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4/5/08 2:20 P

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oh, me too! PMS has always been the hardest time for me and I still haven't figured out how to live through it! Now with hot flashes starting, you're right! Perimenopaus is like PMS on steroids! You should see DH run the other way!!! lol

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4/5/08 1:56 A

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emoticon emoticon emoticon ever struggle that last week of your cycle or when hormones are in flux???

lol ~ waves hand wildly & hops up & down in fuzzy pink slippers!

you know, when moods swing in a flash, we cry @ commercials, we get a little indecisive.... and things seem out of whack...

choklit calls our name because it is it's own food group???

here's an article that helped me with my thinking about eating during my pms cycles...
for dealing with pms, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists offers the following tips for controlling PMS:

Eat complex carbohydrates, such as whole grain breads, pasta and cereals, fiber and protein. Cut back on sugar and fat.

Avoid salt for the last few days before your period to reduce bloating and fluid retention.

Avoid caffeine and alcohol.

Studies have shown that taking 1,200 mg of calcium a day can help reduce PMS symptoms.

Your doctor may suggest that taking a magnesium supplement can help reduce bloating, breast tenderness and mood symptoms. There is also some evidence that vitamin B6 and vitamin E can help reduce PMS symptoms.

Talking with others about how PMS affects you can help. Sharing what you are going through will enable the people around you to be more supportive.

Get moving with aerobic exercise. Work up to exercising 30 minutes, four to six times a week.

Try new ways to relax and relieve stress, such as yoga or massage.

Get plenty of sleep - about eight hours a night.

emoticon emoticon and now, i find myself fluctuating into peri- & menopause, so sometimes it feels twice as whacky! between the 2, sometimes I just didn't know which side was up or down!!! (giggles ;)

I was so glad to find an active approach to dealing with peri-menopause which can be like PMS on Steroids! Seriously, I thought the hot flashes were not going to be a big deal, but the other night dh woke up and asked why the fan was on & could he turn it off cuz he was freezing ~ lol ~ i suggested the electric blankie cuz i had my covers thrown back and thought it was mid-summer, and I still really wanted choklit ~ lol ~ what's new???

But it really is a different ballgame/new stage in life too, so there are active things we can do to manage it, and a visit to the doc can help us decipher all the most current thinking & treatments and tailor one that is appropriate to our own particular needs...

besides, er, um choklit! of course ;)

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