other than your body weight as resistance.

If you can't do a full push-up, determine if you can do modified push-ups or wall push-ups and how many.

If you can not do any type of push-up, start with a plank (which looks like the up position in a push-up). Place a watch on the floor about even to where your hands are. Make sure your hands are shoulder width and directly under your shoulders (if you have your hands outside or inside your shoulders, you need more strength to accomplish the plank - also, if you have your hands in front of your shoulders you need to exert more effort). The goal is to be able to hold yourself in the plank position for 5 seconds.

If you need to start out with just one or 2 seconds, that's where you need to start. Training for the Olympics starts from where you are at right now, not where you will be at the end of the month.

It might take you the entire month to get to where you can do one push-up. Don't worry about it.

If friends or family find out you are doing something to increase your physical fitness and give you any cr@p, look them straight in the eye and say, "I know that I need to work to get fit. Your words are hurtful and very demotivating. If you feel you must hurt my feelings for you to feel good, maybe we ought to reconsider our friendship".

Have I ever said anything to friends, acquaintances, or family? Yes I have.

I fight Depression brought on by PTSD and require the services of mental health professionals. It was so bad that I was ready to suicide. My attitude towards mental health problems, before I experienced them, was that real men didn't get any of that. If you had a strong mind and strong will, a man didn't have to rely on some doctor for a mental health crutch. Many men, and a few women, still feel that way. At first, I did everything I could to hide "my problem", which only brought on a giant case of guilt and more stress. When I decided, "Frigem, I have what I have and if anyone thinks less of me they are not someone I need to be around". I suffered from some comments for about a week, but then started going nose to nose and explained the science behind mental health problems, I quit having snide remarks or comments where I could hear them. Yes, I lost some acquaintances and people I thought were friends and I antagonized some extended members of my family.

I have missed none of those who chose to walk away.

If someone makes negative comments on your efforts, stand up and tell them where they can find the ingredients and they can make their own darned cake (I would put it in more forceful words, but ladies, even though they know the words, don't have to be subjected to them in polite company.

I try to always be polite, but I don't seem to have the control over my temper that I once did.

I'm recovering from a torn rotator cuff, and "I" cannot do 3 sets of 15 push-ups, so I will be working as hard as anyone else to meet that goal by the end of the month.

Get going and PUMP IT UP! emoticon


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