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7/5/13 7:36 P

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I'm learning to live with disappointment, cause other than the initial water weight, I'm not losing anything. I'm tired all the time.

I did my intervals on my bike while I was out riding around the neighborhood.


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7/5/13 6:55 P

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Day 10 - When my meals don't go as planned, I have a backup: while tracking every morsel, I make sure I am within my range of not just calories, but of protein, carbs, fats, and calcium intake. I use the Spark advice on how much goes onto my plate as a guide.

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7/4/13 10:46 A

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My expectation is that this will be slow and steady. I want it to come off of course, but I know I got to where I was over several years, so I know I can't expect overnight results. However, I have gone down nearly 3 lbs since starting this challenge, so I am excited, hopeful, and feeling good about myself. I did splurge and ate dessert last night, but only about a third of it. It was good, but entirely to rich and sweet for my taste these days! In fact, it was so sweet it made my sweetened coffee taste bland, and that is way too sweet for me, lol.

I like interval training, and the running app does that for me. I do like the way it feels. I can tell I am able to handle longer bursts of running (3 minutes whoohooo!!), and that is exciting too. I always cool down with a slower walking pace to get my heart-rate down, stretching my arms as I go. Those pushups from the other day were still being felt as I ran, lol!!

I was late posting this, but it is better now than never!

Happy fourth all!

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7/3/13 10:41 P

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Today was interesting- I got in fitness, but not how I planned! My trainer didn't come in today, so I improvised and tried a different class. I have been following some of the recipes to add to my meals :) I have been doing great with Cals and Exercise!!!! The book is great to follow and guide this journey!


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7/3/13 10:26 P

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Today was a tough day... because I had to make the LONG drive home.... got lost.... and ending up spending seven hours DRIVING... not enough time to get much exercise in... YUCK!! I did stay within my caloric range... and tomorrow is another day... I LOVE cardio intervals... hoping to get a good night's sleep in my OWN bed tonight!!!

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7/3/13 10:25 P

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Day 10 has been the roughest day of the challenge for me so far. Felt cranky and out of sorts most of the day, didn't really make all the best eating choices, and went about 200 calories over for the day. Worst of all I was so blah and unmotivated I called someone for a ride home from work :( I walked there, got that 2.2 miles in, but just couldn't face the walk home today, even though it had warmed up a bit and the sun had come out. I've only done that twice in the past 3 months that I've been walking to work on good weather days, so I'm more down on myself for not walking home than I am for going over calories. I'm sure tomorrow will be better; I'll get in a good ST workout and probably walk a couple miles in the morning, too. I don't care for a lot of the exercises in the Spark Swap Strength workout, so I went back to an old favorite, which has a nice selection of alternate exercises for people with knee problems. Calories will probably be a challenge once again, with the holiday cookout, but I've been prepared for that since the moment I realized 4th of July would fall in the middle of week 2. As long as I don't do too bad tomorrow, I'm hopeful I can finish the challenge strong and end up with a couple pounds lost. If not, well then, at least I have really learned that I need to follow a better menu-planning system; and carefully track what I eat.

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7/3/13 10:07 P

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I had to go back to the main team page and find this since I was getting another thread with today's date but said Day 9 again. Oh well. I didn't think I would make it in range but with a glass of milk I finished with all the main categories in range! My exercise isn't normally what is in the book but I do get it in. This morning was my Wednesday "group" at church which I started a couple years ago to help some of our members get more mobile. We are down to just 2 of us now but we keep meeting. We do a 1 mile Leslie Sansone walk and then some seated weight training. I came home from there and spent an hour pushing the mower through the front yard. Lots of rain has the grass growing fast!

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7/3/13 10:00 P

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Today's cardio intervals were really tough on me. I had to stop and rest a couple of times to get through, but I DID get through. I did my stationary bike. I wanted to do a better pace, but after the first set I realized that I had pushed myself a little too far and realized that I needed to back off just a little. So I backed down a little and managed to get the full time in.
Food has been okay so far and am staying well within the calorie range. It is 10 days down and to that I say THANK GOODNESS I am actually sticking to this! I understand the whole healthier living concept, but the challenge kind of holds my feet to the fire and makes me watch what I eat and get the exercise done.
So be Sparklers all of you who are having bbq's and parties tomorrow for the 4th. For those who do not celebrate the 4th, have an excellent day also.

7/3/13 9:52 P

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Today I did walk/run intervals on the treadmill. I ran a total of 13 minutes of 40. I love the way intervals feel and even better is my foot is getting stronger after surgery a few months ago.

Wishing all a great day 11 and Happy 4th!


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7/3/13 9:37 P

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Switched up the menu again, I had the protein pancakes for breakfast and saved the other 2 for tomorrow. We are going to a cookout tomorrow afternoon, so I plan to go to the park early and walk. I've started to wear my pedometer most of the day, it helps remind me to move more and think about what I'm eating. (a little nudge in the side) I am also an emotional eater. I am trying to come up with other ways of coping when life doesn't go as planned, it isn't easy, but trying to stuff myself until the mood changes certainly doesn't help. For cardio, I went to a Jazzercise class, we work at different levels for each song, so it's sort of like intervals. AND, my jeans were looser today, I didn't have to suck in my gut as much to zip them! emoticon

(a pool near us offers water aerobics, it sounds interesting. I'm not sure if they have Zumba, but I'll have to check it out)

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7/3/13 9:35 P

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I was only hoping to lose 2lbs when I started this challenge. I was also hoping to actually stick to eating so few calories. I honestly didn't think it was possible for me to feel full and satisfied with so few calories. I have lost 10lbs in the last 10 days. I have stuck to the calorie restriction even on the day I caved in and ate out. I am more than impressed with myself and ecstatic about the results.

Today is my first really problem. We are having a cookout tonight at work. I brought my dinner to work but I don't want to be the only one not eating from the cookout. I have decided to eat small portions and stay within my calorie limit. I also ate a snack about an hour and a half ago so that I wouldn't be famished and overeat.

I did the elliptical for 45 minutes today. I didn't time the intervals because I prop my kindle on the digital timer so I can read. I did do intervals but didn't time them. I just did as long as I could and a faster pace then backed off for a little bit. I did warm up, cool down and stretch.

I was in a rush to finish and get ready for work so I didn't really have time to evaluate how I felt. I wasn't overly tired though. But when I finished my shower and was putting lotion on my legs, I could feel such a huge difference in my legs!!! That felt awesome to see where my hard work has paid off.

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7/3/13 9:03 P

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The goal I want to achieve is retiring-- I will be so happy the day I can feel I jave enough to live on and can be a person again.

Tonight I did aqua zumba and land zumba. I was tired by the end of the second class. Aqua was hard.

Had my granola with fat free greek yogurt instead of milk. The sandwich was tasty for lunch.

4th of July tomorrow will be a challenge. The 5k race in the AM precludes AM strength training-I got a lot of muscle training in Zumba today. Need to be just on my guard with eating.

My clothes are definitely fitting better. And I haven't felt hungry for weeks.

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7/3/13 9:03 P

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I have a difficult time if "life doesn't go as planned". But I'm trying to learn to have a Plan B, C, D, etc. I need to learn to be more spontaneous and less rigid.

I'm worried about the next 4 days. I'm off work and I tend to get bored just being at home. I either need to find something to do away from home OR spend more time exercising to cope with the boredom.

Have a Happy 4th for those who celebrate.

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7/3/13 8:02 P

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I didn't do the interval...but I *did* exercise and walked over a mile for the first time in what seems like forever (probably like 2 weeks...I guess I could look at my tracker! Heh).

Sadly I feel like everything is going off track. The Solution is the plan...I just need to take action and follow it more closely! It's definitely been my inspiration and my motivation throughout, even though my implementation's a bit rocky.

Glad everyone is doing so well, even with tempting Cracker Barrel meals!

"It is better to light a single candle than to sit and curse the darkness."

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7/3/13 6:40 P

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Did not try the granola today as even whole grain cereal generally does not keep me satisfied until lunchtime. I had a light omelet (1 whole egg +2 egg whites, with leftover green beans and thyme) and then I had jugo verde later in the morning (drink made up of fresh range juice, fresh pineapple chunks, celery, cucumber, swiss chard, nopal cactus, fresh parsely, chia seeds, water and ice). We try to have that 3-4 times a week because it's concentrated nutrients, but I have to work the calories into my daily plan.

I really enjoyed the tomato basil chicken sandwich, and I happened to have some canteloupe on hand, so it made a good combo. I will definitely make that again.

Dinner for us will be stir-fried veggies (We use the Kirkland frozen stir-fry veggie mixture, plus some fresh garlic, fresh ginger, and some onion slices.) and some pre-cooked chicken breast strips, along with some brown rice. And some pineapple chunks.

I did Coach Nicole's Body Weight workout, plus the warm-up and cool down -- figured that counts as strength and cardio because I missed yesterday, but I definitely did not reach 45 minutes of high intensity exercise.

DH and I started ballroom dance lessons in February, but we took a break when he had his surgery in May. We are just getting back to some short practice sessions. I don't count it as cardio, but I think it counts as NEAT!

My weight is staying the same, but I am feeling more energetic and I'm sleeping better, so I think that if i stay with this for another two weeks, I will see some results.

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7/3/13 6:16 P

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Wonderful day!

We went to Cracker Barrel for Dinner and I stayed 100% on program! My exercises were on target today as well!

I am making this short as my Daughter and her husband are here as they are moving from TX to Savannah, GA and will only be here tonight.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me."

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7/3/13 5:08 P

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I had a Woo Hoo moment last night and this morning. Yesterday I was able to get in both sets of strength exercises, even after a long phone call in the evening. Yup, I decided that I wasn't going to allow that excuse to derail me and did them anyway. AND I was able to do almost all of them. I couldn't do the push-up to plank, but I did the rest!

Then, this morning I stepped on the scale again. I had been discouraged because the scale said I was gaining weight, even after staying within my calorie budget. I admit I hadn't been as good about my exercises, due to an injury early last week and a quick get-away at the end of the week, but still! Anyway, I picked up the scale to wipe off something that had spilled on the display and discovered that the scale had been sitting on a ketchup packet, which was throwing it off. After I cleaned off the display and removed the offending ketchup packet, I discovered that I had lost two pounds! emoticon

Staying on track today--granola was okay, loved the chicken sandwich for lunch! For supper, I'm going to have to sub brown rice spaghetti due to food allergies in the family, but it's still a whole-grain! Planning on trying to get the kids to bed early so I can get my cardio time in this evening--I seem to do better with it in the evening. Planning on treadmill intervals, and the 45 minutes is just enough time to watch a favorite show while I'm doing it!

I know that God won't give me more than I can handle. I just wish He didn't trust me so much.

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7/3/13 4:45 P

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Yeah Cardio! I got in half of the high intensity intervals, but went strong on the full 45 minutes including warm up, cool down and streching. Still keeping within my daily calorie range. Feeling good emoticon

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7/3/13 3:40 P

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Day 10 - (this is Week 2 July 3) just about completed 2 weeks - and feeling so good

Just got back from seeing the lawyer - signing of our wills and then hubby took us out for 'lunch' = I did well

Smoothie consisting of 1/2 cup of plain Greek Yogurt with 1/2 cup blueberries - then ate a banana

This was at a restaurant that we go to quite often. I shared a Spanish omelet with my daughter as the omelet is usually quite big

Will be having chicken stir fried with lots of good fresh veggs and fresh strawberries for desert.

Getting in 10 glasses per day

Have been getting in 10 minutes each day and some days 15 minutes so am improving

Stats for today are


B|ood pressure
106 / 58



Feeling good with progress, am meeting the goals I have set for myself, am not hungry between meals and staying within calorie range.

According to todays weigh in I have lost 8.9 pounds in 10 days but am not changing the ticker till official weight in (Monday) - and my goal for then 295.5 so pretty much there and should everything fall in place could even be less than that which would be nice

Have a great day everyone - stay focus - make lots of good memories - and smile


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7/3/13 12:42 P

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Wow, it sounds like everyone is doing great so far! I loved the granola and banana that we had for breakfast! The chicken sandwich lunch as planned was great as well!

I am thankful that up to today I have been able to stay on program 100%. Tonight we will be going to Cracker Barrel and when I made up my menu for today last night, I decided what I will order. I am proud to say that I will have stayed within my calories and healthy eating plan!!!

I will finish my exercise before they arrive and I have to get ready to go. We are having a lot of rain today and it is very dark and foreboding outside. Sure hope that changes before long.

Have a Sparky day everyone.

"I can do all things through Christ who strengtheneth me."

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7/3/13 12:02 P

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I've been 'off track' for a couple of days, and very grumpy. I always have a lot more trouble staying focused and getting exercise in during that "very special time". But, this morning and for lunch I've gotten back on track. Hub is taking the kids for a movie tonight, so I plan on getting a really good run in (outside if the weather cooperates; treadmill if not). I'll be getting lots of NEAT minutes cleaning the house today.

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7/3/13 11:55 A

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Hey, it's Day 10 already! WooHoo! Are we having fun yet?!! I'm doing pretty well, & just got done w/a kettlebell class that kicked my butt! I can't do everything in the class, but I feel challenged & do as many reps as I possibly can & move on! It gives me something to work toward! When things don't go as planned, I can usually navigate around the obstacle & move past it! I'm an emotional eater though, that I do if I would hit an "emotional bump", well then I'd have to really watch my caloric intake, cause that's when I'll stumble, for certain! I'm not working anymore, so that stressor no longer exists in my life. And I've take great pains to eliminate as much stress from life as is humanly possible. And I've learned to so "no" & that saves me a lot of grieve in my life!

I'm still not following the book's food plan so much. I did make the protein pancakes, but didn't eat 'em because I just couldn't see two of those little pancakes as being filling enough for me after my workout, so hubby ate them & said they were just "ok". I ate an omelet w/tons of veggies, wheat toast w/butter, 1/2 a banana & a glass of milk, & felt quite satisfied. I am going to try the inside out burgers w/the fries this evening for dinner. Hubby's excited about them!

Keep up the good work Sparkers! And if ya fall, just get back up & keep pushing forward! We CAN do this!!!

emoticon GO US!!! emoticon

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7/3/13 11:44 A

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Well, day 10 has started off well. I got up on time (before the alarm) and did my simple yoga routine to wake my body up, spent some time in the Word, then put my meals together for the day.

We had a store bought granola in the cupboard, so I did not make the one in the book. I put 1/4 cup on 1/2 cup non-fat vanilla yogurt with fresh strawyberries since I did not have time to sit and eat cereal. Prepped the aoili with sun dried tomatoes I had put up last year and fresh chives and basil from the garden. I tasted it and it is delicious. Can't wait for lunch.

Dinner sounds good. I am thawing a boneless chicken breast and will grill it and add to the mix to boost my protein for the day. I always need a little extra protein in the evening or I hit up the chips and cookies at bedtime.

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7/3/13 10:47 A

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First of all, I'm down another 2! I generally don't weigh myself this often, but yesterday I was able to take off my jeans without unbuttoning or unzipping them, so I figured I'd check..
Today was a 3 mile running day for me. I run in intervals. On 3+ mile days, I run in intervals of 8 (run) and 1 (walk). I was definitely feeling it today. But when I'd want to stop, I'd picture that great number on the scale, and was pushing through.

As for life getting you off track, I've been pretty ON lately, but I know the next two weeks are going to be tough. First of all, next week, I teach a kids summer camp, and will have to leave my house by 6:30am, and not get home until dinner time. This will mean I will either have to get up REALLY early (like 4:30am) to get my run in first, or walk in the evenings. I don't like throwing off my running momentum, but it may be good for my body to scale it back a little, since I've been pushing so hard.

The following week, I'm going to be busy with a family reunion, and we all know how that can be a train wreck for eating & exercising!

I do it for the joy it brings, because I am a joyful girl. ~Ani Difranco

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7/3/13 10:16 A

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Well, life definitely got in the way this week. I left work early Monday with a migraine so, no exercise. I worked late yesterday and will again today plus grocery shopping for the rest of the week so I don't have to come back to town. So, no time to cook. I'm staying, barely, within my calorie limits but haven't had time to exercise. I'll cook fajitas for the 4th and have lots of left over meat to add to salads or just eat plain with salsa. I'll serve them with whole wheat tortillas to up the fiber and nutrition.
I'll start week 2 over on Friday. I'm looking forward to trying more of the recipes in the Spark Solution.

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7/3/13 10:06 A

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Good morning! I am staying within the guidelines even if I have not had all the suggested meals. Tonight we will be re-heating the left over mac and cheese and have broccoli. On Monday I was down 1.5 but today was weigh in day for my Biggest Loser team and I was down only .5...I looked ahead in the book and read that if I was over 50 and short that if I lost .5 a week that I am doing OK. So I will continue to push on...yet wish my results were more like some of the others! Have a healthy day everyone! emoticon




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7/3/13 8:20 A

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I'm having the Quick & Easy Granola with yogurt and berries (rather than a banana) right now. It's edible, but that's about the best thing I can say about it. The Tomato-basil Chicken Sandwich sounds so good, but I packed leftovers from Monday night for lunch today to waste less and save more, but that chicken will make an appearance very soon.

Quaker Steak & Lube for dinner, I was surprised to find that SparkPeople actually has an article outlining the nutrition information so I'm using that as a guideline and have everything logged. I am very excited about my weekend! Taking a ferry to an island tomorrow and everyone cycles around the island. I wouldn't be able to do that and keep up with everyone if I wasn't improving my health. Woo Hoo.

"When are ya gonna get this, B? Life for a Slayer is very simple: want... take... have."


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7/3/13 8:01 A

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Hi all - hope every thing is going well.
I totally love the daily reflection tasks from Stepf. I know Iím very easily diverted when Ďlife happensí Ė for good and for bad Ė but Iím working on not letting my impulsive behaviour interfere too much with my weightloss efforts. Iím often involved in unexpected evening meals but am learning that if I go over the top I just have to rein in the next day. When my life gets difficult in less pleasant ways, I tend to go off my food Ė not a comfort eater in fact - so actually that isnít a problem for me in terms of sticking to the plan. I love some of the suggestions about getting back on track after a slip up, especially the ones about doing small amounts of exercise to get back into a routine. Exercise is my worst hurdle and this was really helpful Ė a great reminder not to allow myself to give up altogether.
Today I did the Cardio Intervals (my new best friends!) and had a Breakfast Cup. The Chicken Sandwich was delicious for lunch.
Iím off out now for the afternoon but hope to be back on the boards later. They offer so much support in so many ways. Have a good day everyone emoticon

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7/3/13 7:48 A

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Good morning Sparkers! I'm having a pretty good week. Needing to switch meals around, and since the family really doesn't like fish, I've subbed in other choices, but have stared on target. Looking forward to my walk soon with DS (small version) and the dog. Will walk him to camp and then I come back home!

Have a super day. emoticon emoticon emoticon

Jeannie from Ambler

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7/3/13 6:49 A

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Good morning,
I wish everyone a successful day 10.
I'm getting ready to exercise before I start my work day,.
My life never goes as planned even more so in the summer.
I have a big family and there is always something going on and where there are a lot of people there is a lot of food.
Last night was one of those nights and I'm sorry to say I didn't stay on my plan and caved in.
Tonight is going to be another gathering but I'm planning to take control and not over do it.
I'm still losing weight and am happy about that.
Here's to a great day! emoticon

~Sunset Stingray BLC 24~


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6/20/13 3:32 P

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Do not post in this thread before Day 10 (July 3).

Today's sidebar, When Life Doesn't Go as Planned, is one of our favorites. It illustrates why "diets" donít work and why so many people give up. Life happens, and sometimes you don't see the results you want to see as fast as you'd like to see them. How are you keeping your expectations in check and coming up with solutions to the problems you encounter? (And how can we help?) How are you overcoming these hurdles? If life doesn't go as planned and takes you off track, this list of 25 ways you can recommit to healthy habits can help:

(Can you believe you're 2/3 done with the program as of tonight? Pat yourself on the back. WooHoo!)
Today's workout is cardio intervals, alternating between high and low intensity. What did you do? Did you challenge yourself with intervals or go easy on yourself? How did you feel during and after the intervals? (Did you remember to warm up, cool down, and stretch?)
Make Tomorrow Easier
Bake the Breakfast Casserole Cups (page 151) tonight and reheat in the morning.

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