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4/3/12 7:26 P

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I tell ya what in my world food is a drug plain and simple and yes I do withdraw from food, and I believe others do too. How is it any different withdrawing from food than any other drug? Food is full of chemicals (well some food) they make us feel good, they give us energy, the get us high in some ways and when we quit that the body is NOT happy. I do fully believe in food withdrawals and I believe that because i have gone through it maybe times....and very recently too.

I am sick, I am a compulsive over eater, and I always will be. My disease will ALWAYS make me want to crave pizza or burgers or pasta or whatever else I was killing myself with...I simply have to say NO, that's not on the plan. Its tough and it sucks sometimes but I can either be upset and have a hissy fit and be healthy or I can give into my urges and go back to the slow suicide of food addiction. For me there is no choice :)

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4/3/12 6:06 P

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I had headaches and shakes when I slowly cut down on my coffee, quitting soda like Pepsi. & chocolates. I was a chocoholic. Now it's only dark chocolate but i feel better now.

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4/3/12 1:15 P

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I haven't hit the point where general eating habits create those symptoms, but I have heard it's not unusual. I did have full blown withdrawl symptoms when I cut out all soda from my diet. That included headaches, shakes, sweats, anxiety, etc. It took weeks to get completely over that.


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4/3/12 10:27 A

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I agree with FLYINGTOFREEDOM...It's the absence of the bad foods that bring on the headaches......

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4/3/12 8:07 A

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often times it is withdrawals from the bad foods. When i first really started again, paying attention to what I was eating, really concentrating on getting the right amounts of everything,
cutting out the bad fats, sugars, white flour, I had a headache everyday for weeks. It is your body getting rid of all the bad stuff that you put into. now that you are eating cleaner, your body will eventually get used to once it knows you will stick with it. and you will feel better
and make sure you are drinking enough water. limit caffeine

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4/3/12 6:26 A

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Well, the head ache is in your head but not the issue! ;-) I have had that before... especially if it's the beginning of clean eating. Maybe add nuts, quinoa, whole grain rice, something that makes you feel like your m eal was more substantial, but not unclean or unhealthy. They say it takes a few weeks to change habits physically and emotionally.. You can do it!

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4/3/12 1:54 A

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I notice if I try to eat REALLY clean and healthy, sometimes it's too much and I start to get headaches, etc. I used to think it might be insufficient protein, or fat, or not enough calories. For example if I eat grilled chicken breast on a salad with olive oil, maybe with some whole wheat pita, theoretically all the nutrients are in the right balance. I make sure there is enough protein, and I include healthy fats like olive oil or avocado, and I eat extra fruit, yogurt, or something so I get enough calories.

But sometimes, especially if I have been working really hard, it just doesn't cut it. Like today I did this, and I wound up with a headache and craving a hamburger. Yesterday I worked a lot, so today I think my body needed to replenish. I almost never eat hamburgers, and I don't usually get cravings for them, so it's not like I was only craving it because that's what I'm used to. If I had eaten a more fatty meal, say dark meat chicken instead of grilled breast, I'm pretty sure I would have avoided the headache and cravings.

Anybody else have this experience? Is it all in my head?


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