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I lot of people tell me they have trouble coming up with a plot, particularly from other wannabe's like me who haven't succeeded in getting anything published - yet.

Coming up with a plot has never been a problem for me, at least since one of my bosses contradicted me when I said, "I'm really not creative at all". She proceeded to show me many instances of my creativity, and even though I claimed the things I did were simply logical extensions of things I knew, she showed me how I had put things together from other parts of my school and work life that other people in that industry wouldn't think of combining.

OK. If that's being creative, then I'm creative as long as I don't have to draw, sculpt or paint. I can write poetry, but most people would look at it and call it doggerel.

Here's the deal and why there are three price points. There are short stories and those are difficult to write and communicate your idea in a short amount of space. There are Novellas and since you have some elbow room (so to speak), Those are easier to come up with. Finally, you get to a Novel and those give you room to explore your characters and prop your story up with structured (by you) events.

If lack of a plot is the only thing holding you away from sitting at your computer and hammering out a novel, here's the deal.

For a novel, helping originate a plot will cost you 5 cents, and 10% of the gross income from that novel, including any advance.
For a novella, the cost is a dime, plus 15% of your gross.
A short story is the most difficult thing for me to write, so the cost to you would be a quarter, plus 20% of your gross.

I know that the percentages will put some people off, but if you never publish, all you have invested to get started is a maximum of 25 cents.

If you are rejected and don't want to pursue other publishing houses, I get your final draft legally assigned to me, If I modify your work at all, or even if I don't, you will receive from me the percentage I would have received from you if I'm capable of getting the work in print..

That way, you win even if I get rejection slips. I will have paid for all of the postage necessary to send the manuscript, I will have re-written any portions an editor has suggested and I will credit you as the co-author. Like this,

Written by POPEYETHETURTLE with You.

You win, or, You Win, or, YOU WIN!

All of that aside, this is not a solicitation to anyone. This is something to strike that creative SPARK and get you writing.

If you've never been rejected, it means you've never submitted your work for someone else to give a professional opinion. I'd much rather have a rejection slip, which shows that I have tried and worked at my writing, then never to receive any rejection slip at all.

My first "rejection slip" came while I was in college in Southern California. I took a Creative Writing class from a well renowned, visiting "professor". The first writing assignment I submitted came back with, "If you expect to pass this class, you will need a ladder - or find someplace else to write other than on a street corner smoking pot with your buddies while waiting for a bus".

Ouch, but ouch pist. Who did this jerk think he was? It was 1965 and I'd never heard of a writer who's last name was Coppola. A few years later I learned who he was. I did pass his class. I took his advice, climbed up a ladder to the roof of my house and wrote following papers while not waiting for a bus. How I wish I hadn't shredded that paper, but, who knew the guy was going to be really famous. Just my bad.


If you believe enough in your work, you can self publish and take it around to book stores and try to sell it on your own. Surely you've heard of the writer of Eragon, Christopher Paolini?

My current short story, or chapters that can be adapted into the novel I am writing, is about the Devil. He explains the misunderstandings in the Bible and in the Torah and he tells us what Hell is TRULY like.

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